AT&T Championship

  • October 26 - 28, 2012
  • TPC San Antonio - AT&T Oaks - San Antonio, TX
  • Par 72
    Yards 6,932
  • Purse $1,850,000
    2012 Champion David Frost


2 Hole Playoff Results
PLAYERHole 18Hole 18
David Frost43
Bernhard Langer499
1-David FrostD. Frost-8-6F717166208$277,500.00-
2-Bernhard LangerB. Langer-8-6F746866208$162,800.00-
3-Mark CalcavecchiaM. Calcavecchia-6+2F676974210$133,200.00-
4-Tommy Armour IIIT. Armour III-5-5F737167211$110,075.00-
T5-Kirk TriplettK. Triplett-4-3F746969212$80,938.00-
T5-Willie WoodW. Wood-4-2F707270212$80,938.00-
T7-Tom LehmanT. Lehman-3-2F756870213$62,900.00-
T7-Mark MoulandM. Mouland-3-5F727467213$62,900.00-
T9-Chien Soon LuC. Soon Lu-2-3F747169214$46,250.00-
T9-Jay HaasJ. Haas-2-3F727369214$46,250.00-
T9-Kenny PerryK. Perry-2+2F707074214$46,250.00-
T9-Jay Don BlakeJ. Don Blake-2-2F747070214$46,250.00-
T13-Gil MorganG. Morgan-1-2F727370215$34,225.00-
T13-Sandy LyleS. Lyle-1-5F757367215$34,225.00-
T13-Mark WiebeM. Wiebe-1+1F727073215$34,225.00-
T13-Tom KiteT. Kite-1-1F707471215$34,225.00-
T17-Joel EdwardsJ. EdwardsEEF747072216$27,750.00-
T17-Mike GoodesM. GoodesE-3F767169216$27,750.00-
T17-Fred FunkF. FunkE+2F736974216$27,750.00-
T20-Jeff HartJ. Hart+1-1F767071217$21,645.00-
T20-Bill GlassonB. Glasson+1EF737272217$21,645.00-
T20-Mike ReidM. Reid+1-2F747370217$21,645.00-
T20-Ted SchulzT. Schulz+1EF757072217$21,645.00-
T20-Esteban ToledoE. Toledo+1+4F746776217$21,645.00-
T25-Jim ThorpeJ. Thorpe+2+2F756974218$16,121.00-
T25-Loren RobertsL. Roberts+2-3F767369218$16,121.00-
T25-Larry NelsonL. Nelson+2-2F777170218$16,121.00-
T25-Larry MizeL. Mize+2-6F777566218$16,121.00-
T25-Corey PavinC. Pavin+2-1F757271218$16,121.00-
T25-Chip BeckC. Beck+2+4F717176218$16,121.00-
T25-Peter SeniorP. Senior+2EF737372218$16,121.00-
T32-Michael AllenM. Allen+3-3F767469219$12,210.00-
T32-Mark BrooksM. Brooks+3+2F727374219$12,210.00-
T32-Steve PateS. Pate+3+3F747075219$12,210.00-
T32-Steve JonesS. Jones+3-1F767271219$12,210.00-
T32-Jeff FreemanJ. Freeman+3+1F767073219$12,210.00-
T37-David PeoplesD. Peoples+4+2F747274220$9,805.00-
T37-Russ CochranR. Cochran+4-8F797764220$9,805.00-
T37-Roger ChapmanR. Chapman+4+1F777073220$9,805.00-
T37-Tom Pernice, Jr.T. Pernice, Jr.+4+2F727474220$9,805.00-
T37-Bobby WadkinsB. Wadkins+4+4F707476220$9,805.00-
T42-Joe DaleyJ. Daley+5-2F767570221$7,400.00-
T42-Brad FaxonB. Faxon+5+8F746780221$7,400.00-
T42-Gary HallbergG. Hallberg+5-2F787370221$7,400.00-
T42-Brad BryantB. Bryant+5+1F777173221$7,400.00-
T42-Mark O'MearaM. O'Meara+5+1F747473221$7,400.00-
T42-Andrew MageeA. Magee+5-1F787271221$7,400.00-
T42-Ben BatesB. Bates+5-1F777371221$7,400.00-
T42-Bob NigerB. Niger+5+1F717773221$7,400.00-
T50-Olin BrowneO. Browne+6+2F757374222$5,550.00-
T50-Mark McNultyM. McNulty+6+1F787173222$5,550.00-
T52-Gene SauersG. Sauers+7+1F777373223$4,579.00-
T52-Trevor DoddsT. Dodds+7+1F747673223$4,579.00-
T52-David EgerD. Eger+7+1F777373223$4,579.00-
T52-Robin ByrdR. Byrd+7+5F737377223$4,579.00-
T56-Tom JenkinsT. Jenkins+8+2F777374224$3,700.00-
T56-Morris HatalskyM. Hatalsky+8-1F747971224$3,700.00-
T56-Rod SpittleR. Spittle+8-2F797570224$3,700.00-
T56-Jeff SlumanJ. Sluman+8+1F777473224$3,700.00-
T56-Dick MastD. Mast+8+2F757574224$3,700.00-
T61-Lance Ten BroeckL. Ten Broeck+9+2F757674225$2,775.00-
T61-Rick FehrR. Fehr+9+2F767574225$2,775.00-
T61-Bob GilderB. Gilder+9+2F757674225$2,775.00-
T61-Bobby ClampettB. Clampett+9+3F787275225$2,775.00-
T61-Duffy WaldorfD. Waldorf+9-1F797571225$2,775.00-
T66-Steve LoweryS. Lowery+10+3F767575226$2,128.00-
T66-Blaine McCallisterB. McCallister+10+3F757675226$2,128.00-
T68-Mike McCulloughM. McCullough+11+4F757676227$1,794.00-
T68-Jim Gallagher Jr.J. Gallagher Jr.+11-2F847370227$1,794.00-
T70-Phil BlackmarP. Blackmar+12+5F787377228$1,572.00-
T70-Peter JacobsenP. Jacobsen+12+4F777576228$1,572.00-
T72-Jim RutledgeJ. Rutledge+13+1F797773229$1,350.00-
T72-Hale IrwinH. Irwin+13+3F777775229$1,350.00-
74-Ben CrenshawB. Crenshaw+15+2F807774231$1,221.00-
75-Wayne LeviW. Levi+16+4F787876232$1,147.00-
76-Scott SimpsonS. Simpson+17+6F807578233$1,073.00-
T77-Dan ForsmanD. Forsman+18+4F797976234$962.00-
T77-Tom PurtzerT. Purtzer+18+3F847575234$962.00-
--John CookJ. CookWD-WD73----73$0-
--John HustonJ. HustonWD-WD7813--78$0-
--John JacobsJ. JacobsDQ-DQ83----83$0-


Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Paul Tesori, caddie for Webb Simpson, finishes one shot short but gives credit to Jordan Spieth's caddie Michael Greller for his motivation and runner-up finish at the 2017 Caddie Championship at Trinity Forest GC in Dallas, TX.


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Wayne Birch Jr. wins the net division Caddie Championship on a chip-off. Wayne credits his chipping game to his pro Andrew Loupe... and his shoes too!


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"Boo" Weekley's caddie broke 60 TWICE in the last six months?! Seeing his swing, I'd say he's one of the favorites.

Rickie Fowler @RickieFowler

Just honored I got to spend the time w/ you that I did Nicky! Prayers for Jackie & the rest of the Hayden fam! We're going to miss you man!!

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