Pacific Links Hawai'i Championship

  • September 14 - 16, 2012
  • Kapolei Golf Course
  • Par 72
    Yards 7,001
  • Purse $1,800,000
    2012 Champion Willie Wood


1-Willie WoodW. Wood-14-6F686866202$270,000.00-
2-Bill GlassonB. Glasson-13EF666572203$158,400.00-
3-Peter SeniorP. Senior-12-3F657069204$129,600.00-
T4-Tom LehmanT. Lehman-11-5F687067205$96,300.00-
T4-David FrostD. Frost-11-3F696769205$96,300.00-
T6-Larry MizeL. Mize-10-7F717065206$68,400.00-
T6-Dick MastD. Mast-10-3F696869206$68,400.00-
T8-Duffy WaldorfD. Waldorf-9-4F687168207$45,600.00-
T8-Eduardo RomeroE. Romero-9-4F677268207$45,600.00-
T8-Gene SauersG. Sauers-9-4F706968207$45,600.00-
T8-Andrew MageeA. Magee-9-3F726669207$45,600.00-
T8-Mark O'MearaM. O'Meara-9-2F706770207$45,600.00-
T8-Corey PavinC. Pavin-9-1F696771207$45,600.00-
14-Kirk TriplettK. Triplett-8-7F786565208$34,200.00-
15-Mark McNultyM. McNulty-7+2F676874209$32,400.00-
T16-Bruce VaughanB. Vaughan-5-3F707269211$26,220.00-
T16-John CookJ. Cook-5-3F717169211$26,220.00-
T16-Jeff HartJ. Hart-5-3F717169211$26,220.00-
T16-Bobby ClampettB. Clampett-5-2F717070211$26,220.00-
T16-Morris HatalskyM. Hatalsky-5EF706972211$26,220.00-
T16-Jay Don BlakeJ. Don Blake-5+1F667273211$26,220.00-
T22-Tom ByrumT. Byrum-4-3F727169212$16,230.00-
T22-Tom KiteT. Kite-4-2F697370212$16,230.00-
T22-Mark BrooksM. Brooks-4-3F717269212$16,230.00-
T22-Fred FunkF. Funk-4-2F746870212$16,230.00-
T22-Chip BeckC. Beck-4-4F727268212$16,230.00-
T22-Jim RutledgeJ. Rutledge-4-2F727070212$16,230.00-
T22-Tommy Armour IIIT. Armour III-4-4F727268212$16,230.00-
T22-Steve JonesS. Jones-4-4F747068212$16,230.00-
T22-Gil MorganG. Morgan-4-1F717071212$16,230.00-
T22-Joe DaleyJ. Daley-4-1F726971212$16,230.00-
T22-Tom Pernice, Jr.T. Pernice, Jr.-4-1F726971212$16,230.00-
T22-Bob TwayB. Tway-4+1F706973212$16,230.00-
T34-Steve LoweryS. Lowery-3-2F727170213$11,070.00-
T34-Steve PateS. Pate-3-1F746871213$11,070.00-
T34-Tom PurtzerT. Purtzer-3EF697272213$11,070.00-
T34-David PeoplesD. Peoples-3+2F716874213$11,070.00-
T38-Jeff SlumanJ. Sluman-2-1F737071214$8,280.00-
T38-Michael AllenM. Allen-2-1F737071214$8,280.00-
T38-Chien Soon LuC. Soon Lu-2-2F707470214$8,280.00-
T38-Ben BatesB. Bates-2EF717172214$8,280.00-
T38-Gary HallbergG. Hallberg-2-3F727369214$8,280.00-
T38-R.W. EaksR.W. Eaks-2+1F717073214$8,280.00-
T38-Danny BriggsD. Briggs-2-3F737269214$8,280.00-
T38-Bobby WadkinsB. Wadkins-2-3F747169214$8,280.00-
T38-Bob GilderB. Gilder-2+2F697174214$8,280.00-
T38-Rod SpittleR. Spittle-2+2F707074214$8,280.00-
48-Lance Ten BroeckL. Ten Broeck-1+3F716975215$6,300.00-
T49-Mark WiebeM. WiebeE-1F737271216$5,220.00-
T49-Ronnie BlackR. BlackE-1F747171216$5,220.00-
T49-Hale IrwinH. IrwinE-1F747171216$5,220.00-
T49-Blaine McCallisterB. McCallisterE-2F727470216$5,220.00-
T49-Scott SimpsonS. SimpsonE-2F757170216$5,220.00-
T54-Brad BryantB. Bryant+1EF727372217$3,960.00-
T54-Ted SchulzT. Schulz+1-1F717571217$3,960.00-
T54-Dan ForsmanD. Forsman+1-1F727471217$3,960.00-
T54-Jim Gallagher Jr.J. Gallagher Jr.+1-2F727570217$3,960.00-
T54-Frankie MinozaF. Minoza+1-2F737470217$3,960.00-
T59-Kevin HayashiK. Hayashi+2+4F727076218$3,150.00-
T59-Rick FehrR. Fehr+2+2F707474218$3,150.00-
T59-Joe OzakiJ. Ozaki+2-1F786971218$3,150.00-
T59-Joel EdwardsJ. Edwards+2-4F787268218$3,150.00-
T63-Mike GoodesM. Goodes+3+1F727473219$2,340.00-
T63-Mark JohnsonM. Johnson+3+1F757173219$2,340.00-
T63-Tom JenkinsT. Jenkins+3-1F717771219$2,340.00-
T63-Sonny SkinnerS. Skinner+3-1F747471219$2,340.00-
T63-Mike ReidM. Reid+3-2F757470219$2,340.00-
T68-Brad FaxonB. Faxon+4+4F756976220$1,692.00-
T68-Craig StadlerC. Stadler+4-1F727771220$1,692.00-
T68-P.H. Horgan IIIP.H. Horgan III+4-1F757471220$1,692.00-
71-John JacobsJ. Jacobs+5+2F747374221$1,476.00-
T72-David EgerD. Eger+6+7F737079222$1,233.00-
T72-Gary McCordG. McCord+6+8F697380222$1,233.00-
T72-Jeff FreemanJ. Freeman+6+2F717774222$1,233.00-
T72-James MasonJ. Mason+6+1F737673222$1,233.00-
76-Dave EichelbergerD. Eichelberger+8+2F767474224$1,044.00-
77-David IshiiD. Ishii+12+3F777675228$972.00-
78-Mike HulbertM. Hulbert+13-1F797971229$900.00-
79-Robin FreemanR. Freeman+14+2F807674230$828.00-
80-Casey NakamaC. Nakama+17+5F817577233$774.00-
--Isao AokiI. AokiWD-07778--155$0-


Love explains Ryder Cup selection plans

Captain Davis Love III outlines his plan for selecting the final players for the United States Ryder Cup team.


Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

And so ends the 2016 World Caddie Matches. Dominating win by the U.S. team over the International Team 26-7.

Love sets out his Ryder Cup selection plans

USA captain Davis Love III outlines his plan for selecting the final players for the Ryder Cup team.


Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

It takes a strong "caddie" to quietly take this kind of abuse when the "player" dishes it out. Poor PGA Tour pro Paul Casey taking abuse from his caddie John McClaren!


ESPNTennis @ESPNTennis

What a rollercoaster on Armstrong. After dropping the opener 6-2 to Mertens, No.3 seed Muguruza completely dominates the 2nd 6-0. #USOpen

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Jay Haas Jr., "My dad had these belt buckles made for me and Bill (PGA Tour Pro) for the President's Cup. I never got to wear mine... Until today!" Brother Bill fired him before the Presidents Cup!! Yes, they can laugh now about it.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Charlie Hoffman supporting his caddie Brett Waldman who makes the turn 4up in his match. How about the flip flops and of course the CaddyShack t-shirt!!!

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Gold medal winning caddie Mark Fulcher(left) playing with silver medal winning caddie Gareth Lord(right) ready to play in the final matches of the afternoon for the International Team.