Fantasy Football #TwitterMockDraft

Have you ever read through our mock drafts and wondered what the owners in the league were thinking as they made each pick? Well, now you have your chance to be in the draft room with us for every single pick. For the first time, one of our fantasy football mock drafts is taking place on Twitter, and you can follow all the action by tracking one simple hashtag: #TwitterMockDraft.

Each day this week, our 10 drafters will make their selections on Twitter and offer their thoughts and comments. The beauty of Twitter is the ability to talk back to the drafters, and if you agree (or disagree) with a certain pick, explain why. As long as you are using #TwitterMockDraft, you're in the draft room right along with us.

Here are the ground rules we operated under for this particular mock draft. We are using ESPN standard settings, meaning a 10-team league with a 16-man roster featuring the following positional breakdown: one quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, one tight end, one flex (RB/WR), one defense/special teams, one kicker and seven bench spots.

The drafters, in first-round order, are as follows: Fantasy analyst Christopher Harris (@WriterboyESPN); ESPN Insider KC Joyner (@KCJoynerTFS); actor Jesse Williams (@ijessewilliams; ESPN Insider Eric Karabell (@karabellespn); ESPN Injury analyst Stephania Bell (@Stephania_ESPN); SportsCenter and Fantasy Football Now anchor Robert Flores (@RoFloESPN); Fantasy analyst Matthew Berry (@MatthewBerryTMR); Numbers Never* Lie host Michael Smith (@michaelsmith); Fantasy Football Now analyst Tim Hasselbeck (@tthasselbeck) and Tristan Cockcroft (@SultanOfStat).

The draft began on August 27 and will continue until all rosters are complete. Each round's results will be added at its completion.


Our thoughts:

@WriterBoyESPN: @tthasselbeck - I think you're going to regret Stafford in a 10-teamer, Mr. Tim. QB depth is nice. We shall see. #TwitterMockDraft

@MatthewBerryTMR: 3 QB/3 RB off board in #twittermockdraft. Hate pick seven but go CJ2K. As bad as last year was-still over 1,400 yards.

@KCJoynerTFS: With 2nd pick of #TwitterMockDraft, I select Aaron Rodgers. He's rated No. 1 overall in TFS draft guide.

Your thoughts:

@Kent_Williamson: I know the WR core is deep!!! … but how far is Megatron gonna drop in the #TwitterMockDraft

@msunFB: Uh oh, @Stephania_ESPN takes Tom Brady? Everyone, abandon ship on the Patriots now! #06010 #TwitterMockDraft

@drewdunn67: The big three qbs offer a big advantage at that roster spot. I can understand it. #TwitterMockDraft


Our thoughts:

@SultanOfStat: @CRuleSportsGuy I got the WR I wanted, I'm anti-Cam, anti-TE at 10/11, & MJD no less "risky" than DMC, Murray, Charles. #TwitterMockDraft

@karabellespn: With the 17th pick in the @ESPNFantasy #TwitterMockDraft I choose RB Marshawn Lynch. Two of top 6 RB for me.

@MatthewBerryTMR: Argh @michaelsmith! Ok, w/14th pick/2nd rd in #twittermockdraft I thought hard about Gronk here. But I go Forte - I have him in first round. @ESPNFantasy

Your thoughts:

@iamaRangerFTW: I am absolutely against the 10th and 11th pick of MJD and Fitzgerald. I would have much rather seen Forte and Graham there. #Twittermockdraft

@danmccallion: @michaelsmith's pick of Jimmy Graham at 13 in the #TwitterMockDraft is key. Gonna be an absolute stud this year. Uncoverable. #Monster

@TheBUSHofE: @MatthewBerryTMR Love the back to back RBs picks! Stock up while the getting is good! #twittermockdraft

ROUND 3 - AUGUST 27/28

Our thoughts:

@michaelsmith: With Cam gone, not gonna force a RB. Gonna roll the dice and wait for a bargain. Greg Jennings. Come with us. #twittermockdraft @espnfantasy

@RoFloESPN: In 3rd round of #TwitterMockDraft I take #Falcons Roddy White. I like ATL new offensive philosophy. And not crazy about RBs at this spot.

@Stephania_ESPN: In the 3rd round of the #TwitterMockDraft, I select WR Hakeem Nicks. His foot is fine. Take it to the bank.

Your thoughts:

@CumminsDJ: Hey @writerboyESPN I'm pretty sure you just won this draft with those 3 picks! #TwitterMockDraft

@tylerd91: @michaelsmith gotta get a RB sometime soon since the position isn't that deep this year

@amandarykoff: @Stephania_ESPN I took Nicks tonight in the third round. #phew


Our thoughts:

@michaelsmith: Take explosive players regardless of position. #twittermockdraft RT @NotKyleMcKanna: sounds like u could win most weeks with just those four

@MatthewBerryTMR: Waited on WR & look who is there in [Round 4] of #Twittermockdraft? Wes Welker, my WR#7. Mr. Consistent.

@writerboyESPN: @michaelsmith Positive Vick FunFact: Despite playing 13 games, he set a career high with 423 attempts and 3,303 yards. #TwitterMockDraft. Negative Vick FunFact: Vick's career high in passing TDs is 21. Same number as rookie Cam Newton. #TwitterMockDraft

Your thoughts:

@HauffM57: yea seriously … @matthewberrytmr is blasting the competition in this #TwitterMockDraft . Nate should take notes. @espnfantasy

@njso18: @RoFloESPN @tthasselbeck Nelson had 1 more catch, 300 more yards, and 6 more touchdowns. And has a better draft position value. #nobrainer

@CRuleSportsGuy: I like the team @karabellespn has so far best. McCoy, Lynch, Jackson. Three RBs. Tier-two QBs, WRs still can be had. #TwitterMockDraft

ROUND 5 - AUGUST 28/29

Our thoughts:

@SultanOfStat: Pick 5.10 (50 overall) in @ESPNFantasy's #TwitterMockDraft is RB Stevan Ridley. Someone's getting BJGE's vacated TDs; he's my top candidate.

@michaelsmith: In round 5 of the @espnfantasy #twittermockdraft i finally address RB with the Law Firm of BJGE. The man who never ever costs you 2 points!

@ijessewilliams: @karabellespn @ESPNFantasy @Stephania_ESPN Terrific value in Cruz! We were in talks but our scouts deemed him too reliable. #TeamRisk

Your thoughts:

@MichWolverine13: @KCJoynerTFS took Brandon Lloyd over Steve Smith in the #TwitterMockDraft? Are you serious man?

@milesmcqueen: By taking Vick and no RBs how early do you take a backup, or do you wait until real late? #twittermockdraft"

@QJoff: @Stephania_ESPN my only problem with that pick is I don't like having a rb wr from the same team. Both players rarely score in the same game

ROUND 6 - Augst 29/30

Our thoughts:

@SultanOfStat: Pick 6.1 (51 overall) in @ESPNFantasy's #TwitterMockDraft: QB Eli Manning. I've made a case for him as a top-5 QB/late-3rd Rd. Steal here.

@MatthewBerryTMR: Very excited that Aaron Hernandez has fallen to me in the 6th rd of #twittermockdraft. Big year coming for him. @ESPNFantasy

@Stephania_ESPN: In Round 6 of #TwitterMockDraft @ESPNFantasy I take the 49ers defense. Not a homer. #fib #buttheyarereallygood

Your thoughts:

@goblackbears14: @writerboyESPN if nothing else it shows no need to get a wr until round 4 #TwitterMockDraft

@RobT15: @Stephania_ESPN I know u love ur niners but the 6th round is insanely early for defense in #TwitterMockDraft

@heltonsoxfan: @MatthewBerryTMR your team is looking pretty good in the #twittermockdraft guys are falling to you, is tristan having a bad draft or what?


Our thoughts:

@ijessewilliams: 63rd pick in the #TwitterMockDraft: Gimme Vincent Jackson. Fairly unguardable. #RiskReward #TeamUpside.

@KCJoynerTFS: Pick No. 62 in #TwitterMockDraft - Jared Cook. He led the league in TE YPA last year & has big-time upside

@MatthewBerryTMR: In rd 7 of the #Twittermockdraft I go Pierre Garcon. RG3 targeting him a lot - esp deep. Big yr coming. @espnfantasy

Your thoughts:

@NJSchultz1: @writerboyESPN are you confident Tate falls to you? I thought you promoted reaching for Tate as a Foster owner #TwitterMockDraft

@JBTWEETNOTHINGS: @Stephania_ESPN @RoFloESPN Nice pick there, Ms. Bell. Decker could put up semi-Welker like numbers with Peyton.

@goblackbears14: if nothing else it shows no need to get a wr until round 4 #TwitterMockDraft

ROUND 8 - AUGUST 30/31

Our thoughts:

@RoFloESPN: In 8th round of #twittermockdraft I take #packers RB Cedric Benson. I'm taking a small chance here, but at this point not a big risk.

@tthasselbeck: #TwitterMockDraft pick 72...Brandon Pettigrew. Check what he's done the last two years … and this year will be his best so far. @ESPNFantasy

@MatthewBerryTMR: Lots of players I like here flying off board in #twittermockdraft. T.Smith/PHillis/D.Thomas/Benson - WR still deep so go D. Brown @espnfantasy

Your thoughts:

@tmac865: @michaelsmith Great pick on Ced-Ben! Lots of upside and having a solid preseason! #twittermockdraft #packers

@IrishAsian5: @MatthewBerryTMR not bad on the #twittermockdraft was there no one else better at the Donald brown pick though?

@populanumber8: @Stephania_ESPN @karabellespn [Rashad Jennings] is not better then Maurice Jones-Drew … [get] the contract done …

ROUND 9 - September 4