Rules: Waivers and Free Agency

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Waivers are the process by which owners can select from the pool of available drivers who are not on a team's roster in the league. If a new driver joins the Sprint Cup mid-season (Example: Jacques Villeneuve at Talladega in the 2007 season.), the new driver will enter the league on waivers in Standard Leagues and remain there for 2 days before becoming a Free Agent. The new driver will show up on the waiver wire in the morning after first qualifying attempt for the race. In most cases, a two day waiver period would make the driver available the following week. In Custom leagues, new drivers will be added according to the league settings.

Free Agent drivers may have been undrafted or dropped by owners. Owners can put a claim for a driver, but must wait a specified amount of time until the waiver clears. The owner with the higher waiver priority number that puts a claim on a driver will receive the driver when waivers clear.

For example, if two or more owners put in claims for Tony Raines, the claim with the highest waiver priority is awarded Tony Raines.

NOTE: Waiver Priority is in numeric order; i.e. a Team Owner with Waiver Priority 1 gets precedence over a Team owner with a Waiver Priority of 6. In Standard Leagues there are no limits paced on Waiver Wire acquisitions. Custom Leagues have the option of having waivers turned off; i.e. all available drivers are considered Free Agents and can be claimed immediately. For more information on Waivers and Free Agents click here.

The League Manager has the option of choosing the number of driver acquisitions that a team is allowed through free agency or waivers during the season. This setting can be changed by the League Manager at any time during the season.

  • No Limit - Standard Rule / Recommended. If selected, there is no limit to the number of drivers a team can add or drop.

  • None Allowed - If selected only the League Manager can add drivers to teams.

  • If a specific number is selected (i.e. 5, 10, 15, 20) once that limit is reached the team will not be allowed to add any drivers to their team.

If Waivers are used, owners must wait until the time that a driver spends on waivers elapses before the waiver claim is processed. If the driver on waivers is not selected and the waiver period expires, he automatically becomes a free agent. If a specific day length is selected all available drivers lock at the next race time and the waiver period begins early Tuesday mornings.

  • NO WAIVERS - If selected, drivers will NEVER be moved to waivers. Rather, all available drivers are always free agents. However, Free Agent Drivers still lock at race time and remain locked until the new weekly scoring period begins (Tuesday morning).

  • 1 Day - Waivers process on Wednesdays (Wed).

  • 2 Days - Waivers process on Thursdays (Thu). - Standard Rule / Recommended

  • 3 Days - Waivers process on Fridays (Fri).

If a driver is dropped during the week (i.e. on Thursday afternoon), the driver will be listed on waivers for the set length of total days set per your league rules. For example, suppose your waiver period is set for 1 day. This means the waiver will process at the next waiver processing period that is at least a full 24 hours (1 day) later. So, if you drop a driver at 8:00 pm ET on Thursday, your waiver will run on or about 3:00 am ET Saturday morning - the next scheduled running of waivers that is at least 24 hours past the time the driver was dropped.

This setting can be changed by the League Manager at any time during the season.

NOTE: Any wavier claim which is pending at the time the Waiver Period rule is changed will be "grandfathered" and retain their original waiver processing times. The new waiver period will be applied to drivers dropped to waivers moving forward.

The waiver order during the season determines who has the first chance to claim a driver on waivers. This setting can be changed by the League Manager at any time during the season.

  • Move to last after claim, never reset order - The team which makes the most recent pickup is automatically moved to the last slot.

  • Resets every Tuesday to inverse order of standings - The system resets itself after each week is complete (on Tuesday's) and moves the last place team to the top priority of the waiver order (and likewise, the team in first place will go to the last priority). In the case of a tie, the team that scored the least amount of points to date would get the better (earlier) waiver slot.