Jacob's Creek Open Championship

  • February 15 - 18, 2007
  • Kooyonga Golf Club
  • Par 72
    Yards 7,110
  • Purse $600,000
    2007 Champion Scott Sterling


1-Scott SterlingS. Sterling-12-1F70696671276$0-
3-Brendan JonesB. Jones-10-1F71686871278$0-
T5-Peter SeniorP. Senior-9+2F68686974279$0-
T5-Craig ParryC. Parry-9-1F71647371279$0-
T5-Brett RumfordB. Rumford-9-1F66697371279$0-
T8-Nick FlanaganN. Flanagan-8-3F70707169280$0-
T8-Brad OttB. Ott-8+2F66707074280$0-
T11-Roland ThatcherR. Thatcher-7-1F71697071281$0-
T11-Greg ChalmersG. Chalmers-7+2F67697174281$0-
T14-Brad FritschB. Fritsch-6-1F69707271282$0-
T14-David SmailD. Smail-6EF70687272282$0-
T14-Aron PriceA. Price-6-1F72687171282$0-
T17-Jason CaronJ. Caron-5-1F70687471283$0-
T17-Roger TambelliniR. Tambellini-5+2F69687274283$0-
T17-Greg KraftG. Kraft-5EF72706972283$0-
T17-Gary ChristianG. Christian-5EF72697072283$0-
T22-Michael WrightM. Wright-4-1F72667571284$0-
T22-Gabriel HjertstedtG. Hjertstedt-4+5F71676977284$0-
T22-Jimmy WalkerJ. Walker-4-4F74687468284$0-
T22-Cameron PercyC. Percy-4+3F69707075284$0-
T26-Scott HendS. Hend-3+4F70726776285$0-
T26-Peter FowlerP. Fowler-3-2F69717570285$0-
T26-Bradley HughesB. Hughes-3+2F71707074285$0-
T26-Scott DunlapS. Dunlap-3-1F68717571285$0-
T26-Michael LetzigM. Letzig-3-2F73687470285$0-
T31-Jason EnloeJ. Enloe-2+3F72667375286$0-
T31-Jason DayJ. Day-2EF72707272286$0-
T31-Henrik BjornstadH. Bjornstad-2+1F70717273286$0-
T31-Brad ElderB. Elder-2EF70727272286$0-
T35-Chris NallenC. Nallen-1+8F66736880287$0-
T35-Won LeeW. Lee-1+2F71717174287$0-
T35-Jens NilssonJ. Nilsson-1+3F70707275287$0-
T39-Gavin FlintG. FlintE+5F70687377288$0-
T39-Nicholas ThompsonN. ThompsonE+2F70707474288$0-
T39-Brock MackenzieB. MackenzieE+2F70717374288$0-
T39-Peter TomasuloP. TomasuloE+3F72677475288$0-
T39-Scott LaycockS. LaycockE+5F73687077288$0-
T46-Anthony PainterA. Painter+1+3F67727575289$0-
T46-Erik ComptonE. Compton+1+3F70707475289$0-
T46-Justin BolliJ. Bolli+1-1F68727871289$0-
T46-Tee McCabeT. McCabe+1+3F70697575289$0-
T50-Adam RidderingA. Riddering+2+4F70697576290$0-
T50-Joe DaleyJ. Daley+2+4F67747376290$0-
T50-Jarrod MoseleyJ. Moseley+2+6F69717278290$0-
T50-David OgrinD. Ogrin+2+3F70707575290$0-
T54-Michael LongM. Long+3+7F73697079291$0-
T54-Jeff KlaukJ. Klauk+3+1F72707673291$0-
T54-Todd DemseyT. Demsey+3+5F72707277291$0-
--Paul DonahooP. DonahooCUT-CUT7370----143$0-
--Patrick SheehanP. SheehanCUT-CUT7271----143$0-
--Jeremy AndersonJ. AndersonCUT-CUT7271----143$0-
--Scott GumpS. GumpCUT-CUT7370----143$0-
--Hunter HaasH. HaasCUT-CUT6974----143$0-
--David McKenzieD. McKenzieCUT-CUT7370----143$0-
--David HearnD. HearnCUT-CUT7568----143$0-
--Mike CaponeM. CaponeCUT-CUT6776----143$0-
--Chez ReavieC. ReavieCUT-CUT7172----143$0-
--Edward LoarE. LoarCUT-CUT7370----143$0-
58-D.A. PointsD.A. Points+4+5F71717377292$0-
T60-Peter O'MalleyP. O'Malley+6+7F69717579294$0-
T60-Michael SimM. Sim+6+4F67757676294$0-
62-Steven BowditchS. Bowditch+10+4F73688176298$0-
63-Ben BunnyB. Bunny+15+10F67757982303$0-
--Bryn ParryB. ParryCUT-CUT7074----144$0-
--Kim FeltonK. FeltonCUT-CUT7569----144$0-
--Terry PilkadarisT. PilkadarisCUT-CUT7371----144$0-
--Dustin BrayD. BrayCUT-CUT7470----144$0-
--Heath ReedH. ReedCUT-CUT7767----144$0-
--Martin LairdM. LairdCUT-CUT7074----144$0-
--Jim McGovernJ. McGovernCUT-CUT6975----144$0-
--Sal SpalloneS. SpalloneCUT-CUT7569----144$0-
--Aaron WatkinsA. WatkinsCUT-CUT7470----144$0-
--Wade OrmsbyW. OrmsbyCUT-CUT7074----144$0-
--Ramon BescansaR. BescansaCUT-CUT7173----144$0-
--David DiazD. DiazCUT-CUT7272----144$0-
--Curtis MalmC. MalmCUT-CUT7272----144$0-
--Chad CollinsC. CollinsCUT-CUT6975----144$0-
--Tristan LambertT. LambertCUT-CUT7371----144$0-
--Jason AllredJ. AllredCUT-CUT7372----145$0-
--Brad AdamonisB. AdamonisCUT-CUT7570----145$0-
--John KimbellJ. KimbellCUT-CUT7372----145$0-
--Ricky BarnesR. BarnesCUT-CUT7273----145$0-
--Phil TataurangiP. TataurangiCUT-CUT7174----145$0-
--Ben BatesB. BatesCUT-CUT7570----145$0-
--Eric EgloffE. EgloffCUT-CUT7076----146$0-
--David Morland IVD. Morland IVCUT-CUT7472----146$0-
--Wayne GradyW. GradyCUT-CUT7373----146$0-
--Jon MillsJ. MillsCUT-CUT7373----146$0-
--Kyle ThompsonK. ThompsonCUT-CUT7472----146$0-
--Chris GrayC. GrayCUT-CUT7373----146$0-
--Ash HallA. HallCUT-CUT7373----146$0-
--Michael BrennanM. BrennanCUT-CUT7274----146$0-
--Tom CarterT. CarterCUT-CUT7374----147$0-
--Andrew TschudinA. TschudinCUT-CUT7176----147$0-
--Ryan HowisonR. HowisonCUT-CUT7077----147$0-
--Andrew JohnsonA. JohnsonCUT-CUT7275----147$0-
--Adam BlandA. BlandCUT-CUT7176----147$0-
--Ron WhittakerR. WhittakerCUT-CUT7473----147$0-
--John HumphriesJ. HumphriesCUT-CUT7374----147$0-
--Matt JonesM. JonesCUT-CUT7572----147$0-
--Euan WaltersE. WaltersCUT-CUT7375----148$0-
--Lucas ParsonsL. ParsonsCUT-CUT7672----148$0-
--Chris DownesC. DownesCUT-CUT7573----148$0-
--Terry PriceT. PriceCUT-CUT7573----148$0-
--Rodney BoothR. BoothCUT-CUT7772----149$0-
--Spike McRoyS. McRoyCUT-CUT7376----149$0-
--Matt HansenM. HansenCUT-CUT7476----150$0-
--Chris CampbellC. CampbellCUT-CUT7377----150$0-
--Rick PriceR. PriceCUT-CUT7377----150$0-
--Ian LeggattI. LeggattCUT-CUT7774----151$0-
--Chris BarylaC. BarylaCUT-CUT7675----151$0-
--Brad SutterfieldB. SutterfieldCUT-CUT7576----151$0-
--Ryan HietalaR. HietalaCUT-CUT7577----152$0-
--Elliot GealyE. GealyCUT-CUT7380----153$0-
--Shane BaxterS. BaxterCUT-CUT7882----160$0-
--Louis FullerL. FullerCUT-CUT7983----162$0-
--Michael CurtainM. CurtainWD-WD86------86$0-


Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Golf takes too long? Kevin Na played his first nine holes in 1 hour and 23 minutes. Phil Mickelson and Jimmy Walker were the second group out at 9:20a EST and finished in a blistering 3:10. When I told Mickelson that Na played the front in 1:23 the lefty replied, "We didn't see him all day. How's that even possible?!" Fast pro golf, that's how.

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Dustin Johnson, answering a question about the science behind his swing: “There's not a whole lot of science going on here.”

Jason Sobel ESPN Senior Writer 

Going into tomorrow's final round of the Tour Championship, there's a tie atop the leaderboard -- and a stark dichotomy between the two players. Dustin Johnson is seeking his fourth win of the year en route to a likely POY award, while Kevin Chappell is searching for his elusive first career victory.

Jason Sobel ESPN Senior Writer 

Rory McIlroy on the claim by U.S. captain Davis Love III that he might have the best Ryder Cup team ever: "They've definitely assembled the best task force ever."

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Rory McIlroy on Davis Love III claim that U.S. might be best Ryder Cup team ever: "They've definitely assembled the best task force ever."

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Three straight birdies for Dustin Johnson. To put this thing into CFB terms, we're close to seeing backups in and continuous clock running.

Bucci Mane @Buccigross

No one is going to hang with Dustin Johnson at Tour Championship this weekend. He'll win and be Player of Year. Ryder Cup next weekend.

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Bubba Watson is 5-under for the day through 12 holes. He's clearly heating up, but I'm not sure he's officially at "hot hand" status yet.