Top 200 rankings at Olympic break

With the NHL on hiatus to accommodate the 2010 Olympic hockey tournament, you have the next two weeks or so to prepare your roster for the March-April stretch run. While we provide you with weekly forward, defenseman and goaltender rankings, it's not always obvious how the three would mesh together. How much is Ryan Miller worth versus top defenseman Mike Green? What tier of forward equates a top-20 defenseman?

The following rankings were achieved by having our three weekly rankers combine their lists, and we took the average to gauge the value each assigned to the players, but without altering the specific forward, defenseman or goaltender order, so even if you disagree with who we have as the No. 30 defenseman (Alex Goligoski), you still get the benefit of knowing that a No. 30 defenseman is roughly equal to a No. 70 forward or No. 25 goaltender.

Use these rankings to figure out what you can get with your surplus and what it will cost to fix your shortcomings, and to make sure you're not carrying waiver-wire worthy guys while letting rosterable players wading in the free-agent pool. And in the meantime, make sure to catch some Olympic hockey action, and may your stars all emerge unhurt from the competition.

Top 200 Fantasy Hockey rankings

Sean Allen, Tim Kavanagh and Victoria Matiash are fantasy hockey analysts for ESPN.com.