Players and caddies and wives, oh my

August, 29, 2011

Every Tuesday and Friday,'s Michael Collins (@ESPNCaddie) will dive into the vast world of golf on Twitter. Covering players, caddies, wives and more, he'll share his take on the best of the best.

The Wives ...

Don't think for a second that married women don't check out guys, too!

Jimmy Walker's wife, Erin, got word of the Bethany College men's golf team going "Fully Monty."

@tourwifetravels Erin Walker: Those are some wicked tan lines! RT: A college golf team is suspended for three tournaments after posing nude for a calendar.

If you're not following Aaron Baddeley's wife, Richelle, you're missing out on some serious entertainment. After escaping the hurricane and flying to her favorite town of Chicago to wait it out, apparently Mommy has more energy than Daddy.

@shellbadds: Walkin downtown Enjoyin the beautiful Chicago weather The hubby @AaronBadds just said hes tired "I'm not a night owl like u" it's 720 people

The Mahan's and the Rollins' hunkered down and rode out Irene together in New Jersey. But Kandi and Heather might not have been as nervous as most.

@KandiMahan: Check out our supplies for the hurricane :):) @HeatherDRollins @John_Rollins @HunterMahan

The Caddies ...

Ian Poulter -- who started a firestorm when it appeared he was tweeting on the golf course during the first round of the Barclays -- has a buddy who might not be the brightest lightbulb in the pack, and caddie Terry Mundy called him out.

@terrymundy: Speaking of numpty's, @jamesdunkley3 asked if the race to Dubai was in Spain :-) ??

Proof that our travel isn't as glamorous as most people think, here's Heath Slocum's caddie, D.J., on choosing the wrong airline to fly home on.

@djnelson2: American airlines. Philly to Dfw direct. Southwest Philly to Nash to Birmingham to Dallas. And you cannot get off plane at stops. Awesome!!

@djnelson2: American airlines. 70 lb. for golf clubs. Southwest 50 lbs. I was 4 lbs over. Fifty bucks. Awesome!!!

Live and learn my friend!

You think caddies get rich doing this job? Here's one of my favorite guys out here, caddying for Boo Weekly on the Nationwide Tour last week just outside Knoxville, Tenn.

@KipHenley: Tuff tour, Nationwide. Cuts r harder to make out here and if u play bad after the cut there is only 1 digit left of the comma. Caddies starving

@KipHenley: If Boo does not light it up on the weekend, I stand to make somewhere between 80 and a 100 bucks percentages this week. Ouchy out here.

Boo did not have a good day on Sunday, finished tied for 32nd and made $3,000; that means poor (and I mean that in the $ sense of the word) Kip probably made a $180 commission.

The Players ...

In the "see what happens when you try to be nice" category, Paul Stankowski wished Lee Janzen a happy birthday but threw a little jab. He got hit back with an uppercut!

@PaulStankowski: Hey kid! Zip it! LOL! RT @CGF_Vanny: "@PaulStankowski: Happy Birthday @LeeJanzen. U getting old!"isnt this the pot calling the kettle black?

The PGA Tour hates having to compete with the NFL, but even tour players are getting geared up for the season, such as Arron Oberholser.

@ArronOberholser: I know it's only preseason, but my niners are showing midseason form in the chase for Andrew Luck. Great job guys, keep it up! #suckforluck

Maybe you should stay focused on golf for a while, dude! LOL.

Robert Garrigus, like many other players, went home on Saturday and is staying away from the Deutsche Bank Championship for a while, but he was the only one to wonder out loud about it in two tweets …

@robertgarrigus: Anyone have any word on how tpc of Boston is doing?

@robertgarrigus: Me and my 28 inch putter spent a week away and now are back together again looking forward to the tpc Boston hopefully it's not under water!

Let the children's putter jokes return, too!

The Medal Stand

Bronze: From Monday to Thursday last week, the tour was adamant about getting 72 holes of golf in at the Barclays. The commish even told the players at a meeting that he'd rather stay until Tuesday than get in only 54, and they were not taking suggestions from anyone. Then Luke Donald's wife, Diane, rocked this tweet and it might have hit home.

@DianeDonald: I'm assuming the @PGATOUR will tell us if we need to evacuate. I'm hoping this isn't 1 of those "makes an ass out of u and me"

Now there are two women the tour won't try to bully. Irene is gone, but Diane is gonna be around for a bit. PGA Tour suits … don't mess with a pregnant woman. You'll get hurt.

Silver: I love it when a player sticks up for not only his caddie, but all caddies. When a tour wife does it (the music starts here) … a medal. Pat Perez's wife, Athena, answered a tweet with authority and stopped a rumor in its tracks.

@AthenaPerez12: Where'd you hear that?? That. Is. BULL****. RT @AugustaGolfGirl: So I'm hearing that ALL caddies are drunks? I disagree, am I wrong? Thoughts? #Golf #Honesty

Gold: I thought it was over. I thought he would stop or his man crush would subside, but to my absolute delight, Andres Gonzales just couldn't hold it in any longer.

The man has been trying to get a response from Tiger through Twitter since he made it through Q-school last fall and hasn't gotten one response from Woods all year. He just won't stop trying!

The golfer who looks like Kenny Powers tweeted.

@Andres_Gonzales: @TigerWoods I am sitting with friends talking over a glass of wine and the only thing in my mind is, "why won't you answer me?"

@Andres_Gonzales: @TigerWoods you like Qdoba? I have a burrito in my pocket.

Keep trying, bro. If I have to kidnap you both and lock y'all in a room together …

But I am so scared you'll be disappointed now that you've built up this thing in your head. Still, if it's gonna happen, I wanna be there with my camera!

Honorable Mention: Kelly Kraft (@kkraft11) started the week with about 200 Twitter followers. But a win at the U.S. Amateur on Sunday, a shout-out from @RickieFowlerPGA, and a really pretty girlfriend …

The kid's got it, all right. Big question now, go to Q-school and give up trips to Augusta, U.S. Open and British Open?

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