2013 Fantasy Football Rankings

A lot has happened.

Since I released my last football rankings at the end of the 2012 regular season, a lot has happened. My boyfriend Robert Griffin III had a horrible injury; my boyfriend that I love a little less but still more than you, Colin Kaepernick, raised his already impressive game another level in the playoffs; and so many players changed teams in such a short time, it was like some sort of weird key party.

These ranks will change a million times more between now and opening kickoff, starting with the draft at the end of April and continuing with further player movement. But for now, these ranks reflect what I think of both the overall pool and what the player movement has done. Among many of the changes, Wes Welker in Denver means an upgrade for Peyton Manning and slight downgrades for Demaryius Thomas and Tom Brady. Carson Palmer makes Larry Fitzgerald top-10-wideout worthy again and, with Ahmad Bradshaw leaving town, David Wilson is a lot higher than he was in the last ranks.

The depth at quarterback and wide receiver is reflected in certain players being lower than their talent might otherwise dictate; you start only one QB and, at most, three wide receivers in a standard ESPN 10-team league. Which is a nice segue to mention that these ranks are designed specifically for those leagues, which use four points per touchdown pass and one point per 25 passing yards, one point for every 10 yards rushing and receiving, six points for a rushing or receiving touchdown, and zero points per reception.

Now, such a league is only 160 players deep, but I ranked 200, because I want extra credit. (There's no extra credit? This is awkward.) This is for multiple-sized leagues, but it follows my draft philosophy, which is to wait until the final two rounds for a defense and kicker. If you decided to use this for a 10-team, 16-round league, you'd move the defenses and kickers up to the 141-160 slots.

I generally ranked with safety in mind early, and with upside the consideration when you get into the rounds where you'd be drafting your bench. In the sections where there are a lot of the same position in a row (such as five quarterbacks), that's my way of saying I think these guys are all in a tier together and it's really about personal preference. I've put them in the order I would draft them, but it's all very close.

Finally, before you peruse these ranks, always check the "Updated" date to know how up-to-date they are throughout the preseason. I'll update them as news warrants but not for every single move. Any questions or concerns? Am I too high on someone or not high enough on another? Let me know on Twitter and Facebook.

Matthew Berry's Top 200 for 2013