Tweets of the week: BMW and boxing

September, 20, 2011

Every Tuesday and Friday,'s Michael Collins (@ESPNCaddie) will dive into the vast world of golf on Twitter. Covering players, caddies, wives and more, he'll share his take on the best of the best.

Welcome back ...

Great week at the @Boise_Open. Led the field in birdies. But also made the most bogies. #shakingofftherust.Mon Sep 19 00:13:15 via Twitter for iPhone

Led the field in birdies? That's not rust, you just need a quick wash and rinse.

If you are thinking about going to eat with the Cinks ...

When @lisacink says "Let's split a salad," she's not kidding! Sep 18 17:57:13 via Echofon

And now the pizza! @lisacink so territorial with her lunch!! Sep 18 18:04:20 via Echofon

Put your fingers near her half ... "You walk over, but you limp back!" You know what? I'll just order another one and you go ahead and take this one.

Biggest Weakling of the Week ...

Look who was hanging out in our H2O meter box today! Holy cow I'm glad I wasn't home #mywifeiswaymoretoughthanme Sep 18 03:29:18 via Twitter for iPhone

They're just baby rattlesnakes, there's no water in the water meter box, and you're glad you're not home?! I'm gonna need you to turn in your man card please. Thank you!

A lot of the tweets this past weekend were about the Floyd Mayweather Jr. versus Victor Ortiz fight Saturday night and it started with world No. 1 ...

Think it will be a defensive fight, Mayweather to win on points, that's my prediction. Would love to see Ortiz win though.Sun Sep 18 00:21:54 via Twittelator

And who knew his pregnant wife was watching, too ...

Real classy Floyd! Sheesh!!!!Sun Sep 18 04:14:27 via Twitter for iPhone

This keeps getting better and better! Nice post round interview Floyd!Sun Sep 18 04:18:59 via Twitter for iPhone

Larry Merchant getting a lot of love, too ...

Larry merchant to Floyd Mayweather. 'if I was 50 years younger I'd kick your ass' Larry you are my hero!Sun Sep 18 04:22:52 via Twittelator

Larry Merchant is awesome.Sun Sep 18 04:35:48 via TweetDeck

We need a Pacquio Maywether fight so this clown can finally get beat. Head butt was cheap but didn't end the fight. Merchant was brilliant.Sun Sep 18 04:44:23 via Twitter for Android

Larry Merchant gave the punk Mayweather the lack of respect he was due. Its tough to not out grow your pants if u r famous I guess.Sun Sep 18 13:49:57 via web

From the BMW Championship: Love, hate and hot dogs ...

Driver hunting officially begins tomorrow! Playing adventure golf is no fun!Sun Sep 18 20:18:27 via Twitter for Android

Last time at CogHill for a while. Can't say I'll miss it. Miss Chicago n the culture, but not that Redo. #betterbeforeSun Sep 18 19:44:53 via Twitter for iPhone

Good Riddance Cog Hill. Bye Wind and Cold and Rain. Played great again today but nothing doing on the greens. Led the field in Greens Hit!Mon Sep 19 00:36:20 via TwitBird

My Chip in birdie on 16th was worth 100K. And I thought I pulled it on 18 and nearly fell to my knees in despair.Mon Sep 19 00:48:03 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

@JustinRose99 world cup partner team looking pretty good. Buzzing... Rest up big boy big week.Mon Sep 19 00:39:32 via Twittelator

It's getting to be crunch time! Maybe if I bring a friend?

Person that is in charge of @TigerWoods twitter, please let him know i am interested a practixe eound at thw frys!!!! @K_Kisner is in too!Sat Sep 17 06:00:12 via Twitter for Android

What are we talking 'bout here, man? Does A.I. even play golf? Cause he's always there for the game!

I'm taking credit for this, even though I have no business doing so ...

Thanks @SportsCenter for showing my hubby @JimmyWalkerPGA's sweet hole-out-for-eagle-from-fwy-bunker @BMWchamps as a top play this AM!!Sat Sep 17 13:32:14 via Twitter for iPhone

You're welcome!

You wanna know what a caddie really does?

My dream sun-tues.....course is empty pro am tomorrow. And my boss doesn't show up till 1 or 2 on tues. #workthatcourse!Sun Sep 18 23:39:40 via Twitter for Android

Todd is at the course (Country Club at Soboda Springs, Nationwide Tour Event) using his laser to make sure all the sprinkler heads match up with the yardage book numbers, and making notes on the breaks of the greens, before the boss gets there.

LPGA Tour has it's youngest winner! Shout out to Lexi Thompson. I guess that whole "America doesn't have any young women stars" thing was just blown out of the window by what ... 5 shots?

Wow to Lexi. What she just did is unreal. i think I was still peeing the bed when i was 16, I at least still had rubber sheets.Sun Sep 18 20:28:23 via web

And they are gonna make her ask for a special exemption to become a member? Gee, I wonder why they are having such a hard time getting people to care about women's golf?

Bronze: I love it when the truth comes out!

Ahh!!! One of my favorite past times.... Cruising Walmart at midnight. Getting supplies for a big cookout for the football games tomorrow.Sat Sep 17 03:58:21 via Twitter for iPhone

Kris is also known for traveling with his PS3, going to an unnamed store to buy a big flatscreen TV and returning it at the end of the week. Now that's smart thinking -- it doesn't matter if the hotel has a great TV or not -- and it didn't cost ya a dime!

Silver: This was NOT in the MasterCard commercial!

I have a 10 footer for birdie but might have to come back tomorrow to make it Sep 17 14:49:57 via Twitpic

The funny thing was, this was his previous tweet:

Guess I won't be playing the 17th today. Imagine this happened during TPC!!! Sep 17 14:43:50 via Twitpic

Just like the rest of us would've done, "I'll just hit this shot for the heck of it, you know ... cause I'm here and all."

Gold: Knowing your priorities ...

Before kids I watched 24 and prison break on tv and went to bed at midnight. Now I watch little Einstein and mickey mouse and go to bed at 8Sun Sep 18 23:43:46 via Twitter for iPhone

Just wait until you're in the car alone and still listening (and singing along) to the kids CD that was left in the player. Then you realize it, but at least wanna let the song finish before you turn it off. The slide to insanity begins, enjoy the ride!! LOL

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