Toshiba Classic

  • March 5 - 7, 2010
  • Newport Beach Country Club
  • Par 71
    Yards 6,584
  • Purse $1,700,000
    2010 Champion Fred Couples


1-Fred CouplesF. Couples-18-6F666465195$255,000.00-
2-Ronnie BlackR. Black-14-6F676765199$149,600.00-
T3-Tom LehmanT. Lehman-12-2F676569201$112,200.00-
T3-Lu Chien SoonL. Chien Soon-12-2F656769201$112,200.00-
T5-Tom WatsonT. Watson-11-9F697162202$74,800.00-
T5-Loren RobertsL. Roberts-11-3F676768202$74,800.00-
T7-Corey PavinC. Pavin-9-4F686967204$57,800.00-
T7-John CookJ. Cook-9-3F706668204$57,800.00-
T9-Scott SimpsonS. Simpson-8-5F697066205$40,800.00-
T9-Nick PriceN. Price-8-4F687067205$40,800.00-
T9-Tom Pernice, Jr.T. Pernice, Jr.-8-4F696967205$40,800.00-
T9-Dan ForsmanD. Forsman-8-4F706867205$40,800.00-
T9-David PeoplesD. Peoples-8-3F696868205$40,800.00-
T14-Olin BrowneO. Browne-7-4F667367206$30,600.00-
T14-D.A. WeibringD.A. Weibring-7-4F677267206$30,600.00-
T14-Peter SeniorP. Senior-7-4F716867206$30,600.00-
T17-Bernhard LangerB. Langer-6-6F707265207$22,058.00-
T17-David EgerD. Eger-6-3F697068207$22,058.00-
T17-Bobby WadkinsB. Wadkins-6-2F677169207$22,058.00-
T17-Mike GoodesM. Goodes-6-2F667269207$22,058.00-
T17-Bob TwayB. Tway-6-1F657270207$22,058.00-
T17-Hale IrwinH. Irwin-6-2F716769207$22,058.00-
T17-Mark WiebeM. Wiebe-6EF657171207$22,058.00-
T17-Eduardo RomeroE. Romero-6EF676971207$22,058.00-
T25-Peter JacobsenP. Jacobsen-5-4F726967208$16,207.00-
T25-Larry NelsonL. Nelson-5-3F697168208$16,207.00-
T25-Bob GilderB. Gilder-5+1F706672208$16,207.00-
T28-Tom JenkinsT. Jenkins-4-3F707168209$14,450.00-
T28-Russ CochranR. Cochran-4EF706871209$14,450.00-
T30-Craig StadlerC. Stadler-3-3F727068210$12,807.00-
T30-Wayne LeviW. Levi-3EF677271210$12,807.00-
T30-Mark O'MearaM. O'Meara-3-6F717465210$12,807.00-
T33-Tom KiteT. Kite-2-1F687370211$10,483.00-
T33-Ted SchulzT. Schulz-2-1F707170211$10,483.00-
T33-Tim SimpsonT. Simpson-2-3F717268211$10,483.00-
T33-Bruce FleisherB. Fleisher-2-2F727069211$10,483.00-
T33-Jim RoyJ. Roy-2-3F707368211$10,483.00-
T33-David FrostD. Frost-2+1F706972211$10,483.00-
T39-Morris HatalskyM. Hatalsky-1EF707171212$8,500.00-
T39-Mike ReidM. Reid-1EF717071212$8,500.00-
T39-Hal SuttonH. Sutton-1-3F717368212$8,500.00-
T39-Gary HallbergG. Hallberg-1+4F677075212$8,500.00-
T43-Tommy Armour IIIT. Armour IIIE-1F717270213$6,800.00-
T43-Fred FunkF. FunkE-1F727170213$6,800.00-
T43-Ben CrenshawB. CrenshawE+2F707073213$6,800.00-
T43-Jeff SlumanJ. SlumanE-3F737268213$6,800.00-
T43-Phil BlackmarP. BlackmarE-3F737268213$6,800.00-
T43-Bruce VaughanB. VaughanE-5F737466213$6,800.00-
T49-Dana QuigleyD. Quigley+1+1F717172214$4,930.00-
T49-Joey SindelarJ. Sindelar+1+3F726874214$4,930.00-
T49-Don PooleyD. Pooley+1-1F747070214$4,930.00-
T49-Joe OzakiJ. Ozaki+1-2F737269214$4,930.00-
T49-Keith FergusK. Fergus+1-3F737368214$4,930.00-
T54-Tom PurtzerT. Purtzer+2+3F687374215$3,740.00-
T54-Allen DoyleA. Doyle+2+1F746972215$3,740.00-
T54-Kirk HanefeldK. Hanefeld+2+1F746972215$3,740.00-
T54-Gil MorganG. Morgan+2-2F757169215$3,740.00-
T54-Mark McNultyM. McNulty+2-3F717668215$3,740.00-
T59-Steve HaskinsS. Haskins+3+1F717372216$2,975.00-
T59-Larry MizeL. Mize+3EF727371216$2,975.00-
T59-Fuzzy ZoellerF. Zoeller+3-1F747270216$2,975.00-
T59-John HarrisJ. Harris+3-1F757170216$2,975.00-
T63-Lonnie NielsenL. Nielsen+4+8F667279217$2,465.00-
T63-Blaine McCallisterB. McCallister+4EF747271217$2,465.00-
T65-Paul AzingerP. Azinger+5+3F717374218$2,125.00-
T65-Gene JonesG. Jones+5+2F727373218$2,125.00-
T67-Dick MastD. Mast+6+5F727176219$1,723.00-
T67-Mike HulbertM. Hulbert+6+2F727473219$1,723.00-
T67-Graham MarshG. Marsh+6EF747471219$1,723.00-
70-Gary McCordG. McCord+7+2F747373220$1,496.00-
71-Curtis StrangeC. Strange+8+1F767372221$1,394.00-
72-Fulton AllemF. Allem+9EF757671222$1,292.00-
73-Lee TrevinoL. Trevino+10+6F727477223$1,190.00-
74-Lanny WadkinsL. Wadkins+15+5F747876228$1,122.00-
75-Isao AokiI. Aoki+16+6F767677229$1,054.00-
76-Bruce LietzkeB. Lietzke+17+9F767480230$986.00-
77-Greg HopkinsG. Hopkins+18+4F787875231$918.00-
78-Paul HahnP. Hahn+30+7F858078243$850.00-
--Andy BeanA. BeanWD-WD7414--74$0-
--Dave StocktonD. StocktonWD-WD79----79$0-


Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Golf takes too long? Kevin Na played his first nine holes in 1 hour and 23 minutes. Phil Mickelson and Jimmy Walker were the second group out at 9:20a EST and finished in a blistering 3:10. When I told Mickelson that Na played the front in 1:23 the lefty replied, "We didn't see him all day. How's that even possible?!" Fast pro golf, that's how.

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Dustin Johnson, answering a question about the science behind his swing: “There's not a whole lot of science going on here.”

Jason Sobel ESPN Senior Writer 

Going into tomorrow's final round of the Tour Championship, there's a tie atop the leaderboard -- and a stark dichotomy between the two players. Dustin Johnson is seeking his fourth win of the year en route to a likely POY award, while Kevin Chappell is searching for his elusive first career victory.

Jason Sobel ESPN Senior Writer 

Rory McIlroy on the claim by U.S. captain Davis Love III that he might have the best Ryder Cup team ever: "They've definitely assembled the best task force ever."

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Rory McIlroy on Davis Love III claim that U.S. might be best Ryder Cup team ever: "They've definitely assembled the best task force ever."

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Three straight birdies for Dustin Johnson. To put this thing into CFB terms, we're close to seeing backups in and continuous clock running.

Bucci Mane @Buccigross

No one is going to hang with Dustin Johnson at Tour Championship this weekend. He'll win and be Player of Year. Ryder Cup next weekend.

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Bubba Watson is 5-under for the day through 12 holes. He's clearly heating up, but I'm not sure he's officially at "hot hand" status yet.