BMW Masters

  • October 24 - 27, 2013
  • Lake Malaren Golf Club
  • Par 72
    Yards 7,607
  • 2013 Champion Gonzalo Fdez-Castano


1-Gonzalo Fdez-CastanoG. Fdez-Castano-11-4F71716768277-
T2-Francesco MolinariF. Molinari-10-8F72717164278-
T2-Thongchai JaideeT. Jaidee-10-6F70707266278-
4-Luke GuthrieL. Guthrie-9-1F65717271279-
T5-Thomas BjornT. Bjorn-8-6F73726966280-
T5-Peter UihleinP. Uihlein-8-5F69756967280-
T5-Pablo LarrazabalP. Larrazabal-8-4F70736968280-
T8-Peter HansonP. Hanson-7-9F79687163281-
T8-Scott JamiesonS. Jamieson-7-2F72687170281-
T8-Paul CaseyP. Casey-7-2F70707170281-
T8-Rafael Cabrera BelloR. Cabrera Bello-7+1F73686773281-
12-Marcus FraserM. Fraser-6-3F73707069282-
T13-Martin KaymerM. Kaymer-5-5F75717067283-
T13-Gregory BourdyG. Bourdy-5+1F70736773283-
T15-Brett RumfordB. Rumford-4-5F73697567284-
T15-Ian PoulterI. Poulter-4-3F74697269284-
T17-Garth MulroyG. Mulroy-3-4F74727168285-
T17-Eduardo De La RivaE. De La Riva-3-4F75727068285-
T17-David HorseyD. Horsey-3-3F72727269285-
T17-Ricardo GonzalezR. Gonzalez-3-1F73677471285-
T17-Soren KjeldsenS. Kjeldsen-3-1F76716771285-
T17-Bernd WiesbergerB. Wiesberger-3EF75696972285-
T17-Craig LeeC. Lee-3+2F70707174285-
T24-Darren FichardtD. Fichardt-2-7F74757265286-
T24-Shane LowryS. Lowry-2-5F78717067286-
T24-Lee WestwoodL. Westwood-2+1F72717073286-
T27-Danny WillettD. Willett-1-1F74727071287-
T27-Padraig HarringtonP. Harrington-1+1F72727073287-
T27-Rory McIlroyR. McIlroy-1+1F71727173287-
30-Maximilian KiefferM. KiefferE+2F72727074288-
T31-Luke DonaldL. Donald+1-1F75727171289-
T31-Thorbjorn OlesenT. Olesen+1EF75707272289-
T31-Richard SterneR. Sterne+1EF74727172289-
T34-Ricardo SantosR. Santos+2-8F77767364290-
T34-Henrik StensonH. Stenson+2-7F72747965290-
T34-Marcel SiemM. Siem+2-5F81717167290-
T34-Julien QuesneJ. Quesne+2-4F73777268290-
T34-Tommy FleetwoodT. Fleetwood+2-2F72777170290-
T34-Jamie DonaldsonJ. Donaldson+2-2F79707170290-
T34-Paul LawrieP. Lawrie+2-1F74737271290-
T34-Ross FisherR. Fisher+2+1F75707273290-
T42-Hao-tong LiH. Li+3-6F78727566291-
T42-Paul McGinleyP. McGinley+3+1F77717073291-
T44-Victor DubuissonV. Dubuisson+4-5F78757267292-
T44-Alejandro CanizaresA. Canizares+4-3F75757369292-
T44-Nicolas ColsaertsN. Colsaerts+4-2F74767270292-
T44-Matthew GriffinM. Griffin+4EF74727472292-
T48-A-Shun WuA. Wu+5-3F73767569293-
T48-Steve WebsterS. Webster+5-1F79737071293-
T48-John DalyJ. Daly+5+1F68747873293-
T48-Raphael JacquelinR. Jacquelin+5+1F76727273293-
T48-Mikko IlonenM. Ilonen+5+1F80707073293-
T53-Alexander NorenA. Noren+6-3F74767569294-
T53-Liang Wen-ChongL. Wen-Chong+6-2F75757470294-
T53-Stephen GallacherS. Gallacher+6EF77717472294-
T53-Graeme McDowellG. McDowell+6+2F70747674294-
T57-George CoetzeeG. Coetzee+7-3F78747469295-
T57-Felipe AguilarF. Aguilar+7EF77727472295-
59-Louis OosthuizenL. Oosthuizen+8+3F74777075296-
60-Miguel JimenezM. Jimenez+9+1F74757573297-
T61-David HowellD. Howell+11-2F76747970299-
T61-Lian-Wei ZhangL. Zhang+11EF78747572299-
T61-Thomas AikenT. Aiken+11+2F80707574299-
T61-Branden GraceB. Grace+11+4F79697576299-
65-Simon KhanS. Khan+12+2F77767374300-
66-Dong SuD. Su+14+5F76757477302-
T67-Ming Jie HuangM. Jie Huang+15+3F81757275303-
T67-Marc WarrenM. Warren+15+5F73777677303-
T67-Mu HuM. Hu+15+8F75737580303-
T70-Xin-jun ZhangX. Zhang+17+4F76777676305-
T70-Xinyang LiX. Li+17+3F77777675305-
T72-Shao-cai HeS. He+18EF83737872306-
T72-Wen-yi HuangW. Huang+18+6F71797878306-
74-Yan LiuY. Liu+20+5F78777677308-
75-Chris WoodC. Wood+21+1F79837473309-
76-Xuen-cheng LiX. Li+30+5F85787877318-
--Joost LuitenJ. LuitenWD-WD-----------
--Simon DysonS. DysonDQ-DQ7070----140-


Kevin Maguire Golf 

Prior to the Hero World Challenge, after 466 days away from competitive golf, Tiger Woods fell to 898th in the Official World Golf Ranking. Even though he finished 15th in a field of 18 golfers at the event he hosted on Sunday, Woods earned enough world ranking points (4.38) to jump all the way to 650th, a climb of 248 spots. As a frame of reference, Woods ended 2015 ranked 416th in the world and is currently one spot ahead of fellow American Brice Garnett. Had Woods won in the Bahamas, he would have vaulted up the rankings to approximately 125th in the world.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

How excited was everyone to see Tiger Woods back playing again? Even Torrey Pines South Course took the time to tweet him!

Zach Lowe @ZachLowe_NBA

LOL at Brian Davis (OKC play-by-play) on Jerami Grant blocking Langston Galloway at the rim: "HE PUT HIM IN GRANT'S TOMB!"