Africa Open

  • January 5 - 8, 2012
  • East London Golf Club
  • Par 73
    Yards 6,770
  • 2012 Champion Louis Oosthuizen


1-Louis OosthuizenL. Oosthuizen-27-6F69626767265-
2-Tjaart van der WaltT. van der Walt-25-4F69646569267-
3-Retief GoosenR. Goosen-24-4F65686669268-
4-Jaco Van ZylJ. Van Zyl-23-7F71656766269-
5-Alastair ForsythA. Forsyth-22-6F69666867270-
6-Richard SterneR. Sterne-20-3F69696470272-
7-Danny WillettD. Willett-19EF67686573273-
T8-Lyle RoweL. Rowe-18-5F73686568274-
T8-Craig LeeC. Lee-18-2F68676871274-
T10-Emiliano GrilloE. Grillo-17-8F73667165275-
T10-Peter KarmisP. Karmis-17-5F68706968275-
T10-Matthew BaldwinM. Baldwin-17-4F72647069275-
T10-Magnus CarlssonM. Carlsson-17-3F69667070275-
T14-Branden GraceB. Grace-16-6F77636967276-
T14-Jaco AhlersJ. Ahlers-16-3F65687370276-
T14-Shaun NorrisS. Norris-16-3F67706970276-
T14-Thomas AikenT. Aiken-16-2F64697271276-
T18-David DrysdaleD. Drysdale-15-6F72696967277-
T18-Reinier SaxtonR. Saxton-15-6F71706967277-
T18-Jacques BlaauwJ. Blaauw-15-5F70697068277-
T18-Dawie Van Der WaltD. Van Der Walt-15-5F70706968277-
T18-Tommy FleetwoodT. Fleetwood-15-3F69667270277-
T18-Benn BarhamB. Barham-15-2F70667071277-
T18-Tim SluiterT. Sluiter-15-2F68696971277-
T18-Josh CunliffeJ. Cunliffe-15-2F69686971277-
T18-Adilson da SilvaA. da Silva-15-2F69696871277-
T18-Darren FichardtD. Fichardt-15-2F71706571277-
T18-Rich BlandR. Bland-15-1F67696972277-
T29-David HowellD. Howell-14-4F68697269278-
T29-George CoetzeeG. Coetzee-14-3F71686970278-
T29-Doug McGuiganD. McGuigan-14-2F70696871278-
T29-Danie van TonderD. van Tonder-14-2F70706771278-
T29-Tyrone FerreiraT. Ferreira-14EF68686973278-
T34-Philip ArcherP. Archer-13-6F73677267279-
T34-Taco RemkesT. Remkes-13-3F68707170279-
T34-Jorge CampilloJ. Campillo-13-2F71667171279-
T34-Maarten LafeberM. Lafeber-13-2F67736871279-
T34-Garth MulroyG. Mulroy-13-2F68726871279-
T34-Edouard DuboisE. Dubois-13-2F69716871279-
T34-Grant MullerG. Muller-13EF69696873279-
T41-Warren AberyW. Abery-12-4F71707069280-
T41-Jj SenekalJ. Senekal-12-2F67717171280-
T41-Chris WoodC. Wood-12-2F69716971280-
T41-James KingstonJ. Kingston-12-2F70716871280-
T41-Allan VersfeldA. Versfeld-12EF69706873280-
T41-Augustin DomingoA. Domingo-12EF68716873280-
T47-Matthew NixonM. Nixon-11-7F70717466281-
T47-Merrick BremnerM. Bremner-11-5F69707468281-
T47-Desvonde BotesD. Botes-11-3F69717170281-
T47-Ariel CaneteA. Canete-11-2F71687171281-
T47-Steven O'HaraS. O'Hara-11-2F70707071281-
T47-Sam WalkerS. Walker-11-1F69687272281-
T47-Andrew MarshallA. Marshall-11EF74656973281-
T54-Jamie ElsonJ. Elson-10-3F70717170282-
T54-Sam HutsbyS. Hutsby-10-1F73657272282-
T54-Alessandro TadiniA. Tadini-10-1F70707072282-
T54-Alan McLeanA. McLean-10EF70716873282-
T54-Julien QuesneJ. Quesne-10+1F69716874282-
T59-Wil BesselingW. Besseling-9-2F69707371283-
T59-Andrew GeorgiouA. Georgiou-9-2F75667171283-
T59-Ruan De smidtR. De smidt-9+4F69706777283-
T62-Jamie MoulJ. Moul-8-2F70717271284-
T62-Jordi Garcia PintoJ. Garcia Pinto-8-1F68737172284-
T62-Hendrik BuhrmannH. Buhrmann-8-1F72697172284-
T62-Bryce EastonB. Easton-8EF69707273284-
T62-Albertus PistoriusA. Pistorius-8EF71697173284-
T62-Charles-edouard RussoC. Russo-8+1F67727174284-
T62-Keith HorneK. Horne-8+2F69677375284-
69-Scott PinckneyS. Pinckney-7+4F69726777285-
T70-Dean O'RileyD. O'Riley-5-1F66757472287-
T70-Vaughn GroenewaldV. Groenewald-5EF73687373287-
T70-Justin WaltersJ. Walters-5+2F73687175287-
T73-Knut BorsheimK. Borsheim-4+1F70687674288-
T73-Jean Baptiste GonnetJ. Baptiste Gonnet-4+5F71677278288-
75-Titch MooreT. Moore-3+1F74667574289-
T76-Neil CheethamN. Cheetham-2+2F71687675290-
T76-Jg ClaassenJ. Claassen-2+2F68727575290-
T76-Adam GeeA. Gee-2+5F69697478290-
T79-Ockie StrydomO. Strydom+1EF70698173293-
T79-Oliver WilsonO. Wilson+1+3F70697876293-
--David HewanD. HewanCUT-CUT7072----142-
--Jbe' KrugerJ. KrugerCUT-CUT7567----142-
--Ryan TippingR. TippingCUT-CUT7171----142-
--Julien GuerrierJ. GuerrierCUT-CUT6874----142-
--Sam LittleS. LittleCUT-CUT7072----142-
--Adrian OtaeguiA. OtaeguiCUT-CUT7072----142-
--Trevor Fisher JrT. Fisher JrCUT-CUT7171----142-
--Tyrone MordtT. MordtCUT-CUT7468----142-
--Ulrich Van Den BergU. Van Den BergCUT-CUT7072----142-
--Robert DinwiddieR. DinwiddieCUT-CUT7171----142-
--Michael Du ToitM. Du ToitCUT-CUT6676----142-
--Daniel GauntD. GauntCUT-CUT7369----142-
--Pelle EdbergP. EdbergCUT-CUT7072----142-
--Joel SjoholmJ. SjoholmCUT-CUT7171----142-
--Alex HaindlA. HaindlCUT-CUT7270----142-
--Oliver BekkerO. BekkerCUT-CUT7072----142-
--Simon ThorntonS. ThorntonCUT-CUT6973----142-
--Lloyd SaltmanL. SaltmanCUT-CUT7369----142-
--Michiel BothmaM. BothmaCUT-CUT7271----143-
--Steven JeppesenS. JeppesenCUT-CUT7172----143-
--Divan Van Den HeeverD. Van Den HeeverCUT-CUT7469----143-
--Chris Swanepoel Jr.C. Swanepoel Jr.CUT-CUT7469----143-
--John PetersonJ. PetersonCUT-CUT7370----143-
--Matthew SouthgateM. SouthgateCUT-CUT7370----143-
--Neil SchietekatN. SchietekatCUT-CUT7172----143-
--Theunis SpangenbergT. SpangenbergCUT-CUT6974----143-
--Jean HugoJ. HugoCUT-CUT7271----143-
--Jake RoosJ. RoosCUT-CUT6974----143-
--Scott StrangeS. StrangeCUT-CUT7371----144-
--Justin HardingJ. HardingCUT-CUT7173----144-
--Roope KakkoR. KakkoCUT-CUT7074----144-
--Graham Van der merweG. Van der merweCUT-CUT7074----144-
--Ricardo SantosR. SantosCUT-CUT7272----144-
--George MurrayG. MurrayCUT-CUT7272----144-
--Andrew JohnstonA. JohnstonCUT-CUT7371----144-
--Christiaan BassonC. BassonCUT-CUT7272----144-
--John ParryJ. ParryCUT-CUT7174----145-
--Raymond RussellR. RussellCUT-CUT7174----145-
--Andrew SullivanA. SullivanCUT-CUT7174----145-
--Lloyd KennedyL. KennedyCUT-CUT7471----145-
--Victor RiuV. RiuCUT-CUT7669----145-
--Andrew CurlewisA. CurlewisCUT-CUT7372----145-
--Benjamin HebertB. HebertCUT-CUT7372----145-
--Federico ColomboF. ColomboCUT-CUT6877----145-
--Thomas NorretT. NorretCUT-CUT7273----145-
--Bernd RitthammerB. RitthammerCUT-CUT7174----145-
--Peter HedblomP. HedblomCUT-CUT7274----146-
--Paul BradshawP. BradshawCUT-CUT7274----146-
--Damien McGraneD. McGraneCUT-CUT7472----146-
--Mikael LundbergM. LundbergCUT-CUT7571----146-
--Matthew CarvellM. CarvellCUT-CUT7274----146-
--Thabo MasekoT. MasekoCUT-CUT7175----146-
--Peter GustafssonP. GustafssonCUT-CUT7274----146-
--Guillaume CambisG. CambisCUT-CUT7373----146-
--Reggie AdamsR. AdamsCUT-CUT7373----146-
--Daniel DenisonD. DenisonCUT-CUT7275----147-
--Markus BrierM. BrierCUT-CUT7176----147-
--Alvaro VelascoA. VelascoCUT-CUT7275----147-
--Martin MaritzM. MaritzCUT-CUT7473----147-
--Hans Peter BacherH. Peter BacherCUT-CUT7374----147-
--Prinavin NelsonP. NelsonCUT-CUT7572----147-
--Andrea PavanA. PavanCUT-CUT7375----148-
--Robert WiederkehrR. WiederkehrCUT-CUT7276----148-
--Daniel GreeneD. GreeneCUT-CUT7276----148-
--Colin NelC. NelCUT-CUT7672----148-
--Peter- Henric McIntyreP. Henric McIntyreCUT-CUT7375----148-
--Andre CruseA. CruseCUT-CUT7475----149-
--Chris GaneC. GaneCUT-CUT7278----150-
--Bradford VaughanB. VaughanCUT-CUT7377----150-
--Brandon PietersB. PietersCUT-CUT7773----150-
--Thomas LovettT. LovettCUT-CUT7674----150-
--Richard FinchR. FinchCUT-CUT7676----152-
--Greg PetzerG. PetzerCUT-CUT7381----154-
--Adrien BernadetA. BernadetCUT-CUT8075----155-
--Alpheus KelapileA. KelapileCUT-CUT8374----157-
--Phillip PriceP. PriceWD-0667169--206-


Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Golf takes too long? Kevin Na played his first nine holes in 1 hour and 23 minutes. Phil Mickelson and Jimmy Walker were the second group out at 9:20a EST and finished in a blistering 3:10. When I told Mickelson that Na played the front in 1:23 the lefty replied, "We didn't see him all day. How's that even possible?!" Fast pro golf, that's how.

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Dustin Johnson, answering a question about the science behind his swing: “There's not a whole lot of science going on here.”

Jason Sobel ESPN Senior Writer 

Going into tomorrow's final round of the Tour Championship, there's a tie atop the leaderboard -- and a stark dichotomy between the two players. Dustin Johnson is seeking his fourth win of the year en route to a likely POY award, while Kevin Chappell is searching for his elusive first career victory.

Jason Sobel ESPN Senior Writer 

Rory McIlroy on the claim by U.S. captain Davis Love III that he might have the best Ryder Cup team ever: "They've definitely assembled the best task force ever."

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Rory McIlroy on Davis Love III claim that U.S. might be best Ryder Cup team ever: "They've definitely assembled the best task force ever."

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Three straight birdies for Dustin Johnson. To put this thing into CFB terms, we're close to seeing backups in and continuous clock running.

Bucci Mane @Buccigross

No one is going to hang with Dustin Johnson at Tour Championship this weekend. He'll win and be Player of Year. Ryder Cup next weekend.

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Bubba Watson is 5-under for the day through 12 holes. He's clearly heating up, but I'm not sure he's officially at "hot hand" status yet.