Bob Hope Classic

  • January 20 - 25, 2010
  • PGA West (Palmer) - La Quinta, CA
  • La Quinta CC - La Quinta, CA
  • Silver Rock - La Quinta, CA
  • PGA West (Nicklaus) - La Quinta, CA
  • Purse $5,000,000
    2010 Champion Bill Haas


1-Bill HaasB. Haas-30-8F6866666664330$900,000.00500-
T2-Bubba WatsonB. Watson-29-6F6662686966331$373,333.34208-
T2-Matt KucharM. Kuchar-29-9F6769676563331$373,333.34208-
T2-Tim ClarkT. Clark-29-7F7063676665331$373,333.34208-
5-Alex PrughA. Prugh-28-5F6466657067332$200,000.00110-
6-Mike WeirM. Weir-26-6F6767676766334$180,000.00100-
7-D.J. TrahanD.J. Trahan-24-6F6968656866336$167,500.0090-
T8-Kevin NaK. Na-23-6F6966676966337$150,000.0083-
T8-Matt JonesM. Jones-23-6F6967696666337$150,000.0083-
T10-Kevin StreelmanK. Streelman-22-2F7071636470338$115,000.0065-
T10-Brandt SnedekerB. Snedeker-22-4F7069656668338$115,000.0065-
T10-Chad CollinsC. Collins-22-4F6764697068338$115,000.0065-
T10-Vaughn TaylorV. Taylor-22-5F6667736567338$115,000.0065-
T10-Ryan MooreR. Moore-22-3F6967666769338$115,000.0065-
T15-Kevin SutherlandK. Sutherland-21-6F6971686566339$85,000.0055-
T15-Steve ElkingtonS. Elkington-21-3F6965686869339$85,000.0055-
T15-Brian GayB. Gay-21-7F7165706865339$85,000.0055-
T18-Martin FloresM. Flores-20EF6665657272340$58,750.0050-
T18-Richard JohnsonR. Johnson-20-3F6969656869340$58,750.0050-
T18-Jason DufnerJ. Dufner-20-4F7267646968340$58,750.0050-
T18-Jeff KlaukJ. Klauk-20-2F6672676570340$58,750.0050-
T18-George McNeillG. McNeill-20-4F6572657068340$58,750.0050-
T18-Kevin StadlerK. Stadler-20-4F6769696768340$58,750.0050-
T18-Graham DeLaetG. DeLaet-20-5F7169676667340$58,750.0050-
T18-Derek LamelyD. Lamely-20-6F6869667166340$58,750.0050-
T26-John MerrickJ. Merrick-19-1F6870666671341$35,500.0042-
T26-Garrett WillisG. Willis-19-3F6569706869341$35,500.0042-
T26-Charles Howell IIIC. Howell III-19-5F6869667167341$35,500.0042-
T26-Joe OgilvieJ. Ogilvie-19+2F6566686874341$35,500.0042-
T26-Bo Van PeltB. Van Pelt-19-7F7370666765341$35,500.0042-
T26-Pat PerezP. Perez-19-6F6869687066341$35,500.0042-
T26-Jeff QuinneyJ. Quinney-19-5F6474696767341$35,500.0042-
T33-Heath SlocumH. Slocum-18-3F6672686769342$26,416.6736-
T33-J.P. HayesJ.P. Hayes-18-3F6567707169342$26,416.6736-
T33-Jason BohnJ. Bohn-18-4F6972686568342$26,416.6736-
T33-Webb SimpsonW. Simpson-18-1F6772666671342$26,416.6636-
T33-Brendon de JongeB. de Jonge-18-6F7367676966342$26,416.6636-
T33-Ricky BarnesR. Barnes-18-5F6772676967342$26,416.6736-
T39-Matt BettencourtM. Bettencourt-17-1F7166696671343$21,500.0031-
T39-Carl PetterssonC. Pettersson-17-2F7366666870343$21,500.0031-
T39-John SendenJ. Senden-17-2F6869686870343$21,500.0031-
T42-Ryan PalmerR. Palmer-16EF7267646972344$17,000.0027-
T42-Michael BradleyM. Bradley-16-4F7468706468344$17,000.0027-
T42-Henrik BjornstadH. Bjornstad-16-4F6870706868344$17,000.0027-
T42-Rod PamplingR. Pampling-16-5F6770707067344$17,000.0027-
T42-David TomsD. Toms-16-5F7070677067344$17,000.0027-
T42-Chris CouchC. Couch-16-6F7172666966344$17,000.0027-
T48-Chris DiMarcoC. DiMarco-15EF7267666872345$12,900.0022-
T48-Jeff OvertonJ. Overton-15-1F6868696971345$12,900.0022-
T48-Jamie LovemarkJ. Lovemark-15-4F7171666968345$12,900.000-
T48-Joe DurantJ. Durant-15-6F7169697066345$12,900.0022-
T52-Ben CraneB. Crane-14+1F7069706473346$11,660.0017-
T52-Billy MayfairB. Mayfair-14-3F7171696669346$11,660.0017-
T52-Roger TambelliniR. Tambellini-14-1F6671706871346$11,660.0017-
T52-Freddie JacobsonF. Jacobson-14-2F7067687170346$11,660.0017-
T52-Chris WilsonC. Wilson-14-4F6967717168346$11,660.0017-
T57-Brian DavisB. Davis-13-4F7370696768347$11,050.0012-
T57-Lee JanzenL. Janzen-13EF6970667072347$11,050.0012-
T57-Greg ChalmersG. Chalmers-13-1F7069686971347$11,050.0012-
T57-Jerod TurnerJ. Turner-13-2F6969716870347$11,050.0012-
T57-Josh TeaterJ. Teater-13-4F7169697068347$11,050.0012-
T57-Tom GillisT. Gillis-13-3F6866727269347$11,050.0012-
T63-Omar UrestiO. Uresti-12-1F7067716971348$10,500.006-
T63-Ryuji ImadaR. Imada-12EF6771687072348$10,500.006-
T63-Michael SimM. Sim-12-2F7367696970348$10,500.006-
T63-Harrison FrazarH. Frazar-12-2F7272686670348$10,500.006-
T63-Troy MerrittT. Merritt-12-1F7270666971348$10,500.006-
T68-Bob EstesB. Estes-11-2F6872687170349$10,100.002-
T68-Brenden PappasB. Pappas-11-1F6870707071349$10,100.002-
T68-Bill LundeB. Lunde-11EF6868717072349$10,100.002-
T71-Greg OwenG. Owen-9EF7465707072351$9,800.001-
T71-Brett QuigleyB. Quigley-9+3F7166697075351$9,800.001-
T71-Shane BertschS. Bertsch-9EF6269777172351$9,800.001-
74-Paul GoydosP. Goydos-6+8F6969676980354$9,600.001-
--Justin RoseJ. RoseCUT-CUT70676974--280$00-
--Scott McCarronS. McCarronCUT-CUT67716775--280$00-
--Briny BairdB. BairdCUT-CUT68677570--280$00-
--Scott VerplankS. VerplankCUT-CUT70746769--280$00-
--Rocco MediateR. MediateCUT-CUT75716767--280$00-
--Jimmy WalkerJ. WalkerCUT-CUT71686972--280$00-
--Nicholas ThompsonN. ThompsonCUT-CUT72717068--281$00-
--David DuvalD. DuvalCUT-CUT74657369--281$00-
--Justin BolliJ. BolliCUT-CUT70716773--281$00-
--Jesper ParnevikJ. ParnevikCUT-CUT68697470--281$00-
--Tim PetrovicT. PetrovicCUT-CUT67757069--281$00-
--Jay WilliamsonJ. WilliamsonCUT-CUT71687171--281$00-
--Charley HoffmanC. HoffmanCUT-CUT69727070--281$00-
--James NittiesJ. NittiesCUT-CUT71697269--281$00-
--Blake AdamsB. AdamsCUT-CUT74686970--281$00-
--D.A. PointsD.A. PointsCUT-CUT70717070--281$00-
--Chez ReavieC. ReavieCUT-CUT71716970--281$00-
--Rich BeemR. BeemCUT-CUT71746869--282$00-
--Cameron PercyC. PercyCUT-CUT70707171--282$00-
--Chad CampbellC. CampbellCUT-CUT79706469--282$00-
--Sam SaundersS. SaundersCUT-CUT74677170--282$00-
--Martin LairdM. LairdCUT-CUT73727167--283$00-
--Billy HorschelB. HorschelCUT-CUT77686771--283$00-
--Mathew GogginM. GogginCUT-CUT76716868--283$00-
--Ted PurdyT. PurdyCUT-CUT70697173--283$00-
--Kevin JohnsonK. JohnsonCUT-CUT76756568--284$00-
--Chris StroudC. StroudCUT-CUT71687669--284$00-
--Kris BlanksK. BlanksCUT-CUT69757169--284$00-
--Johnson WagnerJ. WagnerCUT-CUT75707367--285$00-
--Matt EveryM. EveryCUT-CUT69717372--285$00-
--Mark BrooksM. BrooksCUT-CUT70717371--285$00-
--Justin LeonardJ. LeonardCUT-CUT75717268--286$00-
--Alex CejkaA. CejkaCUT-CUT70747072--286$00-
--Marc TurnesaM. TurnesaCUT-CUT69707572--286$00-
--Garth MulroyG. MulroyCUT-CUT73726972--286$00-
--Jeff GoveJ. GoveCUT-CUT72697471--286$00-
--Chris TidlandC. TidlandCUT-CUT72726973--286$00-
--Mark CalcavecchiaM. CalcavecchiaCUT-CUT71776871--287$00-
--Daniel ChopraD. ChopraCUT-CUT73717370--287$00-
--Boo WeekleyB. WeekleyCUT-CUT71746775--287$00-
--John MallingerJ. MallingerCUT-CUT74766870--288$00-
--Cameron BeckmanC. BeckmanCUT-CUT67747572--288$00-
--Scott PiercyS. PiercyCUT-CUT76717269--288$00-
--David LutterusD. LutterusCUT-CUT75707471--290$00-
--Steve LoweryS. LoweryCUT-CUT71767371--291$00-
--Chris BarylaC. BarylaCUT-CUT71787270--291$00-
--Greg KraftG. KraftCUT-CUT75737272--292$00-
--Brad FaxonB. FaxonCUT-CUT70737971--293$00-
--Rickie FowlerR. FowlerCUT-CUT74707575--294$00-
--Woody AustinW. AustinCUT-CUT77707375--295$00-
--Steve FleschS. FleschCUT-CUT71787176--296$00-
--Craig StadlerC. StadlerCUT-CUT76757176--298$00-
--Jeff MaggertJ. MaggertWD-WD766770----213$00-
--Ron SkayhanR. SkayhanWD-WD717578----224$00-


Kevin Maguire Golf 

Rory McIlroy dropping some great one-liners in his Ryder Cup press conference just now. -- "I bowed to them, said you're welcome for the show," after sinking an eagle putt to close out his four-ball win Friday afternoon. -- "I thought about the celebration before I hit the (eagle) putt," that sealed his four-ball victory. As usual, a very open and honest McIlroy. Team USA 5, Team Europe 3.

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Rory McIlroy on not shaking Austin Johnson's hand: "Oh, did I? I get on with AJ really well. I'll text him. I'll have to go apologize."

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Rory McIlroy: "Even before I hit that putt, I wanted to put an exclamation point on the session. I was thinking about that celebration."

Ian O'Connor @Ian_OConnor

Rory McIlroy's villainous bows to the enemy crowd just took me back to Reggie Miller at Madison Square Garden.

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Rory McIlroy: "It was hostile out there. Reactions like that on the last, I just want to let people know how much it means to us."

Ian O'Connor ESPN Senior Writer 

Rory McIlroy's theatric bows to the enemy crowd just took me back to Reggie Miller at Madison Square Garden.

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Rory McIlroy with an eagle to win the match, followed by all sorts of screams and fist pumps and bows to the crowd. Too much swag.

Jason Sobel ESPN Senior Writer 

Ryan Moore tried to keep himself and J.B. Holmes in their fourballs match, but it proved too little, too late. Sergio Garcia -- who often looks like world's best putter at this event and this event alone -- rolled in five birdies to team with countryman Rafa Cabrera-Bello for the 3 and 2 victory.

Jason Sobel ESPN Senior Writer 

Brandt Snedeker and Brooks Koepka didn't play this morning, but never trailed as partners this afternoon, steamrolling the European duo of Danny Willett and Martin Kaymer for what is very likely going to be the only U.S. point of the afternoon.

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Brandt Snedeker after win: "My job was to make putts and let Brooks Koepka do what he does." They both did what they do.

Bob Harig @BobHarig

Jack Nicklaus gave talk to U.S. team Thursday night. .. He apparently wasn't available to do same prior to afternoon matches. #RyderCup

Jason Sobel ESPN Senior Writer 

It took exactly 10 hours and 1 minute from this morning's start, but Europe finally has its first point on the board, as Justin Rose and Henrik Stenson beat Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reed, making nine birdies in a 5 and 4 win.

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

It took exactly 10 hours and 1 minute, but Europe finally has its first point on the board, as Rose and Stenson beat Spieth and Reed.

Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

How the at-large picks are faring as it stands now at the Ryder Cup. Europe's three: Kaymer, Pieters, Westwood combined to play in 5 matches. .. and will win 1 point. U.S. four: Fowler, Holmes, Kuchar, Moore combined to play 5 matches ... and will win 2 points.