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November, 7, 2011

Every Tuesday and Friday, ESPN.com's Michael Collins (@ESPNCaddie) will dive into the vast world of golf on Twitter. Covering players, caddies, wives and more, he'll share his take on the best of the best.

And I thought Q-school was tough …

@aronpricePGA Aron Price
Golf in the AM tomorrow. Then getting married in the afternoon. If I don't shoot under par I'm not doing it. #pressure

Congrats to Mr. & Mrs Aron and Lucy Price … and a hot putter. Whew.

@aronpricePGA Aron Price
Wedding day in the books. Now back to normality. On the couch watching football and NASCAR. Thanks for all the kind words about the wedding

Uh, Aron, you might wanna help the new wife with the thank-you cards. You'll thank me in five years.

Now here's a man who's comfortable with his place

@Graeme_McDowell Graeme McDowell
Number One and Number Two in the world. Wozzilroy. #talent @McIlroyRory @CaroWozniacki imgly/aatz

And if they get married and have a baby, the kid will play only Wii and shatter both of their dreams.

Maybe you should watch "A League of Their Own" …

@Kstupples Karen Stupples
Watched my fav USA football movie tonight, Rudy, makes me cry every time!

There's no crying in golf! Unless you're Lee Janzen or Bubba Watson.

Finally! Some good ribbing from the American contingent …

@bubbawatson bubba watson
Is @RickieFowlerPGA working out in is Sunday outfit!! #swag ockerz.com/s/153501894

@bubbawatson bubba watson
Me & @RickieFowlerPGA working out together!! #swag ockerz.com/s/153502398

@RickieFowlerPGA Rickie Fowler
@bubbawatson haha I look p'd!! You got short and fat

@bubbawatson bubba watson
@RickieFowlerPGA I love you!!

@RickieFowlerPGA Rickie Fowler
@bubbawatson I love you sponge bob

We are really gonna need to work on it. Maybe Westwood, Poulter and McIlroy could give a class or two.

Not all tour pros use GPS …

@JasonGore59 Jason Gore
@2MeganGore Dear Lord … What have I gotten in to? pic.twitter.com/3IAuFTgN

@ArronOberholser Arron Oberholser
@JasonGore59 @2megangore no doubt, where the hell is that?

@JasonGore59 Jason Gore
@ArronOberholser @2megangore it's just east of where Jesus left his sandals.

@2MeganGore Megan Gore
@JasonGore59 Should I put out the APB now or later? They may even give you a key (or can opener) to the city …

You know how some horror movies start with, "Based on true events" … we're all gonna miss Jason Gore.

Where caddie nicknames come from …

@NV_Caddie_Todd Todd Montoya
So there was this guy (true story), that stood on the driveway to PGA Tour events with a sign that said "WILL CADDY FOR FOOD."

@NV_Caddie_Todd Todd Montoya
Other caddies started to refer to him as "Will."

Someday I promise I'll do two caddie nickname videos.

A bit of an understatement …

@JhonattanVegas Jhonattan Vegas
Hello everyone. Im back. Just a little restricted with social media last week but in Singapore now ready to finish in Asia in a great way.

And a hurricane has a little wind too.

Bit of a shame …

@Keegan_Bradley Keegan Bradley
Had a great time in China. Boarding a flight to Newark. Never would have thought I'd be so excited to go to Newark. Back to the USA!!

You should've been on a plane going to Australia, but welcome home anyways.

So you got that going for you …

@BJMgolf Becky Morgan
Well … my golf game wasn't great in Asia, but my ping pong is now amazing! London Olympics … here I come!

Not touching that with a 10-foot paddle! ; )

Seriously?! You're gonna let us help decide …

@mark_andersonsc Mark Anderson
POY voting. Any help? yfrog.com/oco2rkj

Brother, if you don't know who to vote for and you were out there playing with them …

It's OK to miss home but …

@GrahamDeLaet Graham DeLaet
Just shoveled my Dad's driveway. Sounds crazy, but I kinda miss shoveling snow. It's actually fun … once a year …

Now buy dad a snowblower and get out of Canada as fast as you can.

From snow to surf …

@kellyslater Kelly Slater
"@HankDHaney: Congrats to @kellyslater on another World Championship, wow he is some kind of unbelievable" Hank, you da man. Let's golf!

If they do a trade for lessons, Slater's getting cheated!

I thought I was the only one!

@wheatiePGA Steve Wheatcroft
Cris collinsworth calling a steeler game is like bill Buckner calling a Yankee game. This guy needs to ride the pine for these games.

I especially don't like it when Troy Aikman does Eagles games.

You mean commercials aren't real?!

@LukeDonald Luke Donald
Ha ha what a joke but there's no way J Lo drives a Fiat

So Tiger doesn't drive a Buick?

Now this is a reality show waiting to happen …

@smhgolf smhgolf
Extreme Hoarding: Golf Club Edition lockerz.com/s/153911334

It's bad, but I've seen worse.

Best answer to that question I've seen in a while …

@Andres_Gonzales Andres Gonzales
@colbyb32: @Andres_Gonzales Who the biggest **** on Tour and who is the coolest?" I claim both …

You want proof …

@Andres_Gonzales Andres Gonzales
"@bubbawatson: @Andres_Gonzales hey for my birthday can u follow me on twitter???" No, but happy birthday.

@bubbawatson bubba watson
@Andres_Gonzales thank you

You have to be the coolest jerk to get thanked after that! LOL

I hope none of your friends saw you …

@Paige_Mackenzie Paige Mackenzie
I did the "Walk of Shame" this morning … teeing off # 10 when the leaders are going off # 1

And did you have the same outfit on you wore the day before?


Bronze: Too Soon?

@NV_Caddie_Todd Todd Montoya
Stevie Williams is reportedly leaving Adam Scott to go work for Fuzzy.

Nope! Now that's funny.

Silver: Cold-Blooded Kids …

@tiffjoh tiffany joh
#thatawkwardmoment when you try to give your ball to a kid in the middle of the round, but the kid don't want it.

Smart kid. If a pro can't hit that ball straight, thanks, but you keep it!

Gold: First-time back-to-back winner …

@KipHenley Kip Henley PGA loopr
Life goes by fast people. Lighten up and smile. If u never had the feeling of showing up and old boss then u r a liar or u were always da boss

I don't agree at all with how Steve said it, but the sentiments … you're dead on point.

Michael Collins covers golf for ESPN.com. He can be reached at ESPNcaddie@gmail.com.

Michael Collins

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