Player Tracker: Selvin Young up, Packers RBs down


The Arizona Cardinals' run game: No, I'm not high on them either, though I do like Marcel Shipp as a sleeper this year. But against a solid Broncos run defense, the Cards rushed 31 times for 184 yards. That's a 5.9 yards per carry average, kids. Edgerrin James, Shipp and J.J. Arrington all had runs of over 10 yards. It's a preseason game, so temper expectations. I'm not saying I'm a believer, but I am saying I don't hate them as much as I did, from a run game perspective. And I'm definitely taking a flier on Shipp late.

Selvin Young, RB, Broncos: This is what I wrote in my "Love/Hate" update about Cecil Sapp: "The 'Reuben Droughns award' for running back you have never heard of but who will end up having fantasy value this year is …" And that was correct. It just should have been about Young, who has 140 yards and two touchdowns on 29 carries and is now reported to be the No. 2 running back in Denver, which, as we all know, has value.

Jason Campbell, QB, Redskins: Well, he looked pretty healthy to me. Clearly not bothered by his leg injury, Campbell was an impressive 5-for-5 in his final preseason game, leading the Redskins to a touchdown against Jacksonville. I like him a lot as a deep sleeper.


Olindo Mare, K, Saints: I know what you are saying. "Hey TMR," you are saying, "how can a kicker lose value when you don't value them at all?" And prior to Thursday night I would have said, "Right you are, gentle reader. Right you are." But then Mare, who many folks have as a sleeper pick based on the Saints' offense and playing indoors, missed all three of his field goal attempts. As in, he made none. I'll look elsewhere, thanks.

The Green Bay Packers' running backs: With Noah Herron leaving the game with a knee sprain, the healthiest Packers running back might be Dorsey Levens. This helps Brandon Jackson, as at least he can stand upright. They are dropping like flies in Wisconsin and this hurts not just the run game, but the whole offense. Personally, I think they should line up in an old-time T formation, hike it to Brett Favre and let him run, but that's me. DeShawn Wynn, the rookie from Florida, becomes the backup to Jackson right now, but this whole situation is a bit of a mess.

Chris Henry, RB, Titans: It's not that he didn't run well in the final preseason game. I mean, he didn't (seven carries for 22 yards), but that's not it. It's that both Chris Brown (seven carries for 42 yards) and LenDale White (15 carries for 58 yards) ran solidly -- and stayed healthy. I still say Henry becomes the starter at some point this season, because neither Brown nor White is playing all 16 games. But right now, Henry has to be the third Titans running back drafted and it's not that close.

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