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Each standard league consists of 10 teams. The teams are divided into two equal divisions -- Division 1 and Division 2. Because leagues must have all team spots filled to be drafted, autopick groups with fewer than the required number of teams are combined with other incomplete preseason leagues at some point before the beginning of the season. Leagues made up from more than one preseason league do not retain a group name as a league name -- they are instead given a numerical designation -- which can then be changed using the League Referenda (see below).

League Referenda
The league members have the ability to customize certain parameters of their league. League members may vote on:

1) League Name (Majority vote required for change)
2) Disable Waivers (Unanimous vote required)
3) Disable Trade Reviews (Unanimous vote required)

League Index (Premium Leagues Only)
The league index is used to equate teams in different leagues. To do this, leagues are graded and a score is given to each. This score is used as a multiplier to adjust a team's points. Teams that are in more competitive leagues will tend to have their points adjusted upwards.