Tweeters show their true (college) colors

September, 6, 2011

Every Tuesday and Friday,'s Michael Collins (@ESPNCaddie) will dive into the vast world of golf on Twitter. Covering players, caddies, wives and more, he'll share his take on the best of the best.

The PGA Tour playoffs push to Chicago! You'd think that'd be the big focus this week, but with the start of college football season and Twitter, we know exactly where most people's minds are.

Jimmy Walker's wife, Erin, cracked me up with these two.

@tourwifetravels (Erin Walker): What exactly is a "game day consultant"?! #JimTressel

And ...

Holy big scoring game batman ... @JimmyWalkerPGA's Baylor Bears lead TCU 27/23 with 6 minutes the 2nd! #BeacuseILoveMyHubbyGoBears

Bubba Watson's wife, Angie, had these:

@angieb1433 (Angie Watson): Common UGA!!!! Game day!!!

I have bet going with @bubbawatson tonight Can I stay awake for the entire Georgia/BSU game???

Robert Garrigus' caddie laid down a threat.

@BRENTHENLEY (Brent Henley): After watching tonight if the SEC does not win another National Championship this year, I will make @KipHenley mow his yard naked.

To which Scott Gutschewski's caddie said what we're all thinking!

@NV_Caddie_Todd (Todd Montoya): @BRENTHENLEY @KipHenley Kipper's neighbors are rooting hard for the SEC now.

Even the guy who owned the 54-hole lead at the Deutsche Bank Championship was thinking football.

@bubbawatson (Bubba Watson): Golf is over for the day, now its time to workout. Then watch football all night!!! #GoDawgs

But there were some golf tweets out there, too.

@stewartcink (Stewart Cink): Well a third straight missed cut means my 2011 FedEx Cup season is in the books. Now I think I'll burn that book.

This one from CBS broadcaster and swing coach Peter Kostis makes you think more tweaking may be needed.

@peterjkostis (Peter Kostis): The tour cut is 70 for 144 & 156 man fields. Not sure why the cut is still 70 and ties with only 99 players in the field

Another convert to the long putter?

@Theprincedc (Darren Clarke): Think I need to find a belly putter lying around the locker room!!! :)

Dude ... you just won a major. Go sit in the corner, you are in timeout!

@erictmeller (Eric Thomas Meller): Enough said

The Medal Stand

Bronze -- Australian golfer Nick Flanagan, who is playing on the Nationwide Tour this year, got stranded at the Pittsburgh airport because of weather but kept his good wits about him.

@4flanagan (Nick Flanagan): If you don't have fun, nobody will miss you.

I asked him where he heard such a brilliant saying, thinking he had to have read it somewhere. His response:

@ESPNCaddie a guy about 70 years old wearing aviator sunglasses said it to me on a southwest flight to Baltimore! #epic!

Silver -- Bubba Watson, Richelle Baddeley and Stacy Hoffman -- This is the first conversation to make the medal stand.

@bubbawatson (bubba watson): Which one is the real Charley Hoffman & the other a painting?? #bestphotoever

@shellbadds (Richelle Baddeley): @bubbawatson: Which one is the real Charley Hoffman & the other a painting? #bestphotoever" u sure?

@stacymhoffman (Stacy Hoffman): @shellbadds omg this is so going in our bedroom-can't wait!

Call it what you want -- cool, creepy, kinky (is it just me or does Charley look a bit like Gary Busey?). Whatever, that's just funny!!

Stacy later told me she was gonna send it to me. I told her I'd inform Homeland Security if she did!

Gold -- I might not agree with some of the stuff he says on TV, but it's hard to argue this week's gold-medal tweet from the former Ryder Cup captain!

@PaulAzinger (Paul Azinger): Here's a test: Who loves you more, Dog or Wife/Husband? Put both in car trunk for 1 hour. Let them out. Who's happier to see you?

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