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Day Three notebook
Great Outdoor Games Day Three notebook

Day Two notebook
Great Outdoor Games Day Two notebook

Day One notebook
Great Outdoor Games Day One notebook

Collins achieves unusual archery double
Darren Collins has achieved what might be called an archery polar opposite achievement in the last three months. In May, Collins killed a polar bear with his bow. In near 100-degree heat Friday, Collins earned a gold medal in the Great Outdoors Games.

Swinging for an upset
The past two years Dion Lane has been a part of an upset in the Men's Endurance. Last year, he upset Jason Wynyard, the perennial favorite. This year, it was Lane who was knocked out by Arden Cogar Jr., who has never finished higher than fifth place.

Sullivan's hot, saws to gold
With the temperature surpassing the 100-degree mark, men and their machines were put to the ultimate test at the ESPN Great Outdoor Games Timber Sports Hot Saw event on Thursday at Rancho San Rafael Park.

Top dogs ready for Agility events
In the world of agility dogs the debate over which breed is the top performer is akin to NASCAR fans squabbling over the performance contrasts between Ford and Chevy. In either case, the debate rages on.

Echo wins Super Weave gold
It's probably appropriate the large dog Super Weave gold medal winner at the 2003 ESPN Great Outdoor Games is named Echo. After Friday's performance at Reno's Rancho San Rafael Park, people will be repeating her name.

Bolstad takes Springboard
By the time Dave Bolstad was preparing to take on Dale Ryan in the ESPN Great Outdoor Games Springboard finals, he was receiving advice from all corners. Not just from the crowd, hollering the requisite "Go, Dave!" but from fellow springboarder Matt Gurr.

McFarland casts to first
It's been a shocking few days for fly fisherman Mike McFarland. The first jolt came when McFarland took his first flight ever enroute to the Games. The second jolt came when he was announced as the top finisher in the fly casting competition.

Bass practice: Casting for potential gold
Beginning Friday, the bass in northern California's Folsom Lake will be unsuspectingly worth their weight in gold to 10 of the sport's top anglers who will cast for precious Bass Fishing metal.

The boards behind Springboard
To achieve board greatness, Springboard competitors have boards made of a light, inflexible wood such as poplar, basswood or aspen. The whole rig looks awful funny — and yet, itís critical equipment.

Riggs, Sides stage golden shotgun opener
The beast beat the beauty in the opening round of the shotgun competition Thursday night. In a match worthy of the gold medal round, 38-year-old Tre Sides edged 18-year-old Jamie Riggs in a third tiebreaker round to advance to Friday's quarterfinals.

Retrievers: Boomer captures Games' first gold
Boomer, a 4-year-old black Labrador retriever, captured the first gold medal of the 2003 Games as he and his handler, Chris Akin of Jonesboro, Ark., finished with 34 points, handily beating three other dogs, including the past two gold medallists.

Arden Cogar: Felled by a chip
In the world of lumberjacks, chips happen. Whether in a pile of sawdust or flying from an ax-hammered log, chips fly and land in all sorts of places. At least one of those has made a major mark on the timber competitions in the last year.

Surprise in Women's Endurance
Almost as significant as who will be in Friday's finals of the Women's Endurance is who won't be in the finals. Sheree Taylor, the two-time gold medallist from New Zealand, made a stunning exit.

Young Boomer explodes to take gold medal
The Arkansas pair of Boomer and Chris Aiken made their mark in the retriever world on Wednesday claiming the first gold medal of the 2003 ESPN Great Outdoor Games presented by Dodge.

Athletes hope to beat the heat and win gold
It was 96 scorching degrees Wednesday afternoon when New Zealander Sheree Taylor checked in for her athlete credential on the eve of the fourth annual ESPN Great Outdoor Games.

Windy start to Retriever Trials
Dana Giovanello of Cabot, Ark. and his 6-year-old yellow lab Windy turned in the top performance in the opening round of the Retriever Trials.

Reality TV: Who wants
to marry a Log Roller?

As many as two dozen couples a day tie the knot at the Heart of Reno Wedding Chapel in downtown Reno. On Wednesday evening, Travis and Lori Wells emerged from the chapel as newlyweds, three days before the groom was to make his fourth Games appearance.

Reno buzzing with anticipation
From fishing and hunting stores to chain saw service shops and its downtown hotel-casinos, Reno, Nevada is starting to buzz with anticipation about the ESPN Great Outdoor Games. The games run July 10-13 at Reno's Rancho San Rafael Park and feature comp

An annual gathering of wild, competitive athletes
The games don't lack hardcore elements, not when competitors fire shotguns and arrows, and chainsaws assembled from guts of motocross bikes rage through pine logs. Even the Big Air dogs, in moments of faltering cuteness, will snarl at each other, their

Shotgun format, Purser return as winners
There were two winners last year in the Shotgun competition. Robby Purser from Macon, Ga., won the gold medal. A new format — both easier for spectators to understand and more fun for competitors — also was declared a winner.

Salzman rolls with the punches
Right about now, J.R. Salzman is probably running himself raw in the highest altitudes he can find in the northern nub of Idaho.He's there with his sister, fellow logroller Tina Bosworth, hoping to simulate Reno's 6,000-foot elevation.

A Windy day at Retriever quarterfinals
Dana Giovanello of Cabot, Ark., watched his 6-year-old yellow Labrador, Windy, complete the best run in the history of the Great Outdoor Games

Little Morgan's got a big appetite for winning
Maybe there should be an asterisk next to Little Morgan's name. The black Labrador is the defending Big Air gold medalist in the ESPN Great Outdoor Games, holds the world record in the competition and he's on the ballot to possibly win an ESPY.

Shotgunner Riggs aims high
Two years ago Jamie Riggs convinced her mother to let her participate in a Quail Unlimited Youth Camp held near her home of Nashville, Tenn. Without knowing it at the time, the fateful event put her on the fast track to the upcoming Great Outdoor Games.

A river runs through Reno
The image of an angler in sage green waders casting to a rising trout just outside the glow of the neon lights of the Silver Legacy Casino may seem out of place to the uninitiated, but in Reno it's not inconceivable or even surprising.

Sparks Big Air qualifier: Ward and Xena win
Pryor Lake, Minn.'s Zane Ward and his dog Xena took first place in the ESPN Big Air Classic presented by Charter Communications at Sparks Marina with a 23 foot 6 inch jump in the finals.

Handicapping the Bass teams
This year's Bass Fishing event takes on somewhat of a gridiron flair when it begins as a team competition.

Gautreaux earns archery berth
Wade Gautreaux of Waynesville, Ohio, showed that his appearance in last year's ESPN Great Outdoor Games was no fluke when he won the "Eliminator Qualifier" tournament June 13-15 at McKean, Pa.

Fly Fishing preview
Mother Nature finally smiled on the competitors in the 2003 Fly Fishing competition. After an alarmingly dry winter in the northern Sierra Nevada range, the Reno/Tahoe area soaked up several inches of new snow in April.

Klein digs for bass gold
Last November when he scouted Folsom Lake, site of the Bass Fishing competition at the ESPN Great Outdoor Games , Gary Klein never caught a bass any shallower than 48 feet. Here's how the one-time local sees the competition unfolding.

Bishop sets archery record
Donald Bishop of Arden, N.C., gave notice that he belongs among the nation's top archers when he won the "Eliminator Qualifier" tournament April 4-6 at Oak Ridge, Tenn., securing his spot in this summer's Games in Reno-Tahoe.

BASS pros get a warm-up before the Classic
A star-studded field of bass pros will gather in Reno July 10-13 for the fourth annual ESPN Great Outdoor Games fishing competition.

Bass preview: Folsom Lake
Folsom Lake, the site of the July 10-13 Great Outdoor Games Bass Fishing competition, is a little bit like the sprawling all-you-can eat buffets decorating the neon-soaked casinos of Reno/Tahoe: there's a little something for everyone.

Morgan dominates Big Air
Mike Jackson didn't say it, but we think he and Little Morgan may have had a score to settle at Oak Ridge Kennels. The Big Air world-record holder has won four major jumping events since competing last year, adding his third straight title this weekend.

Minn. SRS final: Jinx takes toll
It took three days, but the top-seed jinx of the Super Retriever Series finally took its toll. As a matter of fact, it turned things totally around. Derek Randle and Stella of Prairie Grove, Ark., won the event after starting the day in last place.

Day 3: Defying history at SRS
In Super Retriever Series lore, getting the number one seed has been the kiss of death. In almost every event this season, the number one seed has quickly fallen from their throne. That's a fact that J. Paul Jackson hasn't forgotten.

Day 3: A who's who of Big Air
Little Morgan and Mike Jackson may have turned in their worst performance ever. But even at their worst, the duo are still leading the competition in the Big Air portion of the Super Retriever Series at Oak Ridge Kennels.

SRS notebook Day Three
All the best news, notes and gossip from the Retriever Trials and Big Air events of Day Three's Super Retriever Series in Minnesota

A conversation with the Godfather of Big Air
Whether or not you are a "dog person," the sight of a canine hurling itself off the end of a dock and through the air for a leap of 20 feet or more is something you'll likely stop and watch.

Day 2: Tough choices in SRS
The outcome of every retriever trial boils down to a choice. Some choices are obvious like the timing of a whistle on a critical retrieve. Other choices are not so obvious like, well, the timing of a whistle on a critical retrieve.

Day 2: SRS notebook
All the news, notes and gossip from behind-the-scenes of Day Two's Minnesota Super Retriever Series

Minn. Super Retriever Series
There is no home-field advantage in Minnesota, at least not yet. After the opening round of the Super Retriever Series at Oak Ridge Kennels, there is a decided southern slant to the top dogs in the competition.

Arkansas Super Retriever Series wrap-up
Chris Akin and Boomer obviously have a connection. All week long organizers of the Super Retriever Series have said that the courses set up in this contest are supposed to test the bond between handler and retriever.

Arkasas Super Retriever Series Big Air wrap-up
Mike Jackson and Little Morgan didn't surprise anybody by winning the Big Air event in the Super Retriever Series.

Funky flows, finicky trout for Fly Fish competition
Throw the element of a "home field" advantage out the window at this summer's GOG Fly Fishing competition.

The Great Outdoor Games qualify 3 more flyanglers
Three more qualify for Truckee River competition

Eastern Fly Fishing qualifier sends three to Games
Three more qualify for Truckee River competition

Grigsby looking for more "Providence" in '03
Angler hopes to parlay '02 Games win into '03 success.

McMurray and Pepper train to 'retrieve' gold in 2003
The Little Rock, Ark., duo won the bronze in 2002. Now they want to improve on the color of the medal.

Super Retriever Series: The dog days of fall
Fangsrud and Ninja... quite a pair.

Stihl TimberSports Championship wrap-up
Wynyard takes the title… but not the way he anticipated

Stihl TimberSport Series, Oshkosh wrap-up
Jason Wynyard is back on top of the lumberjack world

Ritz wins Missoula Super Retriever Series
You can hardly count the ways to characterize the ending of the Super Retriever Series.

Daisy June wins Missoula Big Air qualifier
If Will Gutman knew what he was starting when he began throwing sticks off the dock behind his cabin, he might have insisted on a bigger dock.

Super Retriever Series: The human factor
The bond between dog and handler supercedes the training of the retriever and the ability of the handler.

Hayword Lumberjack World Championships wrap-up
Great Outdoor Games medalists continue their domination