The Barclays

  • August 22 - 25, 2013
  • Liberty National Golf Club - Jersey City, NJ
  • Par 71
    Yards 7,353
  • Purse $8,000,000
    Defending Champion Adam Scott


1-Adam ScottA. Scott-11-5F69667266273$1,440,000.002500-
T2-Gary WoodlandG. Woodland-10+2F69646873274$528,000.00950-
T2-Graham DeLaetG. DeLaet-10-6F67736965274$528,000.00950-
T2-Justin RoseJ. Rose-10-3F68687068274$528,000.00950-
T2-Tiger WoodsT. Woods-10-2F67696969274$528,000.00950-
T6-Jim FurykJ. Furyk-9-2F70667069275$268,000.00458-
T6-Phil MickelsonP. Mickelson-9-6F71697065275$268,000.00458-
T6-D.A. PointsD.A. Points-9-4F70726667275$268,000.00458-
T9-Nick WatneyN. Watney-8-2F68706969276$208,000.00363-
T9-Matt EveryM. Every-8-3F67726968276$208,000.00363-
T9-Rickie FowlerR. Fowler-8-1F71647170276$208,000.00363-
T9-Jason KokrakJ. Kokrak-8-4F70697067276$208,000.00363-
T13-Rory SabbatiniR. Sabbatini-7-3F71677168277$160,000.00293-
T13-Bubba WatsonB. Watson-7EF68706871277$160,000.00293-
T15-Daniel SummerhaysD. Summerhays-6-1F70696970278$132,000.00273-
T15-John HuhJ. Huh-6-1F73647170278$132,000.00273-
T15-Kevin ChappellK. Chappell-6+5F68726276278$132,000.00273-
T15-Webb SimpsonW. Simpson-6EF67667471278$132,000.00273-
T19-Brendon de JongeB. de Jonge-5EF67697271279$93,600.00248-
T19-Rory McIlroyR. McIlroy-5+1F71657172279$93,600.00248-
T19-Kevin StreelmanK. Streelman-5+2F70686873279$93,600.00248-
T19-Jordan SpiethJ. Spieth-5+2F70686873279$93,600.00248-
T19-Matt KucharM. Kuchar-5+7F66657078279$93,600.00248-
T19-David LynnD. Lynn-5+3F71656974279$93,600.00248-
T25-Charl SchwartzelC. Schwartzel-4EF68677471280$58,500.00213-
T25-Lee WestwoodL. Westwood-4-3F73687168280$58,500.00213-
T25-Jason DayJ. Day-4-1F66737170280$58,500.00213-
T25-Hunter MahanH. Mahan-4EF69687271280$58,500.00213-
T25-Bryce MolderB. Molder-4-1F69697270280$58,500.00213-
T25-Ryan MooreR. Moore-4+1F67726972280$58,500.00213-
T25-Roberto CastroR. Castro-4EF70706971280$58,500.00213-
T25-Bill HaasB. Haas-4-1F73667170280$58,500.00213-
T33-Chris StroudC. Stroud-3+1F73667072281$44,200.00183-
T33-Charles Howell IIIC. Howell III-3-1F72667370281$44,200.00183-
T33-Matt JonesM. Jones-3-1F71687270281$44,200.00183-
T33-Keegan BradleyK. Bradley-3+1F72637472281$44,200.00183-
T37-Jason DufnerJ. Dufner-2-1F71707170282$36,800.00163-
T37-Greg ChalmersG. Chalmers-2+3F73696674282$36,800.00163-
T37-Freddie JacobsonF. Jacobson-2+1F68687472282$36,800.00163-
T37-Sergio GarciaS. Garcia-2+4F70667175282$36,800.00163-
T41-Luke DonaldL. Donald-1+1F67727272283$32,000.00148-
T41-Stuart ApplebyS. Appleby-1EF69717271283$32,000.00148-
T43-Brian GayB. GayE-4F68727767284$24,960.00125-
T43-Scott PiercyS. PiercyE+2F72706973284$24,960.00125-
T43-Henrik StensonH. StensonEEF65737571284$24,960.00125-
T43-Kevin StadlerK. StadlerEEF64737671284$24,960.00125-
T43-George McNeillG. McNeillE-2F71687669284$24,960.00125-
T43-Erik ComptonE. ComptonE-1F72707270284$24,960.00125-
T43-Aaron BaddeleyA. BaddeleyE+6F69726677284$24,960.00125-
T50-Nicholas ThompsonN. Thompson+1+1F67747272285$19,480.0098-
T50-Kyle StanleyK. Stanley+1+1F70677672285$19,480.0098-
T50-John MerrickJ. Merrick+1+2F69737073285$19,480.0098-
T50-Martin KaymerM. Kaymer+1+1F68707572285$19,480.0098-
T54-Martin FloresM. Flores+2-2F71697769286$18,320.0078-
T54-Camilo VillegasC. Villegas+2+5F65737276286$18,320.0078-
T54-Carl PetterssonC. Pettersson+2+1F68737372286$18,320.0078-
T54-Jimmy WalkerJ. Walker+2+2F68737273286$18,320.0078-
T58-Jonas BlixtJ. Blixt+3+10F69677081287$17,680.0058-
T58-Cameron TringaleC. Tringale+3+2F74677373287$17,680.0058-
T58-Boo WeekleyB. Weekley+3EF69727571287$17,680.0058-
T58-Bob EstesB. Estes+3+2F72687473287$17,680.0058-
T62-Scott BrownS. Brown+4-1F70707870288$17,120.0040-
T62-John SendenJ. Senden+4+4F71717175288$17,120.0040-
T62-Scott LangleyS. Langley+4EF72697671288$17,120.0040-
65-Geoff OgilvyG. Ogilvy+5EF68737771289$16,800.0030-
T66-Ryan PalmerR. Palmer+6+6F65737577290$16,560.0023-
T66-Jeff OvertonJ. Overton+6+3F68747474290$16,560.0023-
T68-K.J. ChoiK.J. Choi+7+5F71717376291$16,240.0013-
T68-Stewart CinkS. Cink+7+1F70707972291$16,240.0013-
70-Charley HoffmanC. Hoffman+8+3F68717974292$16,000.005-
71-Marc LeishmanM. Leishman+10+6F72707577294$15,840.005-
T72-Josh TeaterJ. Teater+11+8F68727679295$15,520.005-
T72-David HearnD. Hearn+11+4F73687975295$15,520.005-
T72-Martin LairdM. Laird+11+5F74687776295$15,520.005-
--Luke GuthrieL. GuthrieCUT-CUT7073----143$00-
--Derek ErnstD. ErnstCUT-CUT7370----143$00-
--Robert GarrigusR. GarrigusCUT-CUT7271----143$00-
--Brandt SnedekerB. SnedekerCUT-CUT7271----143$00-
--J.J. HenryJ.J. HenryCUT-CUT7370----143$00-
--Brendan SteeleB. SteeleCUT-CUT6974----143$00-
--Russell HenleyR. HenleyCUT-CUT7370----143$00-
--William McGirtW. McGirtCUT-CUT7271----143$00-
--Graeme McDowellG. McDowellCUT-CUT7172----143$00-
--Morgan HoffmannM. HoffmannCUT-CUT6776----143$00-
--Jerry KellyJ. KellyCUT-CUT7172----143$00-
--Brian DavisB. DavisCUT-CUT7370----143$00-
--Dustin JohnsonD. JohnsonCUT-CUT7271----143$00-
--Harris EnglishH. EnglishCUT-CUT7271----143$00-
--Charlie BeljanC. BeljanCUT-CUT7172----143$00-
--James HahnJ. HahnCUT-CUT6876----144$00-
--Ken DukeK. DukeCUT-CUT7272----144$00-
--Chris KirkC. KirkCUT-CUT7272----144$00-
--Richard H. LeeR. H. LeeCUT-CUT7569----144$00-
--Jeff MaggertJ. MaggertCUT-CUT6975----144$00-
--Billy HorschelB. HorschelCUT-CUT7074----144$00-
--Charlie WiC. WiCUT-CUT7173----144$00-
--Ted Potter Jr.T. Potter Jr.CUT-CUT7372----145$00-
--Johnson WagnerJ. WagnerCUT-CUT7174----145$00-
--Pat PerezP. PerezCUT-CUT7174----145$00-
--Ian PoulterI. PoulterCUT-CUT7768----145$00-
--Sang-Moon BaeS. BaeCUT-CUT7076----146$00-
--Bo Van PeltB. Van PeltCUT-CUT7076----146$00-
--Scott StallingsS. StallingsCUT-CUT7571----146$00-
--Ernie ElsE. ElsCUT-CUT7374----147$00-
--Jason BohnJ. BohnCUT-CUT7572----147$00-
--D.H. LeeD.H. LeeCUT-CUT7572----147$00-
--Chez ReavieC. ReavieCUT-CUT6978----147$00-
--Brian StuardB. StuardCUT-CUT7275----147$00-
--Mark WilsonM. WilsonCUT-CUT7869----147$00-
--Justin LeonardJ. LeonardCUT-CUT7474----148$00-
--Andres RomeroA. RomeroCUT-CUT7375----148$00-
--Patrick ReedP. ReedCUT-CUT7375----148$00-
--Brian HarmanB. HarmanCUT-CUT7375----148$00-
--James DriscollJ. DriscollCUT-CUT7969----148$00-
--Steven BowditchS. BowditchCUT-CUT7574----149$00-
--Tim ClarkT. ClarkCUT-CUT7574----149$00-
--John RollinsJ. RollinsCUT-CUT7378----151$00-
--Angel CabreraA. CabreraCUT-CUT7577----152$00-
--Michael ThompsonM. ThompsonCUT-CUT7683----159$00-
--Ben CraneB. CraneWD-WD67------67$00-
--Lucas GloverL. GloverWD-WD71------71$00-
--David LingmerthD. LingmerthWD-WD78------78$00-
--Justin HicksJ. HicksWD-WD78------78$00-


Nick Pietruszkiewicz 

Another birdie for Tiger at the fourth and he's 2 under early in his round. Exactly the start he needed given all the slow starts he's had this season.

Nick Pietruszkiewicz 

While most eyes are on Tiger Woods right now, Justin Thomas has opened well, starting with a 3-under 33 on his first nine of The Open.

Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

A 3:21 p.m. local starting time for Tiger is almost certainly his latest at The Open for the first two rounds in 18 starts as a pro. Going back to 2002, Woods has never teed off this late in the opening rounds. Just five groups follow him, Matsuyama and Knox, with the last tee time at 4:16 p.m. local time.

Nick Pietruszkiewicz 

Tiger Woods opened the U.S. Open with a triple bogey. Let's just say things started better at The Open. Perfect tee shot. Perfect approach. Perfect putt. Birdie to begin the day.

Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

As Tiger Woods begins the first round at The Open, he'd dearly like to get off to a good start. In each of his past six tournaments, Woods has started slowly and been no better than a tie for 29th -- at the Masters -- following the first round. The last time he was in the top 10 after day one was a tie for seventh at the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

Not real easy to see the tape on the back of Tiger's neck but it is there. Apparently due to a sore neck from a bad pillow. Not believed to be serious. But we will have to get that clarified from him after the first round. Tiger has noted bad mattresses as problems in the past.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Brooks Koepka just drove the first green!! 396yds on the scorecard, the U.S. Open champion will have inside 15' for eagle to start his Open Championship!

Nick Pietruszkiewicz 

Jordan Spieth stood on the 15th tee at 3 under and tied for third place. A double and two bogeys over the final four holes and he exits the golf course tied for 66th. It's the first time he's posted an opening-round score over par at The Open.

Nick Pietruszkiewicz 

Let the Tiger Woods speculation begin: He arrived at Carnoustie for his first round wearing KT tape on his neck.

Nick Pietruszkiewicz 

Jordan Spieth was going along nicely ... until he found one of Carnoustie's deep bunkers on the 15th. Double bogeys can happen that fast at The Open.

Ian O'Connor ESPN Senior Writer 

The Open, ladies and gentlemen...

Matt Cooper Special to 

There were just five sub-70 rounds in the first four Open Championships at Carnoustie (1931, 1937, 1953 and 1968). Sunghoon Kang's 69 has just made it six for Thursday alone this year and we're far from finished. Only 13 of 52 groups have finished their rounds.

Steven Saunders ESPN UK 

Danny Willett's round of 69 is the first time he has broken par at a major since he won the Masters in 2016. It's a two-year period he referred to as "pitch black" post-round. "We were [...] swinging it a little bit on and off, and the body [was] being really uncooperative. It wasn't fun getting on the plane and wondering if you were actually going to be able to play The Open on Thursday. So not a nice place to be."