Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Thursday, May 1
Updated: May 19, 12:01 PM ET

Ichiro vs. Matsui
Ichiro and Matsui's arrival to the major leagues has been electric.
First, it was Hideo Nomo with the Dodgers. Then Ichiro Suzuki became a hit with the Mariners. Now baseball is going crazy over Hideki Matsui, the New York Yankees' newest slugger. And as Ichiro did in Seattle two years ago, Godzilla has become the center of attention in Gotham.

  • Gwynn: The book on Matsui | Rovell: Godzilla will be a monster on Madison Ave.
  • Liang: Asian athletes still struggling for acceptance | Lapchick: Just do it!

    Football's Dominican Republic
    Junior Seau Never mind the gridiron boasts of Texans and Floridians, America's most fertile football country is the tiny island of American Samoa. From Junior Seau to Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala, the NFL's roots reach to the South Pacific island more than 4,500 miles from the U.S. mainland.
  • Feldman: Where football really is a religion | Garber: They might be giants

    A look back at features on prominent Asian athletes
    Garber: Will Tiger ever show his stripes?
    Woods has mastered being all things to most people, but makes no attempt to be all things to any one people.
    Wiley: Tiger's many stripes
    He calls himself Cablinasian, but what ethnic groups claim Tiger Woods? Page 2's Ralph Wiley explains why we all feel connected to this inclusionary force.
    Stein: Yao's tall order
    If Yao Ming becomes a franchise player, he'd be the first to do so standing 7-foot-4 or taller.
    Caple: A sleeping beauty?
    Former closer Byung-Hyun Kim is well-rested and ready for his move to Arizona's starting rotation.
    Kim: History in the waiting
    Wendell Kim and Lenn Sakata await the day an Asian American is named a major-league manager.
    Rovell: The perfect roster demographic
    It's perhaps more than coincidence that so many Asian players are landing with teams with large Asian American populations.
    Caple: Coming to America -- and an arena near you
    Asia is the next frontier for scouts of American professional sports teams.
    Rovell: Land of the rising revenue stream
    Major League Baseball is cashing in overseas on the explosion of Asian players in the United States.
    Off Base: Culture shock
    Japanese players slowly adapt to an American lifestyle and the English language.
    Murphy: A salute to Japan's rising sons
    Page 2's Brian Murphy loves Japanese athletes making it big in the States, but he has a beef with one Japanese-inspired NBA superstar.
    Ratto: Follow the bouncing balls
    Wondering which lottery team will wind up with Yao Ming? Remember Patrick Ewing and 1985.
    ESPN The Magazine: Save It!
    He gave up three crushing homers in the Series. But Byung-Hyun Kim doesn't want your sympathy.
    Despite awards haul, Ichiro looks to get better
    About the only baseball trophy Ichiro didn't get was a bat with the word "Wonderboy" burned into the barrel.
    Salisbury: Seau deserves better
    The Chargers are making a bad decision about parting ways with Junior Seau, their best and most popular player.

    Tiger Woods Since showing off his golf swing on "The Tonight Show" at the age of 5, Tiger Woods has awed golf fans with his peerless game.

    Michelle Kwan Six national titles. Four world championships. Some 30 perfect sixes. Zero Olympic gold medals. Still, Michelle Kwan remains among history's most successful figure skaters.

    Kristy Yamaguchi After winning a gold medal at Albertville and later a world championship, Kristy Yamaguchi had accomplished enough as an amateur and decided to turn pro.

    Apolo Anton Ohno He won gold in the Olympics, but speedskater Anton Apolo Ohno first won fame after falling in the 1,000-meter.

    Greg Louganis He won five Olympic gold medals and became the first platform diver to register 700 points, but it was Greg Louganis' confession that he was HIV-positive that shocked the sports world.

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