Fantasy Football #TwitterMockDraft

The Mock Draft Lobby has been busier than ever this year as fantasy football owners around the world try to test out their draft strategies and predict how their teams will look come draft day. Our experts have been equally busy with a number of mock drafts that you can use as a guide for your draft preparation as well. But what if you could get inside the heads of our drafters as they make each pick. Ask why they avoided Player X and why they reached on Player Y at a certain point of the draft. Well, now you can. The 2013 Twitter Mock Draft is here and we'll complete a 10-team standard league draft over Twitter, bringing you along for the ride every step of the way. Welcome to the #TwitterMockDraft.

For the next few days, our 10 drafters will make their selections on Twitter and offer their immediate thoughts, comments and reaction. Using Twitter, you have the ability to talk back to the drafters, and share your thoughts on each of their 16 picks. If you agree (or disagree) with a certain pick, explain why. As long as you are using #TwitterMockDraft in each one of your tweets, you're in the draft room right along with us.

The roster that each of the owners needs to fill out includes one quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, one tight end, one flex (RB/WR), one defense/special teams, one kicker and seven bench spots.

The drafters, in first-round order, are as follows: ESPN injury analyst Stephania Bell (@Stephania_ESPN); ESPN Insider Eric Karabell (@karabellespn); ESPN fantasy analyst Tristan H. Cockcroft (@SultanOfStat); ESPN fantasy analyst Christopher Harris (@CHarrisESPN); ESPN Insider KC Joyner (@KCJoynerTFS); ESPN senior fantasy analyst Matthew Berry (@MatthewBerryTMR); "SportsCenter" and "Fantasy Football Now" anchor Robert Flores (@RoFloESPN); ESPN Insider and "Fantasy Football Now" analyst Tim Hasselbeck (@tthasselbeck); wrestler, host and entertainer Eric Young (@ShowtimeEY); and musician Joel Madden (@JoelMadden).

Each round's results will be added at its completion. Follow the picks as they play out here.


Our thoughts:

@CHarrisESPN: Lots of Qs re: why Lynch and not Martin/Spiller/Charles. If you take any of those guys, I can't argue too hard. But I'll break down each. C.J. Spiller: Most injury-prone of the group, never topped 207 carries in a season, team could be awful. Charles: Yeah, because Andy Reid has proven he's so dedicated to running the ball. 5 TDs is in play. (Love the catch yards, obv.). Lynch over past 2 seasons: second in the NFL in rushing yards and third in rushing TDs. Seems safe to me …

@tthasselbeck: Want to go rb early and often. #twittermockdraft

@SultanOfStat: Ray Rice/Ravens facts (2011-12): Rice's 31 carries inside-5 (4th-most). Ravens ran 68.7% of time inside-5 (3rd-most). Rice also 2nd only to Darren Sproles 2011-12 in Tgt (184), Rec (137), RecYds (1182). Big-time catch/goal-line guy. #TwitterMockDraft

Your thoughts:

@jacenmiller: #TwitterMockDraft can't argue with @CHarrisESPN on his Lynch pick in a non-ppr. Safest of the group with highest floor but lowest ceiling.

@J680Anderson: Stephania curse?? RT @Stephania_ESPN With the first pick in the #TwitterMockDraft, I'm taking @AdrianPeterson. @karabellespn, you're up!

@showstealer1829: If he's healthy a steal. IF he's healthy RT @RoFloESPN With 7th pick in #TwitterMockDraft I pick Jamaal Charles. I'm assuming he's healthy


Our thoughts:

@MatthewBerryTMR: Just missed Ridley. Grrr. Pick 15 in #twittermockdraft I go RB/RB w/Forte who will excel in Trestman's offense @KCJoynerTFS up @ESPNFantasy

@tthasselbeck: 13th overall pick. of #twittermockdraft Steven Jackson. RB not as deep as other positions & I'm a believer in SJax this year. @RoFloESPN up

@RoFloESPN: @MatthewBerryTMR @KCJoynerTFS @ESPNFantasy I like Forte in this offense

@KCJoynerTFS: [Responding to the tweet above] @RoFloESPN @MatthewBerryTMR @ESPNFantasy Totally agree. Trestman will use him in space quite often.

@CHarrisESPN: Amazing value getting Rodgers at 17 overall. He's 12 on my board. In a 10-teamer, I can survive the RBpocalypse. #TwitterMockDraft

Your thoughts:

@Penoyer71: @KCJoynerTFS @CHarrisESPN Gore is a value pick this year. last year he proved even in a crowded backfield he can go 1100+. hes not done yet.

@adamrank: @MatthewBerryTMR Love the Forte pick! @ShowtimeEY not bad with Dez, but man Freddy and Forte would have been sweet! Both are doing great!

@CC_Heat30: @ESPNFantasy no doubt @SultanofStat is hoping Maurice Jones-Drew or Chris Johnson is there by his 3rd round pick #TwitterMockDraft


Our thoughts:

@karabellespn: Wow! With pick 22 in the @ESPNFantasy #TwitterMockDraft I happily select @Jones_Drew32 and now enjoy 3 excellent RBs! Back to @SultanofStat

@SultanOfStat: Grasping at straws, I'll go RB David Wilson with pick 3.3. RB is thinning out quickly. #TwitterMockDraft @CHarrisESPN is up.

@CHarrisESPN: Trust your draft board! No RBs are worthwhile, so I'll take No. 17 overall on my board, Marshall, at 24 overall. #TwitterMockDraft

Your thoughts:

@Lamey88: @karabellespn @ESPNFantasy @Jones_Drew32 @SultanofStat Potentially 3 Top 12 RB's. EK killing it!

@brockemsockmz: Rodgers and Brees should be going early second round at latest, regardless of RB shortage. Nice steal @MatthewBerryTMR #TwitterMockDraft

@BoudreauxLandry: #twittermockdraft seriously though. R. Bush was 14th last season in FP and that was with a rook QB and no other offense. Y'all are on RB 19

@DLSmooth82: @ESPNFantasy @KCJoynerTFS If I'm reaching for RB with potential in the 3rd, I'd rather have Lamar Miller over Bush. #TwitterMockDraft


Our thoughts:

@karabellespn: With my 4th rounder in the @ESPNFantasy #TwitterMockDraft I choose WR Wes Welker. Love the Denver offense, and mine! Now up @Stephania_ESPN

@MatthewBerryTMR: With Spiller/Forte/Brees on my team, I go WR with pick 35 of #twittermockdraft. Randall Cobb might catch 100 this yr per Rodgers @ESPNFantasy

@ShowtimeEY: @tthasselbeck I went back and forth between Roddy and Fitz settled on Fitz #TwitterMockDraft good pick man!

Your thoughts:

@watkins_tyler: @karabellespn @ESPNFantasy @Stephania_ESPN Welker will still have 900 yards and if you're in a ppr league he is a must have

@Syrstorm: @CHarrisESPN Good gravy. If you can find ANYTHING to pair at RB with Beastmode, this team becomes a monster. #BuiltToWin

@TRO16: @MatthewBerryTMR those are best 4 picks ive read in any draft yet. lucky you. u wont be able to replicate that again this summer.

@DLSmooth82: @ESPNFantasy @KCJoynerTFS If I'm reaching for RB with potential in the 3rd, I'd rather have Lamar Miller over Bush. #TwitterMockDraft


Our thoughts:

@CHarrisESPN: If I could do it again, would I go Murray/Wallace instead of Cruz/Lacy? Hm. Probably not. (Lynch/Rodgers/Marshall = nice) #TwitterMockDraft

@tthasselbeck: Pick 48 #twittermockdraft Hakeem Nicks health a concern....but when he is good to go, he's great. @ShowtimeEY back on the clock.

@ShowtimeEY: #twittermockdraft continues with pick 49 I go with maybe the best value in draft Rob Gronkowski TE patriots. If he plays early I WIN!!

Your thoughts:

@CongerIII: @ESPNFantasy #twittermockdraft @Stephania_ESPN has won up to this point. #1 RB by a lot, #1 TE by even more, and the #1 QB on my board #OVER

@KDFantasyBaller: @karabellespn @ESPNFantasy @SultanofStat 3 RBs [in the] first 3 Rd's & you still got Welker and Colston? You're killing this draft! ... @karabellespn @ESPNFantasy @SultanofStat 11th best wr during a bad year for Bress.

@IAmSawyerKyle: [Reacting to Lamar Miller] @MatthewBerryTMR @ESPNFantasy Been hearing that he is as quick or quicker then Reggie with better vision. The kid is going to be a stud.


Our thoughts:

@KarabellESPN: With pick 62 in @ESPNFantasy #TwitterMockDraft I take WR Antonio Brown. Should be a bit better in '13. Also my 4th WR. @SultanofStat next!

@tthasselbeck:53rd pick #twittermockdraft i select mr. reliable jason witten. @ESPNFantasy @RoFloESPN you are up.

@SultanOfStat: It's again playing a hunch: I see the next 5-8 WRs as comparable, whereas TE drops off. Fingers crossed a good WR drops. #TwitterMockDraft

Your thoughts:

@mauferrari123: @MatthewBerryTMR @ESPNFantasy Both Bowe AND Alex Smith should have career years, proving all naysayers wrong... #TwitterMockDraft

@Bro_Jackson: @MatthewBerryTMR @ESPNFantasy I want that team.

@Broomestick09:@karabellespn Why go 4th WR there? Surely other positions demanded your attention


Our thoughts:

@MatthewBerryTMR: I continue to crush #twittermockdraft...like a GRAPE. At pick 66 (10 tm lg) I take Garcon Spiller/Forte/Brees/Cobb/LMiller/Bowe @ESPNFantasy

@tthasselbeck: Pick 68 in #twittermockdraft BJGE … RB thinned out but happy to have the law firm.

@CHarrisESPN: In the #twittermockdraft, I'll take another one of my flag players, Gio Bernard. @KCJoynerTFS is up next.

Your thoughts:

@moralvictories: @MatthewBerryTMR @ESPNFantasy goodness are you drafting in a four man league? #envious

@quitman04: @ESPNFantasy I think Amendola was a steal [in Round 6] #twittermockdraft

@josephdesanto: @MatthewBerryTMR @ESPNFantasy #twittermockdraft you like L Miller? I need to be convinced. Talk me into liking him


Our thoughts:

@MatthewBerryTMR: With pick 75 in #TwitterMockDraft I take Darryl Richardson. He's the guy I believe in the most in STL. Great value in 8th. @ESPNFantasy

@tthasselbeck: Now that Stafford is off the board #twittermockdraft pick 73 Russell Wilson. Big year even with no Percy. @RoFloESPN your turn.

@JoelMadden: @TopperFanLuke @ESPNFantasy [Kaepernick] will be good for a trade later. :) I feel like I'm gonna need another flex player

Your thoughts:

@nd_joyce: @ESPNFantasy Love what @tthasselbeck has going with pair of solid RB/WR. Nicks is my fantasy kryptonite, that pick sold me.

@TopperFanLuke: @JoelMadden @ESPNFantasy you just stuck it to the 3 who haven't taken a QB yet. Stafford, Romo, Wilson still available, but still. #Ouch

@sweet_lou4: @ESPNFantasy I've had fantasy ff draft dreams that didn't look as good as @MatthewBerryTMR 's team is looking right now #envious


Our thoughts:

@MatthewBerryTMR: With pick 86 in #twittermockdraft I get a guy that was top 11 in yards after catch & yards per rec: T.Y. Hilton, come on down. @ESPNFantasy

@KCJoynerTFS: Time to go for a TE in the #TwitterMockDraft. Brandon Myers has top-5 potential, so he's the pick. @MatthewBerryTMR is up next.

@SultanOfStat: Pick 83 (9.3) in @ESPNFantasy's #TwitterMockDraft is a rookie: WR Tavon Austin! Love that speedy Rams O. @CHarrisESPN is up.

Your thoughts:

@TheWeaselsFF: @karabellespn @ESPNFantasy @SultanofStat well that's a steal. (Luck)

@coreyfox11: @RoFloESPN don't you think each team in the #TwitterMockDraft is an All Star team??? 10 team league is easy to draft a "Solid" team

@aka_MR_FANTASY: @JoelMadden @ESPNFantasy Dude you are good! You don't need my help :) Great two picks at this stage.


Our thoughts:

@JoelMadden:@evanlucy @ESPNFantasy I've made a couple missteps but i actually like this team … @evanlucy @ESPNFantasy I feel pretty confident with Kaepernick but I hope Brady can play :)

@tthasselbeck: Well played @ShowtimeEY #twittermockdraft pick 93. Mark Ingram. Hopeful he is the goal line back. @RoFloESPN turn.

KCJoynerTFS: Want some mid-range RB upside in #TwitterMockDraft. Taking Bernard Pierce & his 9.7 GBYPA (good blocking yards per attempt). @CHarrisESPN is up next.

Your thoughts:

@Dustin__Rodgers: "@JoelMadden: @Dustin__Rogers @ESPNFantasy thats a good question. i'm 50/50 on him" I am too … He's got crazy talent but injury prone

@JDB_in_TN: @MatthewBerryTMR @ESPNFantasy this #TwitterMockDraft by Mr Berry is no accident. His rankings are spot on.

@N3XTBIGTH1NG: @ESPNFantasy @MatthewBerryTMR pead is a wasted pick


Our thoughts:

@ShowtimeEY:#TwitterMockDraft pick 112 round 11 could not go past him to much value. Tony Romo!! @JoelMadden your up bro!

@MatthewBerryTMR: With pick 106 in #twittermockdraft I take another high upside WR, Emmanuel Sanders. Love him w/no Wallace there @ESPNFantasy

@CHarrisESPN: I'll take Mikel Leshoure in Rd11 of the #TwitterMockDraft. Not great, but scored 6 of his 9 TDs from inside the 2 last year. @KCJoynerTFS up

Your thoughts:

@YoungDenn610:@MatthewBerryTMR @ESPNFantasy Matthew, you can love [Sanders] all you want, he's not putting up numbers. #fantasykingpin

@sergvarg: @SultanofStat @ESPNFantasy @CHarrisESPN Gates!? Someone has to catch the ball. Kind of old but rivers favorite target.

@QuadAChiCubs: @karabellespn @ESPNFantasy @SultanofStat Wow... Luck as your starter? What are you expecting out of him this yr?


Our thoughts:

@RoFloESPN: I was hoping to take Shonn Greene, instead in 12th round of #TwitterMockDraft I'm taking #Bears WR Alshon Jeffery. @MatthewBerryTMR next

@MatthewBerryTMR: Time to back-up Gronk in #twittermockdraft. I take Greg Olsen (2nd most TE pts 2nd half last yr) at pick 115. @ESPNFantasy

@tthasselbeck: Pick 113 #twittermockdraft Shonn Greene. Goal line back … let's hope it's like McGahee from 3 years ago. Now back to @RoFloESPN

@SultanOfStat: Seattle D/ST take: pick 118 (12.8) of @ESPNFantasy #TwitterMockDraft is plenty long enough a wait to crack the seal on defenses.

Your thoughts:

@tylershugart:@RoFloESPN so you have taken Jared Cook now Alshon Jeffrey. Any other #gamecocks you would like to pick? #TwitterMockDraft #GamecockNation

@Stever0020: @MatthewBerryTMR @ESPNFantasy Martellus Bennett a better pick

@BklynGM: @MatthewBerryTMR @ESPNFantasy I wouldn't be happy with Olsen as my starter esp since the TE happy offense is gone.


Our thoughts:

@karabellESPN: @ESPNFantasy In 13th round of #TwitterMockDraft I'll take KC backup RB Knile Davis. Just in case Jamaal Charles is hurt. @SultanofStat next!

@KCJoynerTFS: Stocking up on RBs in the #TwitterMockDraft by taking Jacquizz Rodgers w/pick 125. @MatthewBerryTMR has the next pick.

@CHarrisESPN: For the moment I'll take Turbin as Lynch's handcuff, but obviously if Michael wins the job, that would've been my pick. #TwitterMockDraft

Your thoughts:

@NotoriousOHM: If Stephania drafted him that means he's healthy! Go Stephania! RT @ESPNFantasy Rd 12 #TwitterMockDraft, @Stephania_ESPN takes Andre Roberts

@nd_joyce: @tthasselbeck Needed reassurance [on picking Richardson first]. Wasn't digging my pick there. Love your draft so far in @ESPNFantasy #TwitterMockDraft.

@MultiSportMike: @ESPNFantasy @Stephania_ESPN was having such a good draft until the 4th round. What happened? May finish last w/AP. #twittermockdraft


Our thoughts:

@MatthewBerryTMR: Believe the hype. With pick #135 in #TwitterMockDraft I take Cordarelle Patterson. @ESPNFantasy

KCJoynerTFS: @MatthewBerryTMR @ESPNFantasy Patterson's JUCO Youtube footage looks a lot like Randy Moss in college.

@tthasselbeck: Pick 133 #twittermockdraft Rashad Jennings. The backup to McFadden figures to be a starter at some point this season. @RoFloESPN your pick.

@SultanOfStat: Pick 138 (14.8) of @ESPNFantasy's #TwitterMockDraft: WR DeAndre Hopkins. Taking some lottery tix at WR; weakest there. @karabellespn is up!

Your thoughts:

@TheFourHornsmen: If healthy great value pic RT @RoFloESPN: Pick 134 in #TwitterMockDraft is #Texans TE @owendaniels

@APGray81: .@SultanofStat you mean the safest there. (Talking about Hopkins)

@Paulimig: @ShowtimeEY @JoelMadden As in Jermichael Finley, EY? It's too bad you didn't get him because he seems poised for a big season.