Martinsville pre-race crew chief notes

Kevin "Bono" Manion - crew chief Martin Truex Jr. - Really loose in qualifying as they spent most of the time in race trim so when they made changes for qualifying that messed them up more than they thought it would. He said they've always struggled here although the had sixth best average speed in the second practice.

Tony Gibson - crew chief Aric Almirola - thinks they are in pretty good shape and as good as they were in Bristol..He said the goal was a top-20, but car is better than that and he thinks Almirola will finish better than that. Said car wasn't great but had top-10 potential. Gibson also told me its an ex-Dale Jr. that led a bunch of laps up here with.

Donny Wingo - crew chief Juan Pablo Montoya - qualifying wasn't that great but car in race trim is good and average speed times were very consistent and Wingo says this track fits Montoya styles the way you have to straight brake and roll through the corners much like a road race with only left hand turns. Wingo said he would go off sequence with his pit stops to get track position. He said the cars that impressed him were the 24, 11, and 48. Among his teammates said the 41 of Sorenson was in okay shape.

Steve Addington - crew chief - Kyle Busch - His first words "We are junk." Car in qualifying was loose, loose, loose. Kyle told him he doesn't run all that well by himself but will run better when he gets around cars in the race because that helps him set his rhythm. He said teammates 20-11 were about the same and could run top-five where he thought they were more like top-10..He said Hamlin wasn't all that happy with his car but was still fast. Tony was pretty happy. Addington figures the top cars are 48, 24, 26...they impressed him.

Greg Biffle - Driver - #16 Ford: Biffle will have to start from the back after the team changed engines. Biffle says they've been having problems with the shift linkage and he missed a gear and over-revved the motor causing damage. Greg feels like he has a 10th to 15th car and has a car that can make is at least that far from the rear of the field. Says his teammates are good…David Ragan could surprise and that he's making better decisions.

Larry Carter - Crew Chief - Jamie McMurray: Carter thinks they have a top-10 car, perhaps better. Says McMurray is happy with the car … no major complaints. Says David Ragan is the strongest Roush car going into Sunday with McMurray, Edwards, Biffle and Kenseth. He joked that Kenseth is the worst Roush car but probably will wind up finishing top five as Carter says Kenseth could race a unicycle around here and run top-five. Says Edwards was complaining about his cars' handling, as they couldn't get it dialed in they way Carl wanted.