Ken Duke's thrilling par

June, 13, 2014

PINEHURST, N.C. -- Hello, SportsCenter? Ken Duke has a Top 10 for you.

It happened on the par-3, 169-yard ninth hole. A man from Hope -- no, not Bill Clinton, but Hope, Arkansas' Duke -- landed his iron shot in the worst possible place: at the base of a lone, thick tuft of native grass located just next to a green side bunker. You could hit 10,000 shots and not land it there on purpose.

Duke, a sectional qualifier, scowled at the ball and his misfortune. My guess: He wasn't a big fan of native-area grasses at the moment.

He could have taken an unplayable and a penalty stroke. Instead, he decided to stab the ball out of the grass and into the bunker with the toe of his putter. Now he was lying two.

The 45-year-old Duke, who has missed the cut in two of the three U.S. Opens he's played, then holed his sand shot for one of the great pars you'll ever see. He was so thrilled/annoyed that he high-fived with his caddie and then tossed his ball to the crowd.

At the moment, Duke is 2-under for the day, 3-over for the tournament.