Ivor Robson not easily duplicated

July, 17, 2014

If you've ever paid attention to the announcements of names at the first tee of the Open Championship, then you might know who Ivor Robson is.

Maybe not by name. But definitely by voice.

Robson hasn't worked all 143 Open Championships -- it just seems like it -- but his first tee announcements are as much a part of the tournament as unpredictable weather and the Claret Jug. He's instantly recognizable by his unmistakable voice -- clear as a bell, but light. Distinct without being loud. A gentleman's voice for a gentleman's game. 

So ESPN.com golf analyst Michael Collins wondered: What if Robson, who is working his 40th Open Championship, was unable to make his famed starting announcements? And what if the golfers had to actually be Ivor Robson?

Watch and learn just how difficult it can be -- and how hard it will be to ever replace Robson.