Which PGA Tour event would you recommend?

April, 28, 2008
I received the following e-mail from reader Chris Stewart a few weeks back, just before the Masters:

    I'm thinking of dragging my girlfriend to a PGA Tour event this summer. We can pretty much travel anywhere. I'm just wondering if you have any suggestions on which events might be the most fun, taking into consideration location (things to do outside the course), fun galleries, good field, cool courses and ease of gaining access. Obviously, we won't be trying to go to Augusta, and I'm guessing the U.S. Open is a pretty tough ticket. We're 29 and don't have kids, if that helps.

First things first: Cool girlfriend. If she's actually into the idea of traveling to a random locale to watch golf for a week, hang onto her. She's a keeper. If you really are "dragging" her, well, uh, good luck with that.

That said, here was my official answer to Chris:

    They're both coming up fairly soon, but the Wachovia and Players are both pretty fun events with fantastic fields and in pretty cool locations with lots of other stuff going on. If you wanted something later in the summer, check out the AT&T National. You know Tiger will be there, it's on a world-class course and there are plenty of other things going on in D.C. The Buick Open gets great galleries, but there's not much to do in Flint, Mich. [I've been there, folks; you can't convince me otherwise.] Might want to check out the Deutsche Bank, which is later in the summer and (even though they play at TPC Boston) isn't really very close to Boston, but has a great field and is a pretty fun tourney to watch. And if you're willing to wait for mid-September, try the Tour Championship. East Lake GC is one of my favorite courses on tour and since it's the FedEx Cup finale, maybe you can get Tim Finchem's autograph or something.

Now, if we open this up to all PGA Tour events and not just those which have yet to be played this season, I may have to amend my response. It's not an easy event to get to, and if you're heading to Maui there may be other priorities than attending a golf tournament, but the Mercedes-Benz Championship offers fans a chance to get up close and personal with some of the world's best -- both on the course (head out past the holes near the clubhouse and you won't see many others) and off (it's tough to eat a nice dinner in town that week without having a few players seated nearby). To a lesser extent, same goes for the Sony Open. Hey, it's still Hawaii.

OK, your turn. Whether it's your hometown event, a tourney you annually attend or one you've always wanted to see, click here and let your fellow fans know which PGA Tour event you would recommend to Chris or anyone else. I'll post the best responses here in the blog later this week.

One hint: Be creative. Sure, everyone wants to attend the Masters, but a solid argument in favor of the John Deere Classic or Wyndham Championship will go a long way toward getting posted. Can't wait to see the answers …



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