Tuesday, February 25
Nike basketball shoes found drifting in Pacific

Associated Press

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- It's not exactly a message in a bottle.

But residents of the Alaska coast could luck out with brand new Nikes floating their way.

Some 33,000 basketball shoes have spilled from a container ship off Northern California. They're drifting through the Pacific Ocean toward Alaska.

But finding a pair could be a problem.

An oceanographer who tracks flotsam says Nike forgot to tie the laces together. He says a beachcomber told him about the spill after finding two new shoes washed up on the Washington coast last month. They were sizes 10½ and 8½. Both were lefts.

The shoes have apparently been bobbing around since December, when they toppled off cargo ship on its way from Los Angeles to Tacoma, Washington.

A Nike spokesman says people who find soggy sneakers can mail them to the company for recycling.

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