FSR 09 Rules Index


Have you ever imagined what it would be like to own your own professional sports team or franchise? Fantasy Games are a way to live out that dream. ESPN is the place to experience it! Fantasy Games are all fundamentally the same - real athletes and their real-life performances are used to generate points for fantasy teams in fantasy leagues.

For example, in a traditional Fantasy League, there is a set number of "Team Owners" who are real life players like you. There are a set of rules that determine everything from team roster size to scoring method to schedule. You and your fellow team owners hold a draft, i.e. fill your fantasy roster with the names of real-life NASCAR drivers.

Then throughout the season, you will set your line-up based on how well you think "your" drivers will perform. The statistics your drivers generate in their real races are collected, and fantasy points are awarded based on these numbers. The better your drivers perform, the more fantasy points accrued for your fantasy team.

In Fantasy Stock Car, these points determine a winner in weekly head-to-head games between your league's teams. The team that accumulates the most victories over the course of the Sprint Cup racing season is declared the league winner and can boast about it until the next racing season rolls around (while the other owners plot sweet revenge).


Welcome to the world of fantasy stock car! ESPN.com Fantasy Stock Car is the closest thing, short of spending millions of dollars, to owning your own NASCAR "dream team!" All team decisions are yours to make. You will win or lose based on your NASCAR knowledge (so make sure you do your research on the 2009 season favs before making your first round pick - Johnson, Edwards or Busch? That decision is yours to make.

While owning a team is one thing, competition is another. In fact, competition is what Fantasy Stock Car is all about! You will be one of several owners in a league competing over the full 36 week Sprint Cup Season to see who will be the fantasy champion. To win you will need to monitor your team's performance, each driver's style and abilities, and make race time decisions that show off your NASCAR savvy!

Once you are in a league, you and your fellow team owners are supplied with all of the necessary tools: multiple draft methods, live box scores, waivers, trades and free agency (unclaimed drivers), custom driver updates, a commissioner, league bulletin boards, sortable stats for all drivers, etc. ESPN provides you with everything needed to build the best possible racing team, and unlike the real deal, you don't need a crack team of lawyers chasing down valuable endorsement deals! So relax and let the fun begin! Whether you're a newbie or veteran, Fantasy Stock Car greatness is a few clicks away!

So how do you win? Simple, during the Sprint Cup season, points are generated for each competing team based on real-world performances of the owners' drivers in each race. Points are issued based on criteria such as finish position at the checkered flag, who led the most laps during the race and who led at least one lap during the race (the scoring section of the game details the points awarded in the ESPN Fantasy Stock Car game).

How do we help? You will need to be on top of your game to win, since you will be competing directly with other equally determined owners in your league. ESPN statistical reports, expert analysis, and up-to-date feature articles from ESPN.com columnists are readily available to keep you and fellow team owners informed. Armed with this information, you are ready to manage your racing team to Fantasy Stock Car Racing glory. And, why not learn a bit more about your drivers by visiting Jayski's NASCAR site, a portal into the day to day world of NASCAR (if you like NASCAR news, rumors, info and stats, it's the place to be!).

So, now that you are ready to join a league, where do you start? Rest assured that there is a league out there that fits your needs. As a team owner, you can choose against whom to compete and at what level of competition is right for you for all 36 thrilling weeks of rubbing, drafting, trading paint and checkered flags. You can choose to create/compete in either a "Standard" or "Custom" league. A Standard league uses default ESPN Fantasy Stock Car rules. The team with the highest winning percentage at the end of the Sprint Cup Season wins. A Custom league takes advantage of ESPN's powerful League Manager Tools to create a unique Fantasy Stock Car experience suited to your needs.

For example, in a Custom league you can choose from a variety of scoring options, schedules and even have playoffs (we know "playoffs" sounds kind of funny when said in NASCAR context, so consider it more like a head to head elimination period). Now you are ready to review the rules for Standard and Custom leagues.