Web.com Tour Championship at TPC Craig Ranch

  • October 25 - 28, 2012
  • Daniel Island Club
    Par 72
    Yards 7,446
  • TPC at Craig Ranch
    Par 71
    Yards 7,438
  • Purse $1,000,000
    2012 Champion Justin Bolli


1-Justin BolliJ. Bolli-16-6F65716765268$180,000.00-
2-James HahnJ. Hahn-14-2F70676469270$108,000.00-
T3-Adam HadwinA. Hadwin-13-6F69696865271$58,000.00-
T3-Morgan HoffmannM. Hoffmann-13-7F68726764271$58,000.00-
5-Justin HicksJ. Hicks-12EF65696771272$40,000.00-
T6-Russell HenleyR. Henley-11-3F70676868273$34,750.00-
T6-Cliff KresgeC. Kresge-11-3F65736768273$34,750.00-
8-Edward LoarE. Loar-9-2F67736669275$31,000.00-
T9-Brad FritschB. Fritsch-8-2F65717169276$26,000.00-
T9-David LingmerthD. Lingmerth-8-3F68716968276$26,000.00-
T9-Casey WittenbergC. Wittenberg-8-1F68716770276$26,000.00-
T9-Luke GuthrieL. Guthrie-8EF66726771276$26,000.00-
T13-Kevin FoleyK. Foley-7-6F68737165277$17,667.00-
T13-Doug LaBelle IID. LaBelle II-7-3F70716868277$17,667.00-
T13-Luke ListL. List-7-3F74686768277$17,667.00-
T13-Sam SaundersS. Saunders-7-2F71696869277$17,667.00-
T13-Ben MartinB. Martin-7-1F69696970277$17,667.00-
T13-Michael PutnamM. Putnam-7+2F65726773277$17,667.00-
T19-Camilo BenedettiC. Benedetti-6-4F72736667278$12,120.00-
T19-Cameron PercyC. Percy-6-3F72726668278$12,120.00-
T19-Darron StilesD. Stiles-6-2F71696969278$12,120.00-
T19-Tag RidingsT. Ridings-6EF65736971278$12,120.00-
T19-Brice GarnettB. Garnett-6EF69726671278$12,120.00-
24-Peter TomasuloP. Tomasulo-5+1F69696972279$9,600.00-
T25-Robert StrebR. Streb-4-6F70727365280$8,400.00-
T25-Scott GardinerS. Gardiner-4-1F67707370280$8,400.00-
T25-Matt WeibringM. Weibring-4-1F67746970280$8,400.00-
T28-Rob OppenheimR. Oppenheim-3-3F69747068281$7,200.00-
T28-Scott ParelS. Parel-3-2F69776669281$7,200.00-
T28-Aaron WatkinsA. Watkins-3EF68727071281$7,200.00-
T31-Lee WilliamsL. Williams-2-3F72727068282$6,300.00-
T31-Nicholas ThompsonN. Thompson-2-2F67737369282$6,300.00-
T31-Joseph BramlettJ. Bramlett-2-1F70717170282$6,300.00-
T31-Scott GutschewskiS. Gutschewski-2+1F71706972282$6,300.00-
T35-Fabian GomezF. Gomez-1-3F69776968283$5,500.00-
T35-Andrew SvobodaA. Svoboda-1-2F73697269283$5,500.00-
T35-Steve LeBrunS. LeBrun-1EF69737071283$5,500.00-
T35-Dawie Van Der WaltD. Van Der Walt-1+2F70707073283$5,500.00-
T39-Hudson SwaffordH. SwaffordE-4F69767267284$4,800.00-
T39-Paul ClaxtonP. ClaxtonEEF68737271284$4,800.00-
T39-Aaron GoldbergA. GoldbergEEF70737071284$4,800.00-
T42-Shawn StefaniS. Stefani+1-3F71737368285$4,060.00-
T42-Jim HermanJ. Herman+1-2F69747369285$4,060.00-
T42-Paul D. HaleyP. D. Haley+1EF73707171285$4,060.00-
T42-Philip Pettitt JrP. Pettitt Jr+1EF66767271285$4,060.00-
T42-Skip KendallS. Kendall+1+2F70697373285$4,060.00-
T47-Chris WilsonC. Wilson+2-3F71777068286$3,560.00-
T47-Alex AragonA. Aragon+2-2F74737069286$3,560.00-
T47-Michael LetzigM. Letzig+2-1F70747270286$3,560.00-
T47-Brian StuardB. Stuard+2+1F74707072286$3,560.00-
T47-Nick FlanaganN. Flanagan+2+1F71746972286$3,560.00-
52-Woody AustinW. Austin+3+5F69727076287$3,400.00-
T53-Tim WilkinsonT. Wilkinson+4-1F70747470288$3,325.00-
T53-Ben KohlesB. Kohles+4EF75717171288$3,325.00-
T55-Richard ScottR. Scott+5-2F72747469289$3,225.00-
T55-Alistair PresnellA. Presnell+5+1F71727472289$3,225.00-
57-Jim RennerJ. Renner+6+5F68747276290$3,150.00-
58-Andres GonzalesA. Gonzales+8+1F75737272292$3,100.00-
59-Tyrone van AswegenT. van Aswegen+12+7F72737378296$3,050.00-
60-B.J. StatenB.J. Staten+14-1F79737670298$3,000.00-


Kevin Maguire Golf 

India's Anirban Lahiri improved by 10 shots (73 to 63) from Round 1 to Round 2 at the Travelers Championship on Friday. His 63 is his lowest in his PGA Tour career. Lahiri is coming off a T-2 finish in his most recent start at Jack Nicklaus' Memorial Tournament earlier this month.


Kevin Maguire Golf 

Jordan Spieth's 69 on Friday didn't match his 63 from Round 1, but the two-time major winner still walked off the course with the lead at the Travelers Championship.


Kevin Maguire Golf 

Two-time major winner Jordan Spieth doesn't expect to shoot 63 all four rounds at the Travelers Championship, but it's a good start.


Kevin Maguire Golf 

Zach Zaback might be playing the ultimate in PGA Tour home games. The 23-year-old who has status on PGA Tour Latino America and went to UConn actually has a family home here at TPC River Highlands. Was he intimidated playing in a field win Rory McIlroy and Jason Day?


Kevin Maguire Golf 

Rory McIlroy, who struggled with 30 putts in his opening-round 67 on Thursday at the Travelers Championship, said he's debating what to do with the flatstick.


Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Who's idea was the Phil Mickelson and Jim "Bones" Mackay split? The answers will be in the actions they take next.


Chad Ford @chadfordinsider

Same with comparing Isaac with Greek Freak. Anteokoumpo came into league at 6-9/7-3 wingspan and huge hands.

Kevin Maguire Golf 

After shooting a record-setting 63 in Round 3 at the U.S. Open, Justin Thomas didn't clinch his first major victory Sunday at Erin Hills. This week at the Travelers Championship, the 24-year-old four-time PGA Tour winner expressed his confidence about his major chances.


Kevin Maguire Golf 

Rory McIlroy is playing this week at the Travelers Championship and he's quite pleased with the new PGA Tour rule that aims to get more golfers competing in events that they haven't previously played.