RICOH Women's British Open

  • August 1 - 4, 2013
  • St Andrews Links (Old Course) - Fife, Scotland
  • Par 72
    Yards 6,672
  • Purse $2,750,000

Round 4 - Play Complete

1-Stacy LewisS. Lewis-8EF67726972280$0-
T2-Hee Young ParkH. Young Park-6+1F70697073282$0-
T2-Na Yeon ChoiN. Yeon Choi-6+1F67677573282$0-
T4-Morgan PresselM. Pressel-5+4F66707176283$0-
T4-Suzann PettersenS. Pettersen-5+2F70677274283$0-
6-Lizette SalasL. Salas-3+1F68727273285$0-
T7-Mamiko HigaM. Higa-2+3F70697275286$0-
T7-Miki SaikiM. Saiki-2+5F69667477286$0-
T9-Natalie GulbisN. Gulbis-1-2F71727470287$0-
T9-Nicole CastraleN. Castrale-1+2F67707674287$0-
T11-Anna NordqvistA. NordqvistEEF70747272288$0-
T11-Catriona MatthewC. MatthewE+6F68746878288$0-
T11-Pernilla LindbergP. LindbergE+2F68737374288$0-
T11-Paula CreamerP. CreamerE+4F68727276288$0-
T11-Meena LeeM. LeeE+6F71697078288$0-
16-Cristie KerrC. Kerr+1-3F71747569289$0-
T17-Ayako UeharaA. Uehara+2+5F69747077290$0-
T17-Xi Yu LinX. Yu Lin+2+5F72687377290$0-
T17-Jenny ShinJ. Shin+2+4F69717476290$0-
T17-Angela StanfordA. Stanford+2+3F69707675290$0-
T17-So Yeon RyuS. Yeon Ryu+2+6F69707378290$0-
T22-Karine IcherK. Icher+3EF70747572291$0-
T22-Katherine KirkK. Kirk+3+2F69737574291$0-
T22-Mariajo UribeM. Uribe+3+5F69737277291$0-
T25-Shanshan FengS. Feng+4-1F69767671292$0-
T25-Hee Kyung SeoH. Kyung Seo+4-1F69767671292$0-
T25-Sandra GalS. Gal+4+2F69747574292$0-
T25-Malene JorgensenM. Jorgensen+4+2F69747574292$0-
T25-Jessica KordaJ. Korda+4+4F72717376292$0-
T25-Eun-Hee JiE. Ji+4+6F67757278292$0-
T25-Sun Young YooS. Young Yoo+4+6F71717278292$0-
T25-Candie KungC. Kung+4+5F72707377292$0-
T25-Lee-Anne PaceL. Pace+4+7F70717279292$0-
T25-Dori CarterD. Carter+4+8F68727280292$0-
T25-Ryann O'TooleR. O'Toole+4+7F67737379292$0-
T36-Marianne SkarpnordM. Skarpnord+5+3F69747575293$0-
T36-Holly ClyburnH. Clyburn+5+3F70737575293$0-
T36-Gerina PillerG. Piller+5+1F74697773293$0-
T36-Jiyai ShinJ. Shin+5+1F71727773293$0-
T36-Mikaela ParmlidM. Parmlid+5+8F69697580293$0-
T36-Jee Young LeeJ. Young Lee+5+7F70677779293$0-
T42-Lydia KoL. Ko+6+2F69767574294$0-
T42-Danielle KangD. Kang+6+4F68757576294$0-
T42-Florentyna ParkerF. Parker+6+3F69747675294$0-
T42-Georgia HallG. Hall+6+5F68757477294$0-
T42-Inbee ParkI. Park+6+6F69737478294$0-
T47-Minea BlomqvistM. Blomqvist+7+2F71747674295$0-
T47-Se Ri PakS. Ri Pak+7+4F71737576295$0-
T47-Christel BoeljonC. Boeljon+7+3F72717775295$0-
T47-Ashleigh BuhaiA. Buhai+7+5F71727577295$0-
T47-In-Kyung KimI. Kim+7+5F70737577295$0-
T52-Moriya JutanugarnM. Jutanugarn+8EF72737972296$0-
T52-Mi Jung HurM. Jung Hur+8+2F72727874296$0-
T52-Brittany LincicomeB. Lincicome+8EF70738172296$0-
T52-Sydnee MichaelsS. Michaels+8+3F67757975296$0-
T56-Celine BoutierC. Boutier+9EF72728172297$0-
T56-Dewi Claire SchreefelD. Claire Schreefel+9+1F73718073297$0-
T56-Michelle WieM. Wie+9+3F74707875297$0-
T59-Mika MiyazatoM. Miyazato+11+2F74718074299$0-
T59-Lindsey WrightL. Wright+11+4F70747976299$0-
T59-Linda WessbergL. Wessberg+11+6F70737878299$0-
62-Line Vedel HansenL. Vedel Hansen+12+5F72718077300$0-
T63-Gwladys NoceraG. Nocera+13+6F74717878301$0-
T63-Liz YoungL. Young+13+9F68757781301$0-
65-Rikako MoritaR. Morita+14-1F70758671302$0-
T66-Thidapa SuwannapuraT. Suwannapura+15+3F71748375303$0-
T66-Emily TaylorE. Taylor+15+5F70748277303$0-
T68-Moira DunnM. Dunn+20+10F71748182308$0-
T68-Sarah KempS. Kemp+20+14F73717886308$0-
--Caroline HedwallC. HedwallCUT-CUT6977----146$0-
--Katie BurnettK. BurnettCUT-CUT6977----146$0-
--Brittany LangB. LangCUT-CUT7076----146$0-
--Yani TsengY. TsengCUT-CUT7274----146$0-
--Belen MozoB. MozoCUT-CUT7274----146$0-
--Nontaya SrisawangN. SrisawangCUT-CUT7175----146$0-
--Mi-Jeong JeonM. JeonCUT-CUT6780----147$0-
--Jennifer RosalesJ. RosalesCUT-CUT7374----147$0-
--Alison WalsheA. WalsheCUT-CUT7176----147$0-
--Amy YangA. YangCUT-CUT7671----147$0-
--Jane ParkJ. ParkCUT-CUT7176----147$0-
--Ji Young OhJ. Young OhCUT-CUT6978----147$0-
--Jacqui ConcolinoJ. ConcolinoCUT-CUT7176----147$0-
--Ai MiyazatoA. MiyazatoCUT-CUT6979----148$0-
--Julieta GranadaJ. GranadaCUT-CUT7177----148$0-
--Chella ChoiC. ChoiCUT-CUT7177----148$0-
--Mo MartinM. MartinCUT-CUT7573----148$0-
--Lisa McCloskeyL. McCloskeyCUT-CUT7672----148$0-
--Laura DaviesL. DaviesCUT-CUT7276----148$0-
--Charley HullC. HullCUT-CUT7672----148$0-
--Azahara MunozA. MunozCUT-CUT7375----148$0-
--Giulia SergasG. SergasCUT-CUT7672----148$0-
--Irene CoeI. CoeCUT-CUT7177----148$0-
--Camilla LennarthC. LennarthCUT-CUT6682----148$0-
--Margherita RigonM. RigonCUT-CUT7375----148$0-
--Jodi Ewart ShadoffJ. Ewart ShadoffCUT-CUT7673----149$0-
--Sophie GustafsonS. GustafsonCUT-CUT7277----149$0-
--Trish JohnsonT. JohnsonCUT-CUT7277----149$0-
--Cindy LaCrosseC. LaCrosseCUT-CUT7277----149$0-
--Ilhee LeeI. LeeCUT-CUT7673----149$0-
--Louise LarssonL. LarssonCUT-CUT7475----149$0-
--Pornanong PhatlumP. PhatlumCUT-CUT7277----149$0-
--Klara SpilkovaK. SpilkovaCUT-CUT7376----149$0-
--Daniela HolmqvistD. HolmqvistCUT-CUT7178----149$0-
--Karrie WebbK. WebbCUT-CUT7476----150$0-
--Sakura YokomineS. YokomineCUT-CUT7476----150$0-
--Karen StupplesK. StupplesCUT-CUT7476----150$0-
--Jeong JangJ. JangCUT-CUT7278----150$0-
--Katie FutcherK. FutcherCUT-CUT7278----150$0-
--Beth AllenB. AllenCUT-CUT7476----150$0-
--Mina HarigaeM. HarigaeCUT-CUT7179----150$0-
--Juli InksterJ. InksterCUT-CUT7377----150$0-
--Amy BouldenA. BouldenCUT-CUT7080----150$0-
--Haeji KangH. KangCUT-CUT7377----150$0-
--Austin ErnstA. ErnstCUT-CUT7476----150$0-
--Caroline MassonC. MassonCUT-CUT7674----150$0-
--Kristy McPhersonK. McPhersonCUT-CUT7377----150$0-
--Bree ArthurB. ArthurCUT-CUT7575----150$0-
--Marta SilvaM. SilvaCUT-CUT7476----150$0-
--Jennifer JohnsonJ. JohnsonCUT-CUT7477----151$0-
--Stacey KeatingS. KeatingCUT-CUT7477----151$0-
--Paola MorenoP. MorenoCUT-CUT7279----151$0-
--Nicole HageN. HageCUT-CUT7576----151$0-
--Momoko UedaM. UedaCUT-CUT7576----151$0-
--Carly BoothC. BoothCUT-CUT7873----151$0-
--Sarah Jane SmithS. Jane SmithCUT-CUT7576----151$0-
--Nikki CampbellN. CampbellCUT-CUT7576----151$0-
--Laura DiazL. DiazCUT-CUT7180----151$0-
--Lexi ThompsonL. ThompsonCUT-CUT7577----152$0-
--Amelia LewisA. LewisCUT-CUT7478----152$0-
--Whitney HillierW. HillierCUT-CUT7577----152$0-
--Mindy KimM. KimCUT-CUT7379----152$0-
--Christina KimC. KimCUT-CUT7577----152$0-
--Chie ArimuraC. ArimuraCUT-CUT7578----153$0-
--Felicity JohnsonF. JohnsonCUT-CUT7677----153$0-
--Beatriz RecariB. RecariCUT-CUT7876----154$0-
--Becky MorganB. MorganCUT-CUT7678----154$0-
--Sahra HassanS. HassanCUT-CUT7480----154$0-
--Tania EloseguiT. EloseguiCUT-CUT7579----154$0-
--Carlota CigandaC. CigandaCUT-CUT7481----155$0-
--Helen AlfredssonH. AlfredssonCUT-CUT7382----155$0-
--Veronica ZorziV. ZorziCUT-CUT7382----155$0-
--Gabriella CowleyG. CowleyCUT-CUT7581----156$0-
--Vicky HurstV. HurstCUT-CUT7782----159$0-
--Sarah-Jane BoydS. BoydCUT-CUT7782----159$0-


Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Luke Poulter beat Little John Daly in a match, then rubbed it in. Where'd he get that from? "Not sure," joked his dad. "Must be his mother."

ESPN Stats and Information  

Justin Thomas shot an 80 today after a 67 on Thursday. That is the worst round in a major in his career and the tied for second-worst round of his overall PGA TOUR career.

ESPN Stats and Information  

The other two majors that Jordan Spieth opened with two rounds in the 60s - 2015 Masters and 2015 U.S. Open - he went on to win.

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Jordan Spieth opens 65-69. He's held the 36-hole lead on nine previous occasions in his career. Won five of 'em.

Bob Harig @BobHarig

Chip in for par; 30-footer for birdie; stiff tee shot for a birdie; and a bogey followed by an eagle -- Jordan with a 3-shot lead. #TheOpen

Jason Sobel ESPN Senior Writer 

Jordan Spieth has chipped in, holed a 35-footer, came within a few feet of an ace and made eagle -- and that's just in the last six holes. He's taking a commanding lead in what could be a historic win this weekend. If he claims the Claret Jug, the soon-to-be 24-year-old will need only the PGA Championship title for the career grand slam.

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Jordan Spieth has chipped in, holed a 35-footer, came within a few feet of an ace and made eagle -- and that's just in the last six holes.

ESPN Stats and Information  

Ian Poulter's 137 is his best 36-hole total at The Open and the first time he's shot par or better in each of his first 2 rounds at a major since the 2014 U.S. Open.

ESPN Stats and Information  

After starting his championship 5-over par through 6 holes, Rory McIlroy played the next 18 holes in 7-under par (63). He played the first 6 holes today in 3-under par, 8 shots better than he played those same holes on Thursday.

Steven Saunders ESPN UK 

Ian Poulter walks up the 18th and past a, well, let's say "well oiled" hospitality area. "Go on, Ian", cries one fan. "You can do it," cries another. "Think of Celtic Manor" is the clincher, considering the better shout would have been Medinah.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Before play was suspended, as the heaviest of the rain poured down, a good size crowd stayed in the stands on the 18 green and roared loudly when Billy Horschel made birdie in the horrid conditions to finish his week at +12.