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September, 27, 2011

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Ladies first...

Let's support Lexi Thompson's quest for her LPGA membership #letlexiplay. Come on people! Seriously?Sat Sep 24 18:47:16 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Solheim Cup...

Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea scheduling the Solheim Cup on Tour Championship weekend after all. #toughacttofollowSun Sep 25 17:05:07 via Twitter for Mac

The euro solheim team will win the party as well , #yankscantdrinkSun Sep 25 17:54:00 via Twittelator

I'm in my room with my face paint. #takingitoffSun Sep 25 13:18:17 via web

I think we need to start facepainting the players in the Ryder cup too!Sat Sep 24 14:56:55 via Twitter for iPhone

I saw more paint this week at the Solheim Cup then in the background of every College Gameday combined.

Congratulations to EURO golf chicks on EPIC win yesterday in #SolheimCup Here's the winners pic Sep 26 10:54:58 via Twitter for iPhone

The Tour Championship and The FedEx Cup Love and Disdain

Funny how all year long it's about points,points,points and today it's about $10,000,000...Sun Sep 25 20:59:07 via web

And starting today, points aren't what keep your tour card.

Forget Lexiafter enduring another Tour Champ. telecast all I can say is we need to #FreeSteveSands. RT to stop the white-board madness.Sat Sep 24 22:27:07 via web

You weren't confused were you?

2011 "It's Death By Accountancy" Cup Open Comment Thread: That description of the FedExCup came from John Paul N... Sep 25 16:44:28 via twitterfeed

Tim Finchem is happiest man in sports...until someone wins the FedEx CupSun Sep 25 22:31:24 via Echofon

I wish I knew exactly all the what ifs that were possible right now. #fedXSun Sep 25 21:39:58 via Twitterrific

Scene behind 18, where players sign their scorecards, media interview and #PGATOUR staff update #FedExCup projections. Sep 25 21:41:31 via HootSuite

That pic might sum it up, no one can watch golf cause there's so much number crunching being done. "Calling all hackers and computer programmers, there may be a job opening available in Ponte Vedra!"

Fans gasp after announcement that the @PlayoffFinale champ will win the FedExCup and $11.44M. Back to the tee they go: Sep 25 21:57:43 via HootSuite

No, fans gasped because they thought they had just figured out who won the FedEx Cup and realized they were wrong too!

Sometimes it takes a plain ol' caddie to put things in perfect simple words.

Now THIS is the ultimate playoff. $11.3 million. Yikes.Sun Sep 25 21:50:52 via Twitterrific

The Shot

OMG that was awesome Billy Billy Billy.Sun Sep 25 22:20:14 via Twittelator

Pretty sick shot by Bill right there!!Sun Sep 25 22:20:48 via Twitter for iPhone

If Bill Haas wins, that will definitely be shot of the year!!Sun Sep 25 22:21:40 via Twittelator

That up and down by Bill Haas was sick!Sun Sep 25 22:24:00 via TweetDeck

Short games dont matter if you hit better approach shots #billhaas=goodshortgameSun Sep 25 22:25:47 via Twitter for iPhone

The greatest, most memorable moments in sports happen when athletes are nervous! You want to be so nervous you can't spit!Sun Sep 25 22:13:08 via Twitterrific

This could be the best golf shot of the entire year!!! Sep 26 00:23:23 via TweetDeck

Is this truck I'm following taking the 11.4 million to Billy haas it would need to be that big. #TwitPict Sep 26 13:13:39 via TwitPict

Remember this...

Another prize that Bill Haas gets that doesn't seem important now: A 5-year exemption on the PGA Tour. Plus the $10 million, of courseSun Sep 25 23:29:32 via TweetDeck

Not saying, just saying.

A Scary Afterthought

So many mixed emotions, so many positives, but a few near misses as well. Still room for improvement #keepgettingbetterMon Sep 26 02:11:27 via Twittelator

Uuuhhh, you're already world No. 1. What are you trying to get to, No. 0?

Tiger Time

Joe LaCava is an outstanding caddie and I have known him since I was an amateur, really looking forward to having him on the bag.Mon Sep 26 00:55:22 via Twitter for iPhone

After Barclays win, Joe LaCava would have been crazy to leave Dustin Johnson for Tiger Woods. 10 less weeks on road was determining factor.Mon Sep 26 02:03:07 via Twitter for iPhone

If there wasn't so much else going on this past week this would've been my winner easy, as it is, I'm giving it Honorable Mention cause it still cracks me up every time I read it.

Note to self..If a fight breaks out in a room full of clowns.......Go for the Juggler.. #thanksnedSun Sep 25 17:11:56 via Twitter for iPad

Next time I go to the circus, guess who's gettin' taken out first? After I stop laughing remembering that line of course.

The Medal Stand
Bronze -- For not letting fame and money get to your head...

Just saw my aunt pat interviewed on the golf channel at the Solheim cup, while I was getting ready for the 3rd round of tour champ #coolSat Sep 24 14:42:39 via Twitter for iPhone

And knowing Keeg, he'll be the same way next year too.

Silver -- Hard to argue this logic...

Went to Yankees game the other day..Why do people sing " take me out to the ballgame" when they're already there? #doesn'tmakesenseSat Sep 24 00:05:55 via Twitter for iPad

Shouldn't everyone at home be singing it instead?

Gold -- As exciting as the FedEx Cup finale was, if this happened to one of the best golf writers out there...

The calculator is out ...Sun Sep 25 21:32:19 via TweetDeck

... and my computer is still smoking!

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