Fantasy Football 101: league and team pages

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Now that you've joined an ESPN fantasy football league, it's time to take a look around your league and team pages. Here is a brief look at each of the tabs you'll see at the top of the page, including what you can access by clicking the links inside each of the headings.


Home -- This is your league's home page. Among the things you'll find here is the LM note, where your league manager can keep you up to date on important league information. You'll also find an overview of recent league activity (like trades, waiver moves, etc.). In the right column, you'll see a space for League Manager Polls (where you can have some fun by voting on who has the worst or best team, etc.) and League Messages. Any owner can post to the league from here. For some added fun, some leagues also use this space for owners to take turns contributing a recap of the past week's fantasy battles. It's also a choice place to talk smack with your fellow owners. Below that, you'll find the latest content from our ESPN Fantasy Football experts, our Fantasy Football help center and your league standings.

Settings -- There are few things more important to being successful in fantasy than knowing your rules. Be sure to pore over every angle of your league settings to make sure that you understand your roster size/construction, scoring, draft settings and playoff schedule. For a detailed look at the thinking behind each setting click here.

Members -- Do you want to email another owner to ask a question or talk trash? Come to this page, and you'll be able to contact them directly.

Schedule -- Take a look here to see when you'll play each team in your league, including when you'll square off against your top rivals.

TranCounter -- This page shows the total of every move made by each team. As a commish, if you see a team has not been keeping their rosters up to date, you may want to give them a nudge to do so, in order to keep the league as fair and competitive as possible. If your league charges for each transaction, those are tallied at the bottom of the page.

History -- Once your league enters into its second season (and beyond), you'll see a tally of past winners here.

Email League -- If you want to send an email to every owner in your league, this is the place to do it.

Trophies -- If you like to have a little extra fun, you can create trophies for specific occurrences or accomplishments during the season. For example, if you'd like to give a trophy to the highest-scoring team each week (or even the lowest-scoring team, if you want to rub it in for posterity's sake), you can do that. This area also will show the history of those trophies.

Msg Board -- If you'd rather post a message to the league page (rather than email them), you can do so here.

Chat -- This is specifically designed to talk smack to your opponents, especially on game days!

My Team

Team Settings -- Personalize your squad with a new team name and a team logo. You can choose a logo we provide or add an image from the web.

Drop Players -- During the season, you may want to drop a player to bring another player off of your IR. You can do so here.

Watch list -- If you want to keep an eye on a free agent during the season, click the flag button by his name in the Player area. He will then appear in your watch list.

Edit Pre-Draft Player Rankings -- Before you draft, it's always a good idea to rank your players into our system. That way, when you enter our draft app, the rankings there mirror your personal rankings cheat sheet, making things as simple as possible when the draft clock is ticking down on you.

Edit Autopick Strategy -- If you aren't able to draft live with the rest of your league, or you'd rather let our system draft for you, take a few minutes to program your strategy. This includes which positions you'd like to pick in which rounds and how many players from each position you want to draft.

Your roster -- Once your team is drafted, you'll see each player on your team in the Overview tab. Players on the bench will not accrue stats, while those slotted into starting positions will. Click on the other tabs to stats, news, projections and schedules for your players, as well.

Keepers (if your league is so inclined) -- Before the draft, this is the area where you would select which player(s) you would like to designate as keepers.


Waiver Order -- This displays the order in which waiver claims of free agents will be selected, based on your league settings. Whoever is in position No. 1 will get first choice, etc.

Free Agents -- You can sort players by position, availability (as free agents), NFL team and those on or not on your Watch List. You can also search for players by name. To add a free agent, click on the green circle/white plus sign to the right of the player's name. If you don't have an open roster spot available, you will be prompted to drop a player from your current roster to make room for the free agent. Click the box next to that player's name and click submit to complete the transaction.

Scoring Leaders -- This area will show the top scorers in your league. It is also sortable by position, by available players, and by scoring type, which can be useful if you're in multiple leagues with different scoring settings.

Free Agent Auction Summary -- For leagues which utilize FAAB, this is where you can see how much money each team has left to spend on free agents.

Free Agent Auction Report -- Here, you can look at your league's bidding history. This can sometimes be helpful for noting bidding behavior of the other owners in your leagues, which can better inform your bidding decisions going forward.


You'll want to pay close attention to this section to see keep track of your place in the standings. Whom do you have to beat to climb into a playoff spot? Will you be able to hold off the competition to maintain the No. 1 seed. Are you in position for a wild-card berth?


This is where the weekly magic happens! Keep track of your battle and every other tilt in the league on this page, which refreshes regularly on its own. You can also open the FantasyCast to watch the live scoring via our desktop app. Or keep track of everything on your phone or tablet via the ESPN Fantasy App.

LM Tools

If you are the League Manager and want to tweak some settings, you'll find everything you need right here.