The Vicky Files: An Introduction

Welcome to "The Vicky Files". This is your forum to have specific fantasy hockey questions and queries addressed personally. I am the "Vicky" element. You write to me and I will tackle your concerns, one on one, here. It's very straightforward. Consider this the on-line "Dr. Phil Show" of the fantasy hockey world. Without the box of tissues and piteous feelings of low self-esteem.

Now, you may be asking "who exactly is this woman and why does she think she can give me advice?" A fair question. First off, my professional background is in the media; I've reported on sports in television, radio and print. I currently anchor news/sports and co-host a radio program in Ontario, Canada. Secondly, some of you might remember me from the now defunct talentedmrroto.com where I did exactly what I intend to do again: give out (hopefully) good fantasy hockey guidance. If you're still not convinced, consider the following:

I know and love hockey. I played the game, but that's only part of it. Watching television was severely restricted in my household growing up. My brother and I were allowed to watch news/current events programs, documentaries and sports (and for some reason, "Wheel of Fortune", but that's nor here nor there). Sitcoms and dramas were taboo. So, from a young age, I watched a lot of hockey. A lot. This developed into a life-long love affair and obsession with the fantasy aspect of the game. I have an active social life during spring and summer, but from October to April, box scores are my best buddies. My family and friends have come to accept that.

I hate being wrong. Everyone does, but it really irritates me. One judgment gaffe can result in a very cranky week. So, I do everything possible to avoid making an incorrect assessment. This involves a great deal of research and analysis. It takes time, but I enjoy it. You probably have a busy life, why spend hours on a single fantasy dilemma? Let me do the leg work for you.

You can ignore me. There is no obligation whatsoever to take any of the council I dole out. And I'll never know anyway, so my feelings will be spared. No one gets hurt.

Off we go then. The season is just underway and there's plenty to tackle. No question is too simple or too complex; too specific or too broad. I look forward to hearing from you.

Victoria Matiash is a fantasy hockey analyst for ESPN.com. You can send her Email for potential use in "The Vicky Files" by clicking here.