Fantasy predictions 2009: Brady won't be ready

What does 2009 hold in store for the world of fantasy sports? We surveyed our team of fantasy analysts and editors for the answers. Check out all twelve completed surveys by using the drop-down menu. (Some surveys were abridged to protect the innocent.)

Your name:
Eric Karabell

But you wish to be referred to as:

You're a shameless, unabashed fan of:
Philly sports

But we shouldn't hold it against you because:
I throw snowballs at players and opposing coaches just like the rest of the Philly fans.

Your fondest sports wish for 2009 is:
For the Phillies, Eagles, Flyers and 76ers to win championships in the same year.

Why will this happen/not happen?
It's never happened before … but dare to dream.

In any sport, who is your biggest sleeper pick for 2009?
Jayson Nix wins the White Sox's starting second-base job and keeps it.

How high would you reach for that sleeper in a standard ESPN.com draft?
Like Round 20

Which player are you buying into but is most likely to disappoint you?
Jose Arredondo

Which player are you not buying but likely will disappoint everyone else?
Francisco Rodriguez

In any sport, who will be the best rookie to emerge in 2009?
Matt Wieters

But who does everyone think it'll be?
David Price

Who will be …

… the first player drafted in fantasy football leagues? DeAngelo Williams

… the player everyone will wish they had drafted? Adrian Peterson

… the first player drafted in the NFL draft? Sam Bradford

… the first rookie drafted in fantasy football leagues? Chris Wells

… the first player drafted in fantasy baseball leagues? Hanley Ramirez

… the first pitcher? Tim Lincecum

… the first rookie? Matt Wieters

… the player who'll start his season in Triple-A to everyone's frustration? Colby Rasmus

… the NHL's top scorer? Sidney Crosby

… the NBA's MVP? LeBron James

… the 2009 Sprint Cup Series champion? Jimmie Johnson

Mad gabs

Fill in the blanks any way you want to create 10 more predictions for 2009.

  1. In 2009, Tom Brady will pass for no touchdowns.

  2. There is no way that the New York Yankees will make the playoffs.

  3. Curtis Granderson will be this year's AL MVP.

  4. Brett Favre will say he's retiring, then come back with the Buffalo Bills and lead them to a 5-11 record.

  5. If the Patriots let Matt Cassel go in the summer, then Tom Brady doesn't make it back and Donovan McNabb will sign as a free agent.

  6. There will be no players who hit more home runs or have more RBIs than Ryan Howard

  7. … but only 140 qualified players who hit for a higher batting average than his .239.

  8. Matthew Berry will get married in Las Vegas.

  9. This is the year that the Chicago Cubs finally win it all!

  10. 2009 will forever be remembered as the year MLB considers contraction, and two teams get cut.

The name game

A-Rod or Hanley Ramirez? Ramirez

Tim Lincecum or Johan Santana? Lincecum

Evan Longoria or Garrett Atkins? Longoria

Chase Utley or Dustin Pedroia? Utley

Manny Ramirez or Mark Teixeira? Teixeira

Tom Brady or Peyton Manning? Manning

Michael Turner or LaDainian Tomlinson? Turner

Randy Moss or Calvin Johnson? Johnson

Antonio Bryant or Marques Colston? Colston

Brandon Jacobs or Marion Barber? Barber

DeAngelo Williams or Clinton Portis? Williams

Chris Paul or LeBron James (for the rest of this season)? James

Danny Granger or Dirk Nowitzki (for next season)? Granger

Derrick Rose or Kevin Durant (for their careers)? Rose

Alexander Ovechkin or Sidney Crosby (for the rest of this season)? Crosby

Alexander Semin or Ilya Kovalchuk (for next season)? Semin

Steve Mason or Carey Price (for their careers)? Price

Jimmie Johnson or Carl Edwards? Johnson

Kyle Busch or Jeff Gordon? Busch

Playing with numbers


Francisco Rodriguez's saves: 33

A.J. Burnett's wins: 12

CC Sabathia's ERA: 3.70

Yovani Gallardo's wins and strikeouts: 12, 160

Manny Ramirez's home runs and RBIs: 33, 107

Matt Holliday's home runs and RBIs: 23, 89

Mark Teixeira's home runs and RBIs: 31, 109

Jay Bruce's batting average and home runs: .268, 30

Rafael Furcal's average and steals: .276, 32

Rafael Furcal's average and steals against the Braves: .250, 3


Adrian Peterson's yards and touchdowns: 1,633, 15

Drew Brees' yards and touchdowns: 4,552, 32

Tom Brady's yards and touchdowns: 0, 0

Kurt Warner's starts: 10

Braylon Edwards' yards, touchdowns and drops: 755, 7, 13

Chad Ocho Cinco's yards and touchdowns: 754, 3

Chad Ocho Cinco's ridiculous statements: 12

Basketball (at end of 2008-09 season):

Danny Granger's PPG: 24.9

Allen Iverson's PPG: 19.1

O.J. Mayo's PPG: 19.5

Jose Calderon's missed free throws: 19

Shaquille O'Neal and Dwight Howard's free throw percentage: .576 and .574

Tracy McGrady's missed games: 29

Carlos Boozer's MRIs: 7

Hockey (at end of 2008-09 season):

Evgeni Malkin's points: 115

Sidney Crosby's points: 117

Alexander Ovechkin's goals: 46

Alexander Semin's goals: 32

Alexander Semin's missed games: 22

Martin Brodeur's wins: 12

Phil Kessel's points: 80

Mats Sundin's points: 31

Combined points for Ottawa's Big 3: 210

Speak now or forever hold your peace

What question do you wish you had been asked on this survey?

Why do you think Tom Brady will throw zero touchdowns?

And the answer is?

His knee is mush. He needs another year to recover. And he will never be the same.

What question are you glad you weren't asked? Whom will Matthew Berry marry?

Sucker! Now you have to answer. A girl he has yet to meet, but will online.

Eric Karabell is a senior writer for ESPN.com who covers fantasy baseball, football and basketball. He has twice been honored as fantasy sports writer of the year by the Fantasy Sports Writers Association. His new book, "The Best Philadelphia Sports Arguments," was published by Source Books and is available in bookstores. Contact Eric by e-mailing him here.