Fantasy football lists galore!

Things change. Year to year, week to week, game to game, things change. Fantasy sports value, strategy and evaluation change consistently and constantly.

The one thing that never changes? The lists. The people, they love the lists. They particularly like top 10 lists.

So here, once again, are 10 of them.

List One: 10 stats that I couldn't fit into my 100 Facts to Know Before You Draft

1. From Week 12 to 17 last season, Russell Wilson had 139 fantasy points in ESPN standard scoring, second most among all players (Cam Newton was first, with 148) and he averaged 23.2 points per game. Week 12 of last year was the first week the Seahawks started using the zone read.

2. Speaking of Cam Newton, he has the most rushing yards, rushing touchdowns and third-highest rushing yards per game by a quarterback in his first two seasons in the Super Bowl era.

3. Newton is also one of only four quarterbacks in NFL history to attempt more than 1,000 passes in his first two seasons. The other three? Peyton Manning, Drew Bledsoe and ... Andy Dalton.

4. Last year, in 13 games under Cam Cameron, Ray Rice averaged 20.8 touches per game, including 2.4 red zone touches and 1.1 goal-to-go touches. In six games Jim Caldwell, including the playoffs, Ray Rice averaged 20.0 touches per game, 3.3 red zone looks and 1.7 goal-to-go touches.

5. If he had enough carries to qualify, Chris Ivory's yards after contact average over the past three years would be third best in the NFL.

6. Once Pierre Garcon came back in Week 12 last year, only Brandon Marshall and Michael Crabtree had more regular-season pass targets per passing routes run than Garcon.

7. Since becoming a full-time starter, Reggie Bush has averaged 4.5 yards per carry and 7.1 yards per reception on grass. On turf? He averages 5.0 yards per carry and 8.8 yards per reception.

8. Last season, the Lions targeted running backs 129 times and completed 99 passes to them.

9. Robert Griffin III had 10 games where he threw for 221 yards or fewer.

10. Last season, Ryan Mathews had 184 rushing attempts. Only two of them were inside an opponent's 10-yard line. Two.

List Two: 10 wide receivers going in the 15th round or later on ESPN.com who could make you look really smart if you take a chance on them.

1. Ryan Broyles, Lions: Stafford's going to throw over 700 times. They're not all going to Calvin.

2. Cordarrelle Patterson, Vikings: Percy who?

3. Vincent Brown, Chargers: Oddly, the healthiest wide receiver they have.

4. Rueben Randle, Giants: Only a heartbeart away. Or a hammy. Or a hip. Or a knee. Or an ankle.

5. Austin Collie, 49ers: If healthy, it's not as if they have a full corps of receivers to throw to.

6. Andre Roberts, Cardinals: Actually led Arizona in touchdown receptions last year, such as it was, and the Cardinals are going to throw a lot under Bruce Arians. Carson Palmer told the Cardinals' official team site: "I expect Andre to have a huge year." Well, Carson would know.

7. Kenbrell Thompkins, Patriots: Believe the hype.

8. Rod Streater, Raiders: Going to start now and it's not like this is a team that'll be grinding out 10-7 games. They'll be down and throwing. A lot.

9. Jeremy Kerley, Jets: Had 827 yards last year and there's no way the Jets offense can be as bad as it was last year, right? Right?

10. Aldrick Robinson, Redskins: I just like him.

List Three: 10 things I've read that I'm buying

1. That the Zach Sudfeld thing is real. (Boston.com)

2. That Alfred Morris is going to be "instrumental in our passing game." (Redskins.com)

3. That Ronnie Hillman is going to have value this year. (ESPN.com AFC West blog)

4. That Kenny Britt is healthy. (The Tennessean)

5. That Danny Woodhead is going to be at least half of the Chargers' RBBC. (U-T San Diego)

6. That DeAndre Hopkins is something special. (Houston Chronicle)

7. That Mark Ingram is going to be a post-hype sleeper. (Times-Picayune)

8. That Mike Wallace and his owners should be concerned. (NBC Miami)

9. That Maurice Jones-Drew is healthy and will be a steal in any draft where he goes outside the top 12 picks. (Florida Times-Union)

10. That Daryl Richardson is going to be a real nice flex fantasy back for someone this year. (ESPN NFC West blog)

List Four: The 10 most common fantasy football team names on ESPN.com.

In other words, no, you're not the only one to think of it. Try again.

1. Victorious Secret

2. Prestige Worldwide

3. Team Awesome

4. Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe

5. Stafford Infection

6. Da Bears

7. Password is Taco

8. Beast Mode

9. The Brady Bunch

10. Cruz Control

List Five: 10 things I've noticed in the preseason games I've seen so far

1. Forget the LeGarrette Blount thing, but New England not only wants to run, but they can run at will. Stevan Ridley is going to have a top-10 fantasy running back type season; he's a lock for double-digit touchdowns. And the play in the first game where Shane Vereen went out wide and got matched up on a linebacker? Expect to see that more often. He's going to be a really nice PPR RB2 in a 12-team league or a solid flex in a standard league.

2. Thanks to the rushing yards (28 yards in the first game on three rushes), if EJ Manuel becomes the starter in Buffalo, he has top-15 fantasy quarterback upside.

3. Improving the offensive line in the offseason was a priority for the Titans. It's very early, but so far I'd say they accomplished that. I like Chris Johnson a lot in the middle of the second round this year and don't be surprised if Shonn Greene winds up with eight touchdowns or so.

4. In his second game, Matt Forte had eight carries for 74 yards, which is fantastic, but it's preseason and it was against the Chargers. What was most impressive to me was that the Bears got to San Diego's 11-yard line and they gave the ball to Forte three straight times, including twice inside the 5-yard line. The second of those runs from the 5, he punched in for a score. If Forte is going to get goal-to-go rushes in Marc Trestman's offense, you're looking at a top-10 back.

5. I know, I know, I probably shouldn't be allowed to put Michael Vick's name in print anymore, but he has looked very good. My belief is that he wins the starting job and obviously, health is always the concern. But 13-of-15 for 199 and a score? Even if it was the preseason and despite not starting the second game ... he's going 16th among quarterbacks in the 12th round. Name another 12th-rounder who has top-five upside.

6. Either way, LeSean McCoy is going to have a monster year. Chip Kelly wants to run, run, run and even in preseason against the Panthers, averaging 5.9 yards per carry is nice.

7. Now do you believe the Jordan Cameron hype? The Cleveland Plain-Dealer has discussed how often Cameron is getting looks in practice, you saw the result of that with his two-touchdown game against the Lions and it's not an accident. Antonio Gates is the most obvious example, but Norv Turner and Rob Chudzinski love to use the tight end. In fact, per ESPN Stats & Information, in Chudzinski's nine seasons as an NFL coach, his team's starting tight end has ranked in the top eight among tight ends in targets in six of them, with at least 100 targets in five of them.

8. Cleveland also wants to get Josh Gordon involved and he's going to have a really nice year. I love the stat I used in Love / Hate: Over the past five years, only the Colts attempted more passes 15 yards or more downfield than Norv Turner's San Diego Chargers. Norv's calling the plays in Cleveland now and the suspension has lowered Gordon's draft-day stock.

9. One last Browns nugget: The Browns defense is a lot better than you think. Could sneak into the top 10 as a fantasy defense, yet another reason there's no need to draft one until the final two rounds.

10. So much for the concerns of Jay Cutler spreading it around. In Game 2, he attempted five passes. All five of them to Brandon Marshall.

List Six: 10 players who are at least one or two rounds more valuable in PPR than in standard scoring.

Suggested by Alex Fuller on my Facebook page

1. Giovani Bernard

2. Reggie Bush and Joique Bell

3. Jason Witten

4. Wes Welker

5. Danny Amendola

6. Danny Woodhead

7. Calvin Johnson (he's top five overall in PPR).

8. Shane Vereen

9. Brandon Myers (and his former teammate Marcel Reece).

10. Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders.

List Seven: 10 funniest (that I can print!) team names suggested to me by my followers on Facebook and Twitter.

I will say that Carlos Danger was a popular choice, as were plays on Manti Teo's imaginary girlfriend and the Mark Sanchez Butt Fumble. The TV show "The League" and the off-the-field issues of Aaron Hernandez and Riley Cooper were popular inspirations. If I don't list a person by the team name, it means multiple people suggested it. I was just as surprised as you that so many people suggested No. 10, incidentally, but there it is.

1. Spiller Me Timbers - @c_dickey

2. Addai late, Amendola short - @BenKors

3. Pop a Kaep - @dcrines

4. The SchaubNado - @camronfaulkner

5. Good Schaub, Good Eifert

6. Luck Dynasty

7. Everyday I'm Russelin'

8. Badonkagronk

9. 1.21 JJ Watts – Brandon Doner

10. I blame Matthew Berry

List Eight: 10 completely unsexy guys who no one will be impressed with when you draft them, but will give solid production.

1. Ahmad Bradshaw: Good pass-catcher and run-blocker who will be the Colts every-down back.

2. Dwayne Bowe: Going to be a top-10 wide receiver this year.

3. Steve Johnson: Three straight 1,000-yard seasons.

3. Miles Austin: Had double-digit fantasy points in eight games. I get the injury concern but by comparison, Mike Wallace had five such games last year and is going five rounds before Austin.

4. Rashard Mendenhall: Going to be a starting running back with a coach he's had success with in the past. Going in the ninth round.

5. DeAngelo Williams: I'm not a fan, but Jonathan Stewart's injury is serious and, in the 10th round, the price is right.

6. Lance Moore: Always underrated.

7. Malcom Floyd: Assuming health, someone's got to catch it in San Diego. I like Vincent Brown more, but Floyd is going in the 14th.

8. Jason Witten: If you don't want to wait and play tight end Russian Roulette, Witten is very reasonable in the sixth round.

9. Denarius Moore: He's going undrafted in some leagues. Just because they are bad doesn't mean they're not going to throw.

10. Matthew Berry: If you use my advice to win, you can claim you knew it all along, and if it doesn't work out, you can blame me. Perfect setup.

List Nine: 10 Guys who never wind up on my team in any of the mock drafts I do.

1. Aaron Rodgers: I just never take a QB early enough to get him.

2. Julio Jones: Super-talented but too pricey given he still disappears from time to time. Six games last year with six or fewer fantasy points.

3. Frank Gore: Think he'll be fine but there's always someone who believes in him more than I do.

4. Darren McFadden: But only because I don't want to hate my team.

5. DeMarco Murray: Injury prone and he's a Cowboy? No thanks.

6. Marques Colston: More than half his points last year came in four games.

7. Vernon Davis: I never own him.

8. Mike Wallace: See List Three, No. 8.

9. Anquan Boldin: Going ahead of guys such as Greg Jennings, Tavon Austin, Cecil Shorts ... insane. Hasn't had a 1,000-yard season since 2009.

10. Andre Johnson: He's not going to score very much (they run when they get close), so hate to count on his health, especially when he's going ahead of guys such as Vincent Jackson, Larry Fitzgerald, Wes Welker, Randall Cobb and others I like more.

List 10: More of the best team names (that I can print!) suggested to me on Twitter.

1. The Pitta Despair and My Name is Inigo MonteeBall - @itsbenrealfun

2. Gronk if you love Breesus - @JZollman1

3. Tavon in 60 seconds - @JAdamBrooks

4. Football on my phone - @CodyKeyser

5. Martin Scorecrazy - @RavenNation21

6. As long as I got my suit and T.Y. - @DaNasty21

7. What Would Jones Drew - Josh Halilel

8. My Jim Schwartz are dirty - Robert Arthur Green

9. Julio I Ate The Bones

10. Matthew Berry's Book Plug - Matt Riddle

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