Kolby Smith likely to start for Kansas City

ESPN.com's John Clayton reports that Priest Holmes may have suffered another neck injury against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, and the Kansas City running back's career could once again be in jeopardy.

If this all shakes out as serious as it sounds, Holmes is potentially out as Chiefs running back, and Larry Johnson owners have their heads spinning even faster. With Michael Bennett in Tampa Bay and Holmes possibly out, rookie Kolby Smith, he of the eight carries for 17 yards in Week 11, and 10 career regular-season carries, would be the starter, and as such, should be owned in all fantasy leagues. The Chiefs have Kris Wilson and Boomer Grigsby listed as fullbacks, but Wilson is an H-back and Grigsby used to be a linebacker; neither is likely to be used as a tailback. Presumably, Kansas City would sign a free agent (or two) if the news on Holmes proves bad, but just as presumably, Smith would get every chance to win the starting gig. Go get him, if only to pad your bench for a week or two as the situation in KC shakes out.

Christopher Harris is a fantasy baseball, football and racing analyst for ESPN.com.

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