Mendenhall officially loses a yard

Fantasy owners who lost their matchups thanks to Rashard Mendenhall's 100th yard of the day on Sunday will get a reprieve, while those who narrowly escaped with victory could find it snatched away.

Mendenhall was erroneously awarded a 100-yard rushing day due to the "phantom first down" play. The Elias Sports Bureau and the NFL reviewed the play, and on Thursday Elias officially changed Mendenhall's rushing yards to 99.

According to ESPN Fantasy Football standard league rules, matchups are subject to scoring corrections until the Saturday following the day of the game in question. This correction is now being deployed by Elias and ESPN Fantasy, and will be reflected in ESPN fantasy football leagues as early as tonight.

In a small number of leagues which were decided by one point or on tie-breaker and where Rashard Mendenhall was owned by the victorious team, the lost yard would create one of two scenarios. Either the one-point victory will become a tie, in which case the highest seed would earn the win, or the original tie would become a one-point victory for the team which did not benefit from Mendenhall's statistics.

In custom leagues where a bonus is given for 100-yard performances, that bonus would be lost to Mendenhall owners and the results of the game will be re-evaluated.

In any case, players who thought their season over due to the original scoring error are encouraged to look to their roster and lineup as soon as possible, as Week 16 begins in earnest with Thursday night's Steelers/Panthers game.