Free-agent finds for Week 10

Waiver-wire news changes fast and furious throughout the week, as injuries and depth-chart shenanigans overtake us. So be sure to follow me on Twitter, @CHarrisESPN, and I'll keep you updated as news warrants. Let's get to Week 10's best fantasy roster additions:

(Week 10 byes: Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, New York Jets)

Standard ESPN league finds

Andre Brown, RB, New York Giants (owned in 19.9 percent of ESPN.com leagues): I can't guarantee that Brown will out-touch Peyton Hillis (37.0 percent) and/or Brandon Jacobs (10.8 percent) this week. Nor can I promise that the injury-prone Brown will stay healthy for the rest of the year. But I know that if the 2-6 Giants really believe they've got a chance to get back into the NFC East picture, Brown will need to lead them in running back touches for the rest of the season. He's just significantly more talented than Hillis and Jacobs. (David Wilson's neck will keep him out indefinitely; he still hasn't been cleared to resume football activities.) This week, Brown may be no better than a flex, but as soon as he's back in game shape, I expect him to threaten the top 20 RBs, even behind a subpar New York offensive line.

Rashad Jennings, RB, Oakland Raiders (4.6 percent): Jennings headed this column back in Week 5, after Darren McFadden did his Darren McFadden thing and got all Darren McFaddened. Unfortunately, in Week 5 Jennings responded with 10 carries before he injured a hamstring. So once again, we must do the Dance of Jennings, a dour affair that involves all kinds of voodoo and safety pins through kewpie dolls, that sort of thing. DMC will almost certainly be out multiple weeks with his own reinjured hammy, and Jennings, fresh off 176 mostly-garbage-time yards Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles, will start for Oakland. Of course, Marcel Reece (2.5 percent) could also be in the mix, and Jeremy Stewart (0.1 percent) scored a short TD Sunday. But Jennings would be the guy you'd add if you're desperate, or a McFadden owner. Which is kind of the same thing.

Nick Foles, QB, Eagles (10.4 percent): It's another "deep" week, where you're apt to find your best free-agent options among the "other solid waiver adds." I know Foles just came off a week with seven TD passes. I also know he was also pretty good back in Week 6 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But I go back to Week 7 against the Dallas Cowboys, and I remember Foles flopping all over the place like a dead fish. Obviously, he had everything working in Week 9, but up-and-down isn't a good quality in a fantasy QB. Yes, if you're in a two-QB league, you add Foles. Yes, if you're ravaged by the byes, do the same. But while Michael Vick may have a hard time getting his starting job back in the immediate future, I don't expect Foles to start dominating the fantasy landscape every week.

Case Keenum, QB, Houston Texans (1.8 percent): As I said on every radio show under the sun last week, at least Case Keenum knows his bread is buttered with Andre Johnson. And boy, was the butter ever flowing freely Sunday night. In the first half alone, Keenum hit AJ for seven grabs, 190 yards and three TDs. Keenum has played well in both his starts by doing what backup QBs rarely do: being super-aggressive. He also has underrated mobility that saved him several times against the Indianapolis Colts. But unfettered aggression in a rookie signal-caller tends to end poorly. I hear the Tony Romo comparisons. I guess it's possible the Texans have found their new franchise QB. But my guess is hiccups are coming. The same "add" rules for Foles apply to Keenum, only more so.

Arizona Cardinals defense (7.8 percent): First and foremost, these guys are just good. Any time you pop in the tape of this defense, Daryl Washington just explodes into the forefront, making huge hits and big, game-changing plays. And Calais Campbell is his usual incredible self, fortunately, considering he did have a scary neck injury in Week 6. I know Keenum did yeoman's work for the Texans Sunday night, but I'm not sold, especially not on the road, when Arizona will come after him hard with a heck of lot more athleticism than the Colts can muster.

Other solid waiver adds, about whom I've written in previous weeks: Andre Ellington, RB, Cardinals (36.7 percent); Mike James, RB, Buccaneers (10.6 percent); Mike Tolbert, RB, Panthers (34.3 percent); Donald Brown, RB, Colts (5.1 percent); Keenan Allen, WR, Chargers (41.6 percent); Percy Harvin, WR, Seahawks (39.3 percent); Aaron Dobson, WR, Patriots (4.8 percent); Kendall Wright, WR, Titans (34.5 percent); Kenny Stills, WR, Saints (43.6 percent); Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, Colts (15.7 percent); Coby Fleener, TE, Colts (25.3 percent); Heath Miller, TE, Steelers (19.6 percent); Timothy Wright, TE, Buccaneers (0.9 percent); Garrett Graham, TE, Texans (17.2 percent).

Deeper league finds

Dennis Johnson, RB, Houston Texans (0.1 percent). Now, this kid's first problem is that he's got one too many N's in his first name, but otherwise he looked pretty good Sunday night, after Arian Foster left the game early and Ben Tate needed plays off. This undrafted rookie from Arkansas is short but sturdy, and at the moment seems to have won the third-string job behind Foster and Tate. Now, that's not certain; if Foster and Tate both need to miss time, perhaps Deji Karim (0.1 percent) would get the early-down work and Johnson would remain the third-down back. But I'm actually OK with any Foster/Tate owner spending a bench spot on Johnson right now, though that tactic will probably go down smoother for deep-leaguers.

Seneca Wallace, QB, Green Bay Packers (0.1 percent): Aaron Rodgers injured his non-throwing shoulder Monday night on his team's first drive, and couldn't return. Rodgers reportedly has a broken collarbone and will miss at least three weeks, meaning Wallace would be in charge for now. Certainly, he would have all kinds of nice weapons at his disposal, but he didn't do enough to move his team Monday against a poor Chicago Bears defense. I'd be hard-pressed to rank him as anything more than a desperation No. 2 fantasy QB starting in Week 10 against the Eagles.

Jason Campbell, QB, Cleveland Browns (5.0 percent): In his only two starts of 2013, Campbell has consecutive games of 20-plus fantasy points. Tom Brady has two in nine games. Of course, numbers frequently lie, and nobody in their right mind would particularly want to roster Campbell over Tom Terrific. Still, it's a testament to some strong weapons in Cleveland that the journeyman Campbell has found a lot of open receivers, and made the most of his connections. Like Brady, Campbell will be on bye in Week 10, but after a home win over the Baltimore Ravens Sunday, you can rest assured that Campbell will retain the starting job.

Mike Brown, WR, Jacksonville Jaguars (0.7 percent): Brown makes for an OK speculative add in the wake of Justin Blackmon's suspension, which will keep Blackmon out for the rest of the year. I hate the crutch argument that goes, "They'll be behind so big, they'll have to throw in garbage time!" And yet when it comes to the winless Jags, there's some truth to it. They've lost six of their eight games by 16 points or more. Cecil Shorts figures to be Chad Henne's focal point, but Brown, an undrafted second-year pro from Liberty (and a converted QB, no less), may partake in the garbage. He figures to get the first crack in two-WR sets, with rookie Ace Sanders (0.2 percent) involved in three-wide.

Doug Baldwin, WR, Seattle Seahawks (6.0 percent): As Percy Harvin continues to rehab from hip surgery, someone has to play opposite Golden Tate. This week, Baldwin was Russell Wilson's favorite target, with 10 targets, six catches, 75 yards and the tying red-zone TD with less than two minutes left in regulation. By now, you probably know Baldwin's deal: He's not an upside guy, but he's a solid possession receiver, much of whose damage came from the slot over his past two seasons. With no Sidney Rice around, Baldwin is the No. 2 target in this Seattle offense until Harvin returns. In a deeper PPR league, that could be worth something.

Shonn Greene, RB, Tennessee Titans (48.8 percent): Perhaps lost in Chris Johnson's big Sunday against the St. Louis Rams was the fact that CJ1K came off the field when the Titans got close. Greene was the man in such situations, and he converted his first shot since returning from a knee scope, posting his first TD with Tennessee. Frankly, as frustrating as this is to Johnson's owners, it makes sense: Greene's one above-average skill during his time with the Jets was his short-yardage running. Expect him to be more vulture than fantasy option moving forward.

Jerricho Cotchery, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers (1.7 percent): Cotchery has been in the league 10 seasons, but he's never had a fantasy output like he did Sunday versus the New England Patriots. In fact, in his 138 career games, he'd scored two touchdowns only once, and in Week 9 he scored three. Suffice it to say: That ain't happening again. That said, Cotchery has at least three catches for at least 39 yards in seven of eight tilts this year, and Ben Roethlisberger has treated him like a security blanket.

Mario Manningham, WR, San Francisco 49ers (1.8 percent): Super Mario is returning from a torn ACL, so there's really no telling what he'll look like in Week 10. But he's expected to be active and the Niners, as ever, could use a field stretcher. Considering Manningham was on pace for his worst output in five seasons last year, there's almost no reason to suspect huge production is forthcoming. But 16-teamers casting around for deep WR lottery tickets could do worse.

Other solid waiver adds for deep-leaguers, about whom I've written in previous weeks: Terrelle Pryor, QB, Raiders (39.5 percent); Jake Locker, QB, Titans (24.5 percent); Josh McCown, QB, Bears (2.4 percent); Jonathan Stewart, RB, Panthers (4.2 percent); James Starks, RB, Packers (24.1 percent); Daniel Thomas, RB, Dolphins (6.3 percent); Joseph Randle, RB, Cowboys (25.6 percent); Chris Ogbonnaya, RB, Browns (1.9 percent); Brandon Bolden, RB, Patriots (3.5 percent); Kendall Hunter, RB, 49ers (10.4 percent); Riley Cooper, WR, Eagles (8.9 percent); Kris Durham, WR, Lions (0.8 percent); Marlon Brown, WR, Ravens (8.1 percent); Nate Burleson, WR, Lions (2.6 percent); Brandon LaFell, WR, Panthers (5.7 percent); Ted Ginn, WR, Panthers (5.8 percent); Michael Crabtree, WR, 49ers (5.0 percent); Andrew Quarless, TE, Packers (3.0 percent); Dallas Clark, TE, Ravens (5.6 percent); Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Lions (29.0 percent).