Eric Karabell's 2017 fantasy football tiered positional rankings

David Johnson finished fourth among all players in fantasy points in 2016, tops among running backs. EPA/ERIK S. LESSER

Welcome to the 2017 fantasy football season and yes, in case you're wondering, the rankings do not stop around here. That's a good thing, even in the spring! Here are my standard (non-PPR) rankings and indeed they will be changing due to additional offseason player movement, the NFL draft and whatever else tends to affect rankings.

In an attempt to differentiate from other rankings, these are done in tiers and broken down by position.

March 30: There's been some offseason movement at this position, but nothing that would affect a fantasy league. I can't imagine there's much interest in who ends up starting for the 49ers or Browns or where Jay Cutler ends up! And yes, despite pleas by many to remove Cam Newton from the top 10, I can't do it. It's been confirmed he played through a shoulder injury last season. Doesn't mean he'll be healthy all of 2017 with the way he's hit, but the upside for greatness is there. A few extra weapons for Philly's Carson Wentz and one for Eli Manning ups their respective stocks, but in a 10-team league, you still don't need to draft a backup.

March 30: The Minnesota running back situation changed, as Latavius Murray joined up and Adrian Peterson is looking for work, but unless the offensive line improves and the quarterback is a downfield threat, Murray's stock dropped, though not as much as Peterson. The Chiefs and Patriots have apparently moved on from Jamaal Charles and LeGarrette Blount, respectively, which helps the prime running backs remaining on the team, Spencer Ware and Dion Lewis. And the Eddie Lacy signing in Seattle and Danny Woodhead moving to Baltimore aids C.J. Prosise and Melvin Gordon. Seattle will clearly have a tandem and the Chargers, well, they might not.

March 30: The Brandin Cooks trade to the Patriots doesn't help his fantasy value and it pushed his former colleague Michael Thomas into the top 10. Cooks gets to play with another Hall of Fame quarterback, but with more receiving depth as well. Alshon Jeffery and Terrelle Pryor Sr. each move up as they switch to the NFC East -- but don't forget about the receivers left behind in Chicago and Cleveland -- and later in the rankings there are modestly good reasons to take a chance on Ted Ginn and Pierre Garcon.

March 30 No movement or, for the most part, news among the tight ends likely to be selected in 10-team formats, except for Martellus Bennett joining forces with Aaron Rodgers. That should be interesting! Julius Thomas, Dwayne Allen and Jared Cook found new homes, but it's tough to get overly excited.