Alone on an Island: Is Dunn Done?

Wondering what these guys were thinking when they broke from the pack in the
Week 6 rankings? We like to call that being "alone on an island." Here is what our castaways had to say.

Ranked: 7 Composite Rank: 14

Because he can't be this bad … can he? Look, last week he completed over 60 percent of his passes for 252 yards. He had one touchdown pass called back due to penalty (to Aaron Stecker) and another touchdown pass taken off when they ruled Devery Henderson stepped out of bounds on the 2-yard line and then Mike Karney vultured it. Despite missing a week due to bye, he's second in the NFL in terms of passing attempts and you throw that much, eventually you complete some to your own teammates, you know? With the Saints defense being so terrible, they are going to have to keep throwing to stay in the game and this week, they get Seattle, which is 17th in the NFL in terms of passing yards allowed per game. He's had at least 225 yards passing in three straight games and last year, he was actually better on the road (16 TD, 2 INT) than he was at home (10 TD, 9 INT). So that's why.

Ranked: 22 Composite Rank: 13.8

Yeah, I noticed I ranked Griese a whole lot worse than others, and it's clear I have made an egregious mistake. Putting him No. 22 is just crazy. I'm going to move him all the way to ... No. 21? Sorry, he's Brian Griese. I know the Vikings can't be run on, so we expect nothing from the overrated Cedric Benson, and Griese will be throwing, but I don't assume that's a good thing. He's got four interceptions and two fumbles the last two weeks. I'm not calling for a Romo-like five picks this week, but I see Griese making more mistakes than big plays, and that's not what I want in a fantasy quarterback.

Ranked: 20 Composite Rank: 30.2

With so many teams on a bye, and other key receivers battling injuries, it's going to be a struggle to find dependable wide receivers to start this week, and few lineups will have more than one ideal starter. The Giants will stuff the run early against Atlanta, forcing them to the air. The G-Men will blitz with a lot of success, but their secondary can also be vulnerable at times. When the Falcons are able to pick up the blitz, although it won't be consistently, White surely will get the ball the most. He has been the Falcons' most dependable wideout so far this season and will be good for use in point-per-reception leagues. White isn't going to post outstanding numbers this week, but he will be good enough to give you respectable totals as a plug-in second or third wide receiver.

Ranked: 17 Composite Rank: 24.8

I've got Dunn as a fantasy starter this week mainly by process of elimination. Who's a clearly better option than Dunn? Ahman Green? Earnest Graham? Thomas Jones? Julius Jones? Justin Fargas? At least Dunn gets a full allotment of starter carries. He's got 74 to just 35 for Jerious Norwood. Yes, I'm as worried as the next guy about Atlanta's new starting tackles, but that's all the more reason the Falcons will try to get the ball to Dunn in space, and cross their fingers. Joey Harrington probably won't have much time to pass downfield. Expect to see the Falcons try to make hay with a bunch of screens and short crosses, draws and misdirection plays. I don't love Dunn (hey, I have him 17th), but I don't see anyone ranked lower in this bye-infested week who's any more of a sure thing.

Ranked: 22 Composite Rank: 31.2

I get it. James Jones lost two fumbles last Sunday night, arguably costing the Packers a win against the Bears. He should be ridiculed, if not drawn and quartered at the center of Lambeau Field. But here's the thing. Brett Favre is still going to throw him an awful lot of passes. How do I know that? Favre threw the ball to Jones five times after the second fumble last week. Jones is running good routes and consistently getting open, and Favre is going to find him. I know everyone is excited about the fact that Greg Jennings has scored a touchdown in three straight games, but Favre targeted Jones twice as often on Sunday night (8 to 4). I still see Jones as the better short- and long-term option as the No. 2 receiver for the Packers.