Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship

  • January 17 - 20, 2013
  • Abu Dhabi CC
  • Par 72
    Yards 7,600
  • 2013 Champion Jamie Donaldson


1-Jamie DonaldsonJ. Donaldson-14-4F67706968274-
T2-Thorbjorn OlesenT. Olesen-13-3F68696969275-
T2-Justin RoseJ. Rose-13-1F67696871275-
4-Ricardo SantosR. Santos-11-4F71726668277-
5-Branden GraceB. Grace-10-7F71697365278-
T6-Joost LuitenJ. Luiten-9-5F70697367279-
T6-Martin KaymerM. Kaymer-9-3F71697069279-
T6-David HowellD. Howell-9-1F69716871279-
T9-Jason DufnerJ. Dufner-8-4F71697268280-
T9-George CoetzeeG. Coetzee-8-3F69717169280-
T9-Jorge CampilloJ. Campillo-8-3F74686969280-
T9-Anders HansenA. Hansen-8-3F71716969280-
T9-Peter HansonP. Hanson-8-3F73726669280-
T9-Jbe' KrugerJ. Kruger-8-2F72696970280-
T9-Gonzalo Fdez-CastanoG. Fdez-Castano-8EF70677172280-
T9-Thongchai JaideeT. Jaidee-8+1F70716673280-
T17-Craig LeeC. Lee-7-5F72707267281-
T17-SSP ChawrasiaS. Chawrasia-7-2F73736570281-
T17-Michael CampbellM. Campbell-7EF69716972281-
T17-Andrew DodtA. Dodt-7EF74706572281-
T21-Marcus FraserM. Fraser-6-3F75716769282-
T21-Bernd WiesbergerB. Wiesberger-6-1F74716671282-
T23-Henrik StensonH. Stenson-5-5F69717667283-
T23-Richard GreenR. Green-5-5F71757067283-
T23-Rafael Cabrera BelloR. Cabrera Bello-5-4F74726968283-
T23-Padraig HarringtonP. Harrington-5-3F72727069283-
T23-Paul CaseyP. Casey-5-3F71737069283-
T23-Matteo ManasseroM. Manassero-5-2F72687370283-
T23-Peter LawrieP. Lawrie-5-2F72726970283-
T23-Danny WillettD. Willett-5-1F70717171283-
T23-Richie RamsayR. Ramsay-5+3F73686775283-
T32-Steve WebsterS. Webster-3-4F73727268285-
T32-Soren KjeldsenS. Kjeldsen-3-3F70717569285-
T32-Phillip PriceP. Price-3-2F72746970285-
T32-Keith HorneK. Horne-3-1F72697371285-
T32-Darren FichardtD. Fichardt-3-1F72707271285-
T32-Alex NorenA. Noren-3-1F76706871285-
T32-Lorenzo GagliL. Gagli-3+1F74687073285-
T39-Mark FosterM. Foster-2-4F72727468286-
T39-Ernie ElsE. Els-2-2F71737270286-
T39-Marcel SiemM. Siem-2-2F72727270286-
T39-Liang Wen-ChongL. Wen-Chong-2-1F69727471286-
T39-Raphael JacquelinR. Jacquelin-2EF72697372286-
T39-Alejandro CanizaresA. Canizares-2EF73697272286-
T39-Pablo LarrazabalP. Larrazabal-2EF68747272286-
T39-Andreas HartA. Hart-2EF74726872286-
T39-Gareth MaybinG. Maybin-2+1F71717173286-
T48-Richard BlandR. Bland-1-2F72737270287-
T48-Peter WhitefordP. Whiteford-1-1F73707371287-
T48-Garth MulroyG. Mulroy-1+1F71687573287-
T48-Prom MeesawatP. Meesawat-1+1F76696973287-
T52-Simon DysonS. DysonE-1F75707271288-
T52-Thomas BjornT. BjornE-1F72747171288-
T52-Paul LawrieP. LawrieEEF74717172288-
T52-Ricardo GonzalezR. GonzalezE+2F72727074288-
T56-Fabrizio ZanottiF. Zanotti+1-2F76707370289-
T56-Ignacio GarridoI. Garrido+1-1F75707371289-
T56-Joel SjoholmJ. Sjoholm+1+2F71707474289-
T56-Todd HamiltonT. Hamilton+1+2F75697174289-
T56-Johan EdforsJ. Edfors+1+5F71736877289-
T61-Michael HoeyM. Hoey+2-1F72737471290-
T61-Gregory BourdyG. Bourdy+2EF72737372290-
T61-Tom LewisT. Lewis+2+1F74727173290-
T64-Graeme StormG. Storm+3+1F72737373291-
T64-Romain WattelR. Wattel+3+4F73697376291-
T66-Robert ColesR. Coles+4EF73707772292-
T66-Oliver FisherO. Fisher+4+2F73717474292-
68-Andy SullivanA. Sullivan+5+1F71737673293-
69-David HorseyD. Horsey+6+3F74727375294-
70-Chris WoodC. Wood+8+3F73717775296-
--Thomas AikenT. AikenCUT-CUT7374----147-
--Tiger WoodsT. WoodsCUT-CUT7275----147-
--Lee SlatteryL. SlatteryCUT-CUT7176----147-
--Matthew BaldwinM. BaldwinCUT-CUT7374----147-
--Chris PaisleyC. PaisleyCUT-CUT7176----147-
--Gaganjeet BhullarG. BhullarCUT-CUT7473----147-
--Fredrik Andersson HedF. Andersson HedCUT-CUT7275----147-
--Gary LockerbieG. LockerbieCUT-CUT7473----147-
--Mikko IlonenM. IlonenCUT-CUT7374----147-
--Hennie OttoH. OttoCUT-CUT7375----148-
--Anthony WallA. WallCUT-CUT7672----148-
--Alexandre KalekaA. KalekaCUT-CUT7573----148-
--Simon WakefieldS. WakefieldCUT-CUT7177----148-
--David DrysdaleD. DrysdaleCUT-CUT7771----148-
--Victor DubuissonV. DubuissonCUT-CUT7474----148-
--Richard FinchR. FinchCUT-CUT7573----148-
--Stephen GallacherS. GallacherCUT-CUT7672----148-
--Brett RumfordB. RumfordCUT-CUT7573----148-
--Espen KofstadE. KofstadCUT-CUT7277----149-
--Francesco MolinariF. MolinariCUT-CUT7376----149-
--James MorrisonJ. MorrisonCUT-CUT7574----149-
--Gregory HavretG. HavretCUT-CUT7871----149-
--Alessandro TadiniA. TadiniCUT-CUT7277----149-
--Paul McGinleyP. McGinleyCUT-CUT7673----149-
--Jeev Milkha SinghJ. Milkha SinghCUT-CUT7079----149-
--Scott JamiesonS. JamiesonCUT-CUT7574----149-
--Jose Manuel LaraJ. Manuel LaraCUT-CUT7772----149-
--Maarten LafeberM. LafeberCUT-CUT7872----150-
--Martin WiegeleM. WiegeleCUT-CUT7674----150-
--Rory McIlroyR. McIlroyCUT-CUT7575----150-
--Marc WarrenM. WarrenCUT-CUT7872----150-
--Tommy FleetwoodT. FleetwoodCUT-CUT7674----150-
--Colin MontgomerieC. MontgomerieCUT-CUT7674----150-
--Edoardo MolinariE. MolinariCUT-CUT7872----150-
--Damien McGraneD. McGraneCUT-CUT7674----150-
--Christopher DoakC. DoakCUT-CUT7774----151-
--Emiliano GrilloE. GrilloCUT-CUT7873----151-
--Jose Maria OlazabalJ. Maria OlazabalCUT-CUT7675----151-
--Shane LowryS. LowryCUT-CUT7873----151-
--Simon KhanS. KhanCUT-CUT7576----151-
--Christian CevaerC. CevaerCUT-CUT7378----151-
--Thomas LevetT. LevetCUT-CUT7379----152-
--Niclas FasthN. FasthCUT-CUT7578----153-
--Kristoffer BrobergK. BrobergCUT-CUT7677----153-
--Alexander LevyA. LevyCUT-CUT8172----153-
--Scott HenryS. HenryCUT-CUT7875----153-
--Jean Baptiste GonnetJ. Baptiste GonnetCUT-CUT7578----153-
--Paul WaringP. WaringCUT-CUT7876----154-
--Darren ClarkeD. ClarkeCUT-CUT7975----154-
--Felipe AguilarF. AguilarCUT-CUT7878----156-
--Callum NicollC. NicollCUT-CUT8178----159-
--Joachim B HansenJ. B HansenCUT-CUT8080----160-
--Sohail Al MarzuquiS. Al MarzuquiCUT-CUT8190----171-
--Julien QuesneJ. QuesneWD-WD73------73-
--Robert RockR. RockWD-WD76------76-
--Jaco Van ZylJ. Van ZylWD-WD76------76-


Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

Brooks Koepka shot his seventh straight under par round in a major with a 65 in the first round of The Open. It was his first competitive round since winning the U.S. Open last month at Erin Hills. A U.S. Open-Open double has proved elusive, as Tiger Woods is the last player to do it -- in 2000. That year he won by 15 at Pebble Beach and by 8 at St. Andrews.

Jason Sobel ESPN Senior Writer 

On Wednesday, Rory McIlroy was apprised of his betting odds and said, "It's a good time to back me." Or not. Through nine holes of The Open Championship, he's already 5-over, the result of bogeys on five of his first six holes. Despite missing the cut in three of his previous four starts, the 2014 champion sounded optimistic about this week, but that optimism is quickly fading as quickly as McIlroy on the leaderboard.

Bob Harig @BobHarig

As a point of reference only and nothing more: since getting married, Rory has just two rounds in the 60s. (Played only 10 rounds). #TheOpen

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Rory McIlroy, yesterday: "It's a good time to back me." Currently 5-over. Obvious misquote. Must've meant: "It's a good time to smack me."

ESPN Stats and Information  

This was the 4th bogey-free round of Jordan Spieth's major career: 2015 Masters, 2015 PGA Championship, 2016 Masters, 2017 Open.

ESPN Stats and Information  

Brooks Koepka would be the first U.S. Open champion to hold a share of the 1st round lead at The Open since Lee Trevino in 1971 - also at Royal Birkdale. Trevino went on to win The Open that year.

Leo Spall UK Correspondent 

Fans hoping to get a second look at Justin Thomas playing in a tie at The Open are set to be disappointed Friday after the 24-year-old said he was going to "save it". The American's attire attracted a lot of attention as he shot a 3-under 67 wearing it through the first round. "I didn't come here to dress well," he said. "I came to play some good golf … This is a golf shirt, so it's not like it's uncomfortable. It was just something I wanted to do this time." Thomas doesn't wear ties often off the course. "I wore one every day to High School," he said.

ESPN Stats and Information  

This is the 1st time Rory McIlroy has made 3 bogeys in his 1st 4 holes of a major. He was also +3 after 4 holes in the 2010 PGA at Whistling Straits, but that featured a bogey, 2 pars and a double bogey.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Nice touch at this year's Open Championship. Behind the green at the 18th hole, a tribute to "The King" Arnold Palmer. Royal Birkdale is the course where Palmer won his first (of two) Open Championship in 1961.

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

That's an opening-round 5-under 65 for Jordan Spieth, whose past history shows he plays very well with the lead.

Leo Spall UK Correspondent 

Stuart Manley may have had trials with Manchester United and played against Michael Owen and Craig Bellamy as a youngster, but the 38-year-old told reporters golf was the right choice after he made his Open Championship debut and was an early first-round clubhouse leader. "I loved golf. I didn't really like football. It just got too pressurized," the Welshman said after posting a 2-under 68 with an eagle and birdie to close. "I just thought post a decent score, give myself tomorrow for making the cut and have a good weekend. I didn't really dream I'd be sitting here."