What's New for ESPN Fantasy Stock Car 2009

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In our continuing quest to provide the best Fantasy Football product available, ESPN has once again added new features to enhance your stock car experience. If there are any further improvements you would like to see, send us your feedback.

New To ESPN Standard and Custom Leagues:

Auction Drafts: You now have the ability to run a live online auction as an alternative way of drafting your league. Real-time bidding and salary cap management make the auction a more intense and fast-paced draft experience. Going once, going twice, sold! Test out our auction drafts in the Mock Auction Draft Lobby!

SmackBoards: Built into the Box Score and Scoreboard pages, your one-stop shop to chat with your opponents as the action unfolds on the track.

Expanded Free Content: Real-time stats, wireless access and weekly projections are nice, but free expert analysis is what makes ESPN special. Only on ESPN can you get analysis from ESPN's multiple-award-winning fantasy team.

Streamlined Navigation: Our new point-and-click roster interface allows you to manage your team with fewer clicks.

Expanded Mobile Access and Alerts: Manage your team on the go with ESPN MVP on Verizon. If you don't have Verizon, visit our industry leading WAP site to follow your team with live scoring, updated standings and rosters! Sign up for ESPN Alerts for breaking news and scores.

More of your favorite features:

Free Live Scoring: No matter what type of league you are in, we provide you with live, real-time stats, at no charge.

Mock Draft Lobby: Want to see how your innovative new draft strategy will work out? You can see how it pans out before your actual draft in our exclusive Mock Draft Lobby. Yes, we provide you the ability to draft to your heart's content, at no charge.

Live Draft Lobby: Don't have a league to play in? You want to draft a 3 a.m. on a Thursday morning? Well, you can with our Live Draft Lobby, which allows you to find a league to join and draft anytime, day or night.

Fully Customizable Settings: Our free league management service allows you to customize your league any way you want. It's your league, your way with ESPN Fantasy Stock Car. Any combination of rules, scoring and rosters you want, we can do it for you.

Free Weekly Projections: Each week of the season, our fantasy experts break down each game and deliver point projections based on your league's settings.

Smack Cards: The only thing more fun than dominating your league is rubbing it in the faces of other owners. Chose from a variety of cards and personalize it with your own smack talk.

Player Cards 2.0: Our embedded player cards allow you to see weekly projections, recent news and game-by-game stats for your players built in the game, so you can spend more time making critical decisions and less time searching for information.

League Manager Controls: ESPN Fantasy Stock Car provides full commissioner controls, including the ability to change game scores, edit rosters, edit your own message board and rule on trades. Whatever control you want as the commissioner, we provide you with the power to make the change.

Keeper Options: We provide League Managers of existing keeper leagues with the capability to enter keepers prior to this year's draft. You can also create your very own keeper league now to continue into 2009 and beyond.

League History: You can see results and rosters from previous years with one easy click through our league history tool. That way bragging rights last forever.

Virtual League Trophies: What good is a championship without a trophy? As a League Manager of a custom league, you can design and assign your own virtual trophies. Want to give a trophy for the team with the worst luck? You can do that too.

Draft Pick Trading: Want to trade draft picks? ESPN Fantasy Football provides the option for trading draft picks in league with a fixed draft order.

Logo Builder: Our logo builder provides even more options with which to create your own signature logo.

For a full list of new rules for ESPN Fantasy Stock Car 2009 click here.