the Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide

  • June 1 - 4, 2017
  • Muirfield Village GC - Dublin, OH
  • Par 72
    Yards 7,392
  • Purse $8,700,000
    Defending Champion Jason Dufner


12Jason DufnerJ. Dufner-13-4F65657768275$1,566,000.00500-
T225Anirban LahiriA. Lahiri-10-7F74706965278$765,600.00245-
T24Rickie FowlerR. Fowler-10-2F70667270278$765,600.00245-
T41Justin ThomasJ. Thomas-9EF67716972279$382,800.00123-
T42Matt KucharM. Kuchar-9+1F69706773279$382,800.00123-
T613Kyle StanleyK. Stanley-8-4F74677168280$281,662.5089-
T68James HahnJ. Hahn-8-3F74726569280$281,662.5089-
T62Kevin KisnerK. Kisner-8-1F70697071280$281,662.5089-
T63Bubba WatsonB. Watson-8+1F71686873280$281,662.5089-
T1017Graham DeLaetG. DeLaet-7-4F73677368281$217,500.0070-
T104Jamie LovemarkJ. Lovemark-7+1F69697073281$217,500.0070-
T109Daniel SummerhaysD. Summerhays-7+6F66696878281$217,500.0070-
T135Jordan SpiethJ. Spieth-6+1F66727173282$174,000.0059-
T135Kevin StreelmanK. Streelman-6+1F73696773282$174,000.0059-
T1512Jason DayJ. Day-5-2F75716770283$143,550.0052-
T154Marc LeishmanM. Leishman-5-1F70707271283$143,550.0052-
T154David LingmerthD. Lingmerth-5+1F65747173283$143,550.0052-
T154Shane LowryS. Lowry-5+1F72687073283$143,550.0052-
T1919Harold Varner, IIIH. Varner, III-4-2F73717070284$113,100.0045-
T195Pat PerezP. Perez-4+1F70726973284$113,100.0045-
T195Jim HermanJ. Herman-4+1F70746773284$113,100.0045-
T2225Ricky BarnesR. Barnes-3-3F70776969285$90,480.0039-
T223Phil MickelsonP. Mickelson-3+1F70707273285$90,480.0039-
T223Ross FisherR. Fisher-3+1F73697073285$90,480.000-
T252Brett ColettaB. Coletta-2+1F72697273286$66,410.000-
T252Bill HaasB. Haas-2+1F73697173286$66,410.0032-
T252Peter UihleinP. Uihlein-2+1F76696873286$66,410.000-
T252Stewart CinkS. Cink-2+1F72736873286$66,410.0032-
T256Bud CauleyB. Cauley-2+2F75677074286$66,410.0032-
T2511Byeong Hun AnB. Hun An-2+3F68727175286$66,410.0032-
T317Padraig HarringtonP. Harrington-1+1F71717273287$52,743.7524-
T317Jonas BlixtJ. Blixt-1+1F75697073287$52,743.7524-
T314Brooks KoepkaB. Koepka-1+2F69737174287$52,743.7524-
T314Adam ScottA. Scott-1+2F76667174287$52,743.7524-
T3518Patrick CantlayP. CantlayE-1F71727471288$42,891.0019-
T3512Ben MartinB. MartinEEF71747172288$42,891.0019-
T353Grayson MurrayG. MurrayE+2F72717174288$42,891.0019-
T3516Charl SchwartzelC. SchwartzelE+4F70717176288$42,891.0019-
T3524Jason KokrakJ. KokrakE+6F73677078288$42,891.0019-
T4013Zach JohnsonZ. Johnson+1EF76717072289$33,930.0014-
T404Tony FinauT. Finau+1+2F74736874289$33,930.0014-
T402C.T. PanC.T. Pan+1+3F76687075289$33,930.0014-
T4021Emiliano GrilloE. Grillo+1+5F71687377289$33,930.0014-
T4026Steve StrickerS. Stricker+1+6F74686978289$33,930.0014-
T4520Hideki MatsuyamaH. Matsuyama+2-2F70747670290$26,187.0010-
T452Mackenzie HughesM. Hughes+2+2F76707074290$26,187.0010-
T451Charley HoffmanC. Hoffman+2+3F72717275290$26,187.0010-
T4526Lucas GloverL. Glover+2+6F67737278290$26,187.0010-
T4912Danny LeeD. Lee+3EF73717572291$21,982.009-
T494Gary WoodlandG. Woodland+3+2F72737274291$21,982.009-
T492Nick TaylorN. Taylor+3+3F69767175291$21,982.009-
T5217Sean O'HairS. O'Hair+4-1F73747471292$20,288.407-
T5213Greg ChalmersG. Chalmers+4EF75687772292$20,288.407-
T525Kevin ChappellK. Chappell+4+4F76697176292$20,288.407-
T528Brian StuardB. Stuard+4+5F70747177292$20,288.407-
T5214Martin LairdM. Laird+4+6F71687578292$20,288.407-
T5718Rod PamplingR. Pampling+5-2F72737870293$19,227.005-
T5714Patrick ReedP. Reed+5-1F76717571293$19,227.005-
T5714Alex CejkaA. Cejka+5-1F74737571293$19,227.005-
T578D.A. PointsD.A. Points+5+1F71767373293$19,227.005-
T574Brendan SteeleB. Steele+5+4F72737276293$19,227.005-
T5730Sam SaundersS. Saunders+5+8F68747180293$19,227.005-
T635Zac BlairZ. Blair+6+4F75727176294$18,531.004-
T6310Camilo VillegasC. Villegas+6+5F74687577294$18,531.004-
T654Russell KnoxR. Knox+7+4F71707876295$18,183.004-
T657Cameron SmithC. Smith+7+5F74717377295$18,183.004-
T674K.J. ChoiK.J. Choi+8+2F78697574296$17,661.003-
T676Patrick RodgersP. Rodgers+8+5F70777277296$17,661.003-
T676Webb SimpsonW. Simpson+8+5F73727477296$17,661.003-
T6740William McGirtW. McGirt+8+11F71727083296$17,661.003-
T716Ollie SchniederjansO. Schniederjans+9+5F74737377297$17,139.003-
T7124Soren KjeldsenS. Kjeldsen+9+9F72737181297$17,139.003-
T732Curtis LuckC. Luck+11+5F77707577299$16,791.000-
T734Vaughn TaylorV. Taylor+11+6F73717778299$16,791.003-
7517Sung-hoon KangS. Kang+13+11F75727183301$16,530.003-
76-Matthew GriffinM. Griffin+18+10F75717882306$16,356.000-
--David HearnD. HearnCUT-CUT7474----148$00-
--Luke ListL. ListCUT-CUT7375----148$00-
--Luke DonaldL. DonaldCUT-CUT7276----148$00-
--Morgan HoffmannM. HoffmannCUT-CUT7672----148$00-
--Ryo IshikawaR. IshikawaCUT-CUT7375----148$00-
--Fabian GomezF. GomezCUT-CUT7375----148$00-
--Hunter MahanH. MahanCUT-CUT7573----148$00-
--Scott GregoryS. GregoryCUT-CUT7672----148$00-
--Hudson SwaffordH. SwaffordCUT-CUT7277----149$00-
--Scott PiercyS. PiercyCUT-CUT7772----149$00-
--Vijay SinghV. SinghCUT-CUT7673----149$00-
--Billy HorschelB. HorschelCUT-CUT7871----149$00-
--Brendon de JongeB. de JongeCUT-CUT7277----149$00-
--Retief GoosenR. GoosenCUT-CUT7772----149$00-
--Kyle ReifersK. ReifersCUT-CUT7080----150$00-
--Rafael Cabrera BelloR. Cabrera BelloCUT-CUT7971----150$00-
--Carl PetterssonC. PetterssonCUT-CUT7773----150$00-
--Smylie KaufmanS. KaufmanCUT-CUT7377----150$00-
--Roberto CastroR. CastroCUT-CUT7773----150$00-
--Scott BrownS. BrownCUT-CUT7575----150$00-
--Steven BowditchS. BowditchCUT-CUT7278----150$00-
--Jon RahmJ. RahmCUT-CUT7377----150$00-
--Ryan MooreR. MooreCUT-CUT7675----151$00-
--Patton KizzireP. KizzireCUT-CUT7873----151$00-
--Jim FurykJ. FurykCUT-CUT7675----151$00-
--Keegan BradleyK. BradleyCUT-CUT7081----151$00-
--Aaron BaddeleyA. BaddeleyCUT-CUT7675----151$00-
--Chris KirkC. KirkCUT-CUT7676----152$00-
--Dustin JohnsonD. JohnsonCUT-CUT7874----152$00-
--Ryan ArmourR. ArmourCUT-CUT7676----152$00-
--Michael KimM. KimCUT-CUT7676----152$00-
--Matt EveryM. EveryCUT-CUT7676----152$00-
--Kevin TwayK. TwayCUT-CUT7775----152$00-
--Brian HarmanB. HarmanCUT-CUT7676----152$00-
--Adam HadwinA. HadwinCUT-CUT7874----152$00-
--Tommy FleetwoodT. FleetwoodCUT-CUT7776----153$00-
--Yuta IkedaY. IkedaCUT-CUT7875----153$00-
--Kelly KraftK. KraftCUT-CUT7876----154$00-
--J.B. HolmesJ.B. HolmesCUT-CUT7678----154$00-
--Billy Hurley IIIB. Hurley IIICUT-CUT7975----154$00-
--Johnson WagnerJ. WagnerCUT-CUT7876----154$00-
--Ryan RuffelsR. RuffelsCUT-CUT8176----157$00-
--J.J. SpaunJ.J. SpaunWD-WD----------$00-
999-Si Woo KimS. Woo Kim+3-MDF7671----147$00-


Steven Saunders ESPN UK 

Jordan Spieth holes out on the practice green from six feet. Dustin Johnson (right) watches on. "But he can't putt!" chides DJ. "What did he say?" replies Spieth. It's started already.

Steven Saunders ESPN UK 

The Open weather forecast in one photo: blue skies, black clouds, flags at 90 degrees. Good luck everyone.

R & A address Trump's visit and Mickelson's putting incident

A hypothetical visit from US President Donald Trump and a repeat of Phil Mickelson putting a moving ball were amongst the topics addressed on Wednesday at the Royal and Ancient news conference.


Tom Hamilton Senior Writer, ESPN UK 

"Anybody who plays in this tournament can win". Gary Player sitting on the fence when asked for who'll win here at Carnoustie, but goes on to single out Rickie Fowler as his own pick for the Claret Jug. He says he'd love to see Tiger Woods win for his work in bringing money and younger audiences to the game. "The game desperately needs Tiger to win another major," Player says.

Steven Saunders ESPN UK 

Bored of waiting on the first tee for spectators to clear the walkway 100 yards up the fairway, Ian Poulter cracks a 3-hybrid over their heads. "Oh my god," shrieks one woman in the grandstand. Poulter turns and shrugs, all in good fun.

Steven Saunders ESPN UK 

Tiger Woods using Wednesday afternoon at Carnoustie to prepare at an equivalent time to his 3:21 p.m. local tee-off on Thursday.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

This is the last betting sheet in a five town radius from Ladbrokes. The clerk in Monifieth, Angus, Scotland told he called every betting shop in the area to no avail.

Matt Cooper Special to 

Can 60-year-old Bernhard Langer feature on the leaderboard this week? If course experience counts few have as much as the German in recent years. He won the British Senior Open at Carnoustie in 2010 and was ninth in 2016. He also lapped with field in that event at Royal Porthcawl in 2014, winning by 13 shots in fast-running conditions very similar to this week in Scotland.

Tom Hamilton Senior Writer, ESPN UK 

Rory McIlroy asked about whether he'll ever return that big old haircut he sported in the earlier days of his career. "Looking back now... I didn't realise how big it was..." so fans of the Rory-fro are likely to be disappointed here at Carnoustie.

Matt Cooper Special to 

Emiliano Grillo is the only Argentinian golfer in the field this week, but Carnoustie has been suited to his compatriots down the years. There have been no less than seven Puma top tens in seven Opens on the course, most recently when Andres Romero was third in 2007. Does Grillo have a chance to make it eight? He was was 12th at Royal Troon in 2016 and has eight top 20s from 16 starts this year.

Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

Donald Trump's presidency has made his golf course at Turnberry -- and a 4-time Open site -- a considerable source of speculation going forward. The Open has been awarded (Royal Portrush, Royal St. George's, St Andrews) through 2021, and the subject of 2022 was raised again Wednesday at the R&A's annual news conference, where chief executive Martin Slumbers deftly swatted it away. "We will be going south of the border,'' he said, meaning one of the four venues in England -- most likely Royal Lytham or Royal Liverpool -- would be next up.

Steven Saunders ESPN UK 

There's out of bounds at Carnoustie, and then there's this at the ninth. (📸 Matt Cooper)