Kraft Nabisco Championship

  • April 3 - 6, 2014
  • Mission Hills Country Club
  • Par 72
    Yards 6,738
  • Purse $2,000,000
    2014 Champion Lexi Thompson


1-Lexi ThompsonL. Thompson-14-4F73646968274$300,000.00-
2-Michelle WieM. Wie-11-1F67716871277$187,584.00-
3-Stacy LewisS. Lewis-7-3F73706969281$136,079.00-
T4-Cristie KerrC. Kerr-6EF69707172282$94,998.00-
T4-Se Ri PakS. Ri Pak-6+2F67707174282$94,998.00-
6-Shanshan FengS. Feng-5EF66737272283$69,323.00-
T7-Azahara MunozA. Munoz-4EF72707072284$51,522.00-
T7-Angela StanfordA. Stanford-4EF74696972284$51,522.00-
T7-Charley HullC. Hull-4+4F73696676284$51,522.00-
10-Amy YangA. Yang-3+1F68737173285$41,594.00-
T11-Caroline MassonC. Masson-2-3F73727269286$33,911.00-
T11-Morgan PresselM. Pressel-2-1F70707571286$33,911.00-
T11-Karrie WebbK. Webb-2+1F73707073286$33,911.00-
T11-Gerina PillerG. Piller-2+2F77657074286$33,911.00-
T11-Catriona MatthewC. Matthew-2+4F72687076286$33,911.00-
T16-Mi Hyang LeeM. Hyang Lee-1-1F72727271287$24,289.00-
T16-Na Yeon ChoiN. Yeon Choi-1EF72717272287$24,289.00-
T16-Christina KimC. Kim-1EF74697272287$24,289.00-
T16-Tiffany JohT. Joh-1EF70757072287$24,289.00-
T16-Anna NordqvistA. Nordqvist-1+1F71697473287$24,289.00-
T16-Jee Young LeeJ. Young Lee-1+2F71756774287$24,289.00-
T16-Jiyai ShinJ. Shin-1+3F69737075287$24,289.00-
T16-Chella ChoiC. Choi-1+4F70726976287$24,289.00-
T24-Jessica KordaJ. KordaE-1F73737171288$20,335.00-
T24-Minjee LeeM. LeeEEF75687372288$0-
T26-Hee Young ParkH. Young Park+1+2F72727174289$19,257.00-
T26-Brooke HendersonB. Henderson+1+2F77687074289$0-
T26-Mirim LeeM. Lee+1+4F71727076289$19,257.00-
T29-Giulia SergasG. Sergas+2-1F73747271290$17,125.00-
T29-Alison LeeA. Lee+2-1F75747071290$0-
T29-Lydia KoL. Ko+2+2F73707374290$17,125.00-
T29-Eun-Hee JiE. Ji+2+2F74736974290$17,125.00-
T29-Mo MartinM. Martin+2+3F73687475290$17,125.00-
T34-Paula CreamerP. Creamer+3-1F72747471291$14,583.00-
T34-Sandra GalS. Gal+3EF72707772291$14,583.00-
T34-Mariajo UribeM. Uribe+3+1F72727473291$14,583.00-
T34-Pernilla LindbergP. Lindberg+3+3F73746975291$14,583.00-
38-Inbee ParkI. Park+4+3F74707375292$13,146.00-
T39-Jodi Ewart ShadoffJ. Ewart Shadoff+5+2F76707374293$11,180.00-
T39-In-Kyung KimI. Kim+5+2F74737274293$11,180.00-
T39-Thidapa SuwannapuraT. Suwannapura+5+4F73727276293$11,180.00-
T39-Alison WalsheA. Walshe+5+4F73747076293$11,180.00-
T39-Jenny ShinJ. Shin+5+4F74737076293$11,180.00-
T39-Pornanong PhatlumP. Phatlum+5+5F71737277293$11,180.00-
T39-P.K. KongkraphanP.K. Kongkraphan+5+5F74746877293$11,180.00-
T46-Jimin KangJ. Kang+6+3F76697475294$8,909.00-
T46-Lilia VuL. Vu+6+3F73737375294$0-
T46-Karine IcherK. Icher+6+3F75727275294$8,909.00-
T46-So Yeon RyuS. Yeon Ryu+6+5F70727577294$8,909.00-
T46-Ilhee LeeI. Lee+6+5F78697077294$8,909.00-
T51-Su-Hyun OhS. Oh+7+2F74747374295$0-
T51-Nicole CastraleN. Castrale+7+5F71737477295$7,805.00-
T51-Austin ErnstA. Ernst+7+6F71747278295$7,805.00-
T51-Haeji KangH. Kang+7+8F70747180295$7,805.00-
T55-Christel BoeljonC. Boeljon+8+1F73727873296$6,881.00-
T55-Meena LeeM. Lee+8+1F74747573296$6,881.00-
T55-Ha-Na JangH. Jang+8+7F73737179296$6,881.00-
T55-Sun Young YooS. Young Yoo+8+7F74727179296$6,881.00-
T59-Brittany LincicomeB. Lincicome+9EF77727672297$6,265.00-
T59-Sakura YokomineS. Yokomine+9+3F75707775297$6,265.00-
T61-Danielle KangD. Kang+10+4F76737376298$5,751.00-
T61-Carlota CigandaC. Ciganda+10+5F73697977298$5,751.00-
T61-Sei Young KimS. Young Kim+10+5F75707677298$5,751.00-
T64-Haru NomuraH. Nomura+11+5F75727577299$5,170.00-
T64-Caroline HedwallC. Hedwall+11+6F71747678299$5,170.00-
T64-Juli InksterJ. Inkster+11+8F76707380299$5,170.00-
T67-Mina HarigaeM. Harigae+12+3F76727775300$4,775.00-
T67-Ai MiyazatoA. Miyazato+12+4F77717676300$4,775.00-
T67-Hee-Won HanH. Han+12+5F75737577300$4,775.00-
T67-Jennifer RosalesJ. Rosales+12+9F69747681300$4,775.00-
T71-Dewi Claire SchreefelD. Claire Schreefel+13+5F75747577301$4,468.00-
T71-Candie KungC. Kung+13+9F74707681301$4,468.00-
73-Angel YinA. Yin+14+8F68797580302$0-
--Lee-Anne PaceL. PaceCUT-CUT7971----150$0-
--Jennifer JohnsonJ. JohnsonCUT-CUT7476----150$0-
--Dori CarterD. CarterCUT-CUT7773----150$0-
--Moriya JutanugarnM. JutanugarnCUT-CUT7773----150$0-
--Jenny SuhJ. SuhCUT-CUT7476----150$0-
--Lizette SalasL. SalasCUT-CUT7377----150$0-
--Natalie GulbisN. GulbisCUT-CUT7773----150$0-
--Ayako UeharaA. UeharaCUT-CUT7674----150$0-
--Ji Young OhJ. Young OhCUT-CUT7873----151$0-
--Julieta GranadaJ. GranadaCUT-CUT7873----151$0-
--Yani TsengY. TsengCUT-CUT7576----151$0-
--Mi Jung HurM. Jung HurCUT-CUT7774----151$0-
--Line Vedel HansenL. Vedel HansenCUT-CUT7675----151$0-
--Lisa McCloskeyL. McCloskeyCUT-CUT8170----151$0-
--Mika MiyazatoM. MiyazatoCUT-CUT7477----151$0-
--Emma TalleyE. TalleyCUT-CUT7873----151$0-
--Lindsey WrightL. WrightCUT-CUT8071----151$0-
--Maria McBrideM. McBrideCUT-CUT7873----151$0-
--Bo-Bae SongB. SongCUT-CUT7973----152$0-
--Rebecca Lee-BenthamR. Lee-BenthamCUT-CUT8072----152$0-
--Hee Kyung SeoH. Kyung SeoCUT-CUT7676----152$0-
--Pat HurstP. HurstCUT-CUT7676----152$0-
--Irene CoeI. CoeCUT-CUT7775----152$0-
--Laura DiazL. DiazCUT-CUT7875----153$0-
--Katherine KirkK. KirkCUT-CUT7875----153$0-
--Vicky HurstV. HurstCUT-CUT7578----153$0-
--Annie ParkA. ParkCUT-CUT7678----154$0-
--Chie ArimuraC. ArimuraCUT-CUT7876----154$0-
--Ashlan RamseyA. RamseyCUT-CUT7778----155$0-
--Amelia LewisA. LewisCUT-CUT7877----155$0-
--Jacqui ConcolinoJ. ConcolinoCUT-CUT7977----156$0-
--Brittany LangB. LangCUT-CUT7680----156$0-
--Nelly KordaN. KordaCUT-CUT8176----157$0-
--Sophie GustafsonS. GustafsonCUT-CUT7681----157$0-
--Eunjung YiE. YiCUT-CUT7880----158$0-
--Beatriz RecariB. RecariCUT-CUT8178----159$0-
--Amy AlcottA. AlcottCUT-CUT8181----162$0-
--Cindy LaCrosseC. LaCrosseCUT-CUT8083----163$0-


Rich Cimini ESPN Staff Writer 

Jets WR Jermaine Kearse talks about his round with Jordan Spieth at the Travelers Championship celebrity pro-am.


Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

Phil Mickelson's apology for his actions on the 13th hole at the US Open on Saturday came a few days late but shined a light on the real issue: his angst toward the USGA. Mickelson on more than a few occasions expressed his fears about the way they had handled Shinnecock in the past. And his fears were realized. Had he said so on Saturday, it might have been easier to understand his reaction to seeing his ball about to roll off the green.

Rich Cimini ESPN Staff Writer 

Jets WR Jermaine Kearse, who didn't start playing golf until five years ago, is playing in front of a crowd for the first time at the Travelers Championship celebrity pro-am. The crowds are big because his playing partner is Jordan Spieth. Not too much pressure.

Will Kent ESPN UK 

"I think it's a bit of a shame that the main focus hasn't been Brooks Koepka winning back-to-back U.S. Open titles from what I've seen and heard," Spieth said on Tuesday, reflecting on last week's Major. "It's been on golf courses, players complaining about Phil... you never really want that. it's such a difficult thing to do to win a Major. I don't know what it's like to win one in back-to-back years. It's not like we do what we do for the glory, right, but it is nice to be for the reaction to be about the accomplishment rather than the failure of something else."

Nick Pietruszkiewicz 

Rory McIlroy's thoughts on the Phil Mickelson/U.S. Open fiasco and the subsequent fallout: "I thought it was a massive overreaction."

Nick Pietruszkiewicz 

Justin Thomas laughed when asked about the difference between playing last week at the U.S. Open and this week at the Travelers. "Yeah, this will be a little more relaxing."

Nick Pietruszkiewicz 

Why do the the players love the Travelers so much? Maybe it's the pizza truck available to them between the 14th and 15th holes. Rory McIlroy stopped for a few slices.