IDP Consistency Ratings: 2010-12

How Consistency Ratings work

Tradional IDP scoring

Using fantasy points determined by traditional scoring modifiers for an IDP league -- see the inset at right -- the charts contained in this column rate players based upon how consistently reliable they were from the 2010-12 NFL seasons, a span of 51 weeks. To familiarize you with some of the terminology:

Start: The number of times that the player's point total in a given week was worthy of having had him active in an ESPN standard league. This means they ranked among the 20 best defensive linemen, linebackers or defensive backs in that particular week.

Stud: The number of times the player's point total ranked among the top five at his position in the given week.

Stiff: The number of times the player's point total ranked among the worst at his position, making almost any waiver-wire option a smarter choice. For these purposes, it means they ranked outside the top 40 at their position.

Sat: The number of times the player missed a game. Players are not charged "Stiff" points for sitting out, but it hurts their overall Consistency Rating.

CR: The player's overall Consistency Rating, calculated as number of "Start" performances divided by scheduled team games.

FPTS: The player's fantasy point total.

%TD: The percentage of the player's fantasy points that derived from touchdowns.

Players must have met at least one of the following minimums for inclusion in the chart: A top-20 ranking at his position in terms of total fantasy points, a 25 percent Consistency Rating, or two "Stud" performances. All columns are sortable both ascending and descending; click on the column header to re-sort. Retired players are listed with "--" and free agents with "FA" in the Team column.

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