What to watch in Week 2: Stafford, Jimmy G, Lindsay's usage and more

One of the starting quarterbacks in the Detroit Lions-San Francisco 49ers game on Sunday is going to fall to 0-2, and if they do not play as statistically expected, fantasy managers are going to keep looking elsewhere. That really is not the least bit fair, of course, but try telling fantasy football managers what is and is not fair. Matthew Stafford tossed four interceptions in a home game against the New York Jets. The Jets! Jimmy Garoppolo suffered his first loss as a starter and threw a trio of interceptions, though it was a road game against a tough defense in Minnesota.

Still, Stafford finished each of the past three seasons in the top 10 of fantasy scoring at his position, which so many fantasy managers continue to ignore. I have no reason to believe that streak ends this season. Garoppolo certainly played at a top-10 level once set free from the employ of the New England Patriots and presented with opportunity elsewhere. OK, so these fellows did not play great in Week 1, but it seems odd that of the top quarterbacks on the ESPN most-dropped list, they are the ones rostered in most leagues. Drop Marcus Mariota and that makes sense. Drop Stafford?