Karablog: Biggest takeaways from the Fantasy Football Summit

Karabell expects Burton to break out (1:57)

Matthew Berry, Eric Karabell and Mike Triplett discuss TE Trey Burton's fantasy upside in Chicago and why he could be a downfield threat. (1:57)

The ESPN Fantasy Football Summit is certainly one of the highlights of the year for many of us covering this sport, as so many of the people who contribute to the company's massive coverage gather for several days of spirited discussion, insight and definitely debate. This annual event typically occurs in the days just after the NFL draft concludes, and it continues to amaze me the breadth of knowledge, not just by members of the fantasy and statistical departments, but also by so many others covering the league and its teams -- names you know from NFL Live and NFL Nation as well. Make no mistake, I am there to learn, too, and learn I certainly did.

For those looking to see how the summit runs, some of the proceedings are scheduled to be shown on ESPN+ in the coming days and weeks, and that includes the positional deliberations, in which individual and composite rankings were examined more closely -- and in some (or perhaps many) cases, alterations were made -- and the mock draft. I admit I adjusted my rankings based on information from renowned injury expert Stephania Bell, national ESPN NFL writers such as Dan Graziano and Mike Sando and the reporters who cover teams, such as New Orleans Saints writer Mike Triplett, Minnesota Vikings writer Courtney Cronin, and many others.