Ballantines Championship

  • April 26 - 29, 2012
  • Blackstone Golf Club
  • Par 72
    Yards 7,275
  • 2012 Champion Bernd Wiesberger


1-Bernd WiesbergerB. Wiesberger-18-4F72656568270-
2-Richie RamsayR. Ramsay-13-7F70726865275-
T3-Victor DubuissonV. Dubuisson-11-6F68756866277-
T3-Marcus FraserM. Fraser-11-2F71676970277-
T5-Anthony WallA. Wall-10-5F73677167278-
T5-Miguel JimenezM. Jimenez-10-3F72686969278-
T7-George CoetzeeG. Coetzee-9-6F71717166279-
T7-Ross FisherR. Fisher-9-6F71727066279-
T7-Alex NorenA. Noren-9-3F75666969279-
T7-Paul McGinleyP. McGinley-9-2F71736570279-
T7-Felipe AguilarF. Aguilar-9-1F71696871279-
T12-Adam ScottA. Scott-8-7F71766865280-
T12-Romain WattelR. Wattel-8-4F72736768280-
T12-David HowellD. Howell-8-2F73696870280-
T15-Jamie DonaldsonJ. Donaldson-7-6F70727366281-
T15-Ian PoulterI. Poulter-7-2F75676970281-
T15-David OhD. Oh-7-2F73706870281-
T15-Y.E. YangY.E. Yang-7-2F74716670281-
T15-Kiradech AphibarnratK. Aphibarnrat-7-1F76696571281-
T20-Thaworn WiratchantT. Wiratchant-6-3F73707069282-
T20-Sang-Moon BaeS. Bae-6-2F75686970282-
T20-Brett RumfordB. Rumford-6-3F73707069282-
T20-Soren KjeldsenS. Kjeldsen-6-2F74696970282-
T20-Prom MeesawatP. Meesawat-6-2F72726870282-
T25-Jeev Milkha SinghJ. Milkha Singh-5-3F72746869283-
T25-Graeme StormG. Storm-5-2F72697270283-
T25-Matthew ZionsM. Zions-5-4F74717068283-
T25-Paul CaseyP. Casey-5-1F70727071283-
T25-Siddikur RahmanS. Rahman-5-1F75696871283-
T25-Thongchai JaideeT. Jaidee-5EF71716972283-
T25-Oliver FisherO. Fisher-5+3F71706775283-
T32-Shane LowryS. Lowry-4-2F74707070284-
T32-Mikko IlonenM. Ilonen-4-2F75697070284-
T32-Andrea PavanA. Pavan-4-4F72747068284-
T32-Gregory HavretG. Havret-4+1F76696673284-
T36-Oscar FlorenO. Floren-3-1F72677571285-
T36-Tae-kyu LeeT. Lee-3-6F71737566285-
T38-Gareth MaybinG. Maybin-2-1F72766771286-
T38-Danny WillettD. Willett-2-1F75677371286-
T38-Richard S JohnsonR. S Johnson-2EF73736872286-
T38-Berry HensonB. Henson-2EF74726872286-
T38-Peter KarmisP. Karmis-2-1F77696971286-
T38-Mark FosterM. Foster-2-2F70757170286-
T38-Jin-ho ChoiJ. Choi-2-5F75737167286-
T45-Ho-sung ChoiH. Choi-1EF73707272287-
T45-Estanislao GoyaE. Goya-1-2F76707170287-
T45-Chris WoodC. Wood-1-2F74717270287-
T45-Kyung-nam KangK. Kang-1-4F76727168287-
T49-Anirban LahiriA. LahiriE+1F71737173288-
T49-Andrew DodtA. DodtE+1F75716973288-
T49-Keith HorneK. HorneE-1F75727071288-
T49-Richard McEvoyR. McEvoyE-1F78706971288-
T49-Scott JamiesonS. JamiesonE-1F76687371288-
T54-Ji-ho JungJ. Jung+1+2F70717474289-
T54-Christian NilssonC. Nilsson+1+1F74717173289-
T54-Kyung KimK. Kim+1-1F73757071289-
T54-Hyun-woo RyuH. Ryu+1-1F74737171289-
T54-Byeong Hun AnB. Hun An+1-4F73757368289-
T54-Peter WhitefordP. Whiteford+1-4F71747668289-
60-Marc WarrenM. Warren+2+1F76726973290-
T61-Michael JonzonM. Jonzon+3+3F76716975291-
T61-James MorrisonJ. Morrison+3+3F74697375291-
T61-Damien McGraneD. McGrane+3+2F73717374291-
T61-Do-Hoon KimD. Kim+3-2F72767370291-
T65-Tjaart van der WaltT. van der Walt+4+2F75737074292-
T65-Sung LeeS. Lee+4+1F75717373292-
T65-Andrew TschudinA. Tschudin+4EF74737372292-
T65-Ricardo GonzalezR. Gonzalez+4EF75707572292-
69-Sung-kug ParkS. Park+5-1F76717571293-
T70-Heung-chul JooH. Joo+6+5F74737077294-
T70-Digvijay SinghD. Singh+6+1F73707873294-
72-Pablo MartinP. Martin+7+3F80687275295-
73-Shang-hung KaoS. Kao+13+8F72747580301-
--Darren ClarkeD. ClarkeCUT-CUT7772----149-
--Joon-won ParkJ. ParkCUT-CUT7871----149-
--Oliver WilsonO. WilsonCUT-CUT7772----149-
--Robert ColesR. ColesCUT-CUT7871----149-
--Himmat Singh raiH. Singh raiCUT-CUT7970----149-
--Hyung-Sung KimH. KimCUT-CUT7673----149-
--Seung Hoo LeeS. Hoo LeeCUT-CUT7871----149-
--In-hoi HurI. HurCUT-CUT7574----149-
--Jason KnutzonJ. KnutzonCUT-CUT7673----149-
--Marcus BothM. BothCUT-CUT7673----149-
--Sang-hyun ParkS. ParkCUT-CUT7970----149-
--Do-kyu ParkD. ParkCUT-CUT7970----149-
--Min-gyu ChoM. ChoCUT-CUT7871----149-
--Joonas GranbergJ. GranbergCUT-CUT7772----149-
--Young NamY. NamCUT-CUT7475----149-
--Jae Min HwangJ. Min HwangCUT-CUT7475----149-
--Chih-Bing LamC. LamCUT-CUT7773----150-
--Mars PucayM. PucayCUT-CUT7674----150-
--SSP ChawrasiaS. ChawrasiaCUT-CUT7476----150-
--Soren HansenS. HansenCUT-CUT7674----150-
--Ross BainR. BainCUT-CUT7773----150-
--Daisuke KataokaD. KataokaCUT-CUT7476----150-
--Min LeeM. LeeCUT-CUT7773----150-
--Jung-ho YoonJ. YoonCUT-CUT8169----150-
--Jyoti RandhawaJ. RandhawaCUT-CUT7674----150-
--Seung-hyuk KimS. KimCUT-CUT7674----150-
--Fabrizio ZanottiF. ZanottiCUT-CUT8169----150-
--Adilson da SilvaA. da SilvaCUT-CUT7773----150-
--Ki-sang LeeK. LeeCUT-CUT7476----150-
--Shiv KapurS. KapurCUT-CUT7675----151-
--Todd HamiltonT. HamiltonCUT-CUT7378----151-
--Joong Kyung MoJ. Kyung MoCUT-CUT7774----151-
--Min-kyu HanM. HanCUT-CUT7477----151-
--S.S. HongS.S. HongCUT-CUT7675----151-
--Thomas LevetT. LevetCUT-CUT7675----151-
--Sujjan SinghS. SinghCUT-CUT7774----151-
--Robert-Jan DerksenR. DerksenCUT-CUT7676----152-
--Inn-choon HwangI. HwangCUT-CUT7775----152-
--Chan Yih-shinC. Yih-shinCUT-CUT8270----152-
--Zaw MoeZ. MoeCUT-CUT7973----152-
--Chapchai NiratC. NiratCUT-CUT7973----152-
--Jaco Van ZylJ. Van ZylCUT-CUT8072----152-
--Richard SterneR. SterneCUT-CUT7775----152-
--Dae-hyun KimD. KimCUT-CUT7973----152-
--Wen-Tang LinW. LinCUT-CUT7676----152-
--Mardan MamatM. MamatCUT-CUT8072----152-
--Wei Chih LuW. Chih LuCUT-CUT7775----152-
--Byung-jun KimB. KimCUT-CUT7874----152-
--Kieran PrattK. PrattCUT-CUT7677----153-
--Joel SjoholmJ. SjoholmCUT-CUT7578----153-
--David GleesonD. GleesonCUT-CUT7776----153-
--David DrysdaleD. DrysdaleCUT-CUT7776----153-
--Carlos Del MoralC. Del MoralCUT-CUT8073----153-
--Hyuk-jae ChoiH. ChoiCUT-CUT7974----153-
--Jbe' KrugerJ. KrugerCUT-CUT7974----153-
--Dong Min LEED. Min LEECUT-CUT7578----153-
--Anthony KangA. KangCUT-CUT7974----153-
--Scott BarrS. BarrCUT-CUT7875----153-
--David LipskyD. LipskyCUT-CUT8371----154-
--Scott HendS. HendCUT-CUT7876----154-
--Joon woo ChoiJ. woo ChoiCUT-CUT7975----154-
--Namchok TantipokakulN. TantipokakulCUT-CUT7975----154-
--Go-Woong ChoiG. ChoiCUT-CUT7877----155-
--Steve WebsterS. WebsterCUT-CUT7877----155-
--Pariya JunhasavasdikulP. JunhasavasdikulCUT-CUT8174----155-
--Jin-won LeeJ. LeeCUT-CUT8075----155-
--Todd BaekT. BaekCUT-CUT7877----155-
--Angelo QueA. QueCUT-CUT8273----155-
--Sang-hee LeeS. LeeCUT-CUT7581----156-
--Richard FinchR. FinchCUT-CUT7977----156-
--Thorbjorn OlesenT. OlesenCUT-CUT8472----156-
--Panupol PittayaratP. PittayaratCUT-CUT7878----156-
--Darren BeckD. BeckCUT-CUT8078----158-
--Kenneth FerrieK. FerrieCUT-CUT8375----158-
--Seong-yong KimS. KimCUT-CUT8078----158-
--Chiragh KumarC. KumarCUT-CUT8375----158-
--Tian YuanT. YuanCUT-CUT7985----164-
--Jong Yul SukJ. Yul SukCUT-CUT8580----165-
--Liang Wen-ChongL. Wen-ChongWD-WD-----------
--Rikard KarlbergR. KarlbergWD-WD-----------
--Hennie OttoH. OttoWD-WD-----------
--Tetsuji HiratsukaT. HiratsukaWD-WD79------79-
--George MurrayG. MurrayWD-WD80------80-


Kevin Maguire Golf 

World No. 3 Rory McIlroy nearly missed the cut Friday at the Travelers Championship and spoke about the challenges ahead ... before he knew if he'd be playing 36 more holes at TPC River Highlands. (He is.)


Jason Sobel ESPN Senior Writer 

Rory McIlroy was on the cut line Friday afternoon at the Travelers Championship, his ball resting in the fairway just 105 yards from the final hole. He took out a wedge, aimed at his target -- and hit it 63 yards into the right rough. "My right foot completely came out from under me," he later explained. "It was weird. As soon as I started down, I just felt it and I couldn't stop. ... Not a very nice shot to finish with." He bogeyed the hole, but in his first career start at this event, quickly received a reprieve. As he moved down on the leaderboard, the cut line moved with him. McIlroy will enter the weekend eight strokes behind leader Jordan Spieth, but did avoid missing a second consecutive PGA Tour cut for the first time in five years.

Kevin Maguire Golf 

India's Anirban Lahiri improved by 10 shots (73 to 63) from Round 1 to Round 2 at the Travelers Championship on Friday. His 63 is his lowest in his PGA Tour career. Lahiri is coming off a T-2 finish in his most recent start at Jack Nicklaus' Memorial Tournament earlier this month.


Kevin Maguire Golf 

Jordan Spieth's 69 on Friday didn't match his 63 from Round 1, but the two-time major winner still walked off the course with the lead at the Travelers Championship.


Kevin Maguire Golf 

Two-time major winner Jordan Spieth doesn't expect to shoot 63 all four rounds at the Travelers Championship, but it's a good start.


Kevin Maguire Golf 

Zach Zaback might be playing the ultimate in PGA Tour home games. The 23-year-old who has status on PGA Tour Latino America and went to UConn actually has a family home here at TPC River Highlands. Was he intimidated playing in a field win Rory McIlroy and Jason Day?


Kevin Maguire Golf 

Rory McIlroy, who struggled with 30 putts in his opening-round 67 on Thursday at the Travelers Championship, said he's debating what to do with the flatstick.


Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Who's idea was the Phil Mickelson and Jim "Bones" Mackay split? The answers will be in the actions they take next.


Chad Ford @chadfordinsider

Same with comparing Isaac with Greek Freak. Anteokoumpo came into league at 6-9/7-3 wingspan and huge hands.