The Vivendi

  • September 23 - 26, 2010
  • Marly Course
    Par 72
    Yards 6,729
  • Retz Course
    Par 72
    Yards 6,812
  • 2010 Champion John Parry


1-John ParryJ. Parry-17-2F64677070271-
2-Johan EdforsJ. Edfors-15-1F61746771273-
T3-Soren KjeldsenS. Kjeldsen-14-2F65706970274-
T3-Jarmo SandelinJ. Sandelin-14-1F65667271274-
T3-Robert-Jan DerksenR. Derksen-14-1F66696871274-
T3-Francois DelamontagneF. Delamontagne-14-1F66696871274-
T3-Mark F HaastrupM. F Haastrup-14EF66706672274-
T8-Padraig HarringtonP. Harrington-13-8F68746964275-
T8-James MorrisonJ. Morrison-13-4F66687368275-
T8-Pablo LarrazabalP. Larrazabal-13-1F69676871275-
T8-Richard GreenR. Green-13EF68666972275-
12-Julien GuerrierJ. Guerrier-12-2F65697270276-
T13-George CoetzeeG. Coetzee-11EF68667172277-
T13-Jean-Francois RemesyJ. Remesy-11-1F64727071277-
T15-Anthony SnobeckA. Snobeck-10-5F71716967278-
T15-Jamie ElsonJ. Elson-10-3F71696969278-
T15-Chris GaneC. Gane-10-1F65717171278-
T15-Pelle EdbergP. Edberg-10EF65707172278-
T19-Richard McEvoyR. McEvoy-9-4F71716968279-
T19-Gregory BourdyG. Bourdy-9-2F73657170279-
T19-Paul McGinleyP. McGinley-9-2F68736870279-
T19-Tano GoyaT. Goya-9-1F71706771279-
T19-Thomas LevetT. Levet-9EF68726772279-
T19-Kenneth FerrieK. Ferrie-9+3F65726775279-
T25-Benjamin HebertB. Hebert-8-2F73696870280-
T25-Raphael JacquelinR. Jacquelin-8-1F67697371280-
T25-Jose Manuel LaraJ. Manuel Lara-8-1F68697271280-
T25-Daniel VancsikD. Vancsik-8EF68726872280-
T25-Mikael LundbergM. Lundberg-8EF70716772280-
T30-Joost LuitenJ. Luiten-7-3F69677669281-
T30-Peter WhitefordP. Whiteford-7-3F67707569281-
T30-Gregory HavretG. Havret-7-3F68727269281-
T30-Paul WaringP. Waring-7+2F66736874281-
T30-Andrew McArthurA. McArthur-7+3F66697175281-
T35-Maarten LafeberM. Lafeber-6-2F71717070282-
T35-Rick KulaczR. Kulacz-6-1F70707171282-
T35-Gary LockerbieG. Lockerbie-6EF70726872282-
T35-Philip ArcherP. Archer-6EF68717172282-
T35-Manuel QuirosM. Quiros-6+2F76646874282-
T40-Sam HutsbyS. Hutsby-5-2F69707470283-
T40-Alastair ForsythA. Forsyth-5-2F69727270283-
T40-Gary ClarkG. Clark-5-1F69707371283-
T40-Soren HansenS. Hansen-5+2F71657374283-
T40-Ignacio GarridoI. Garrido-5+2F68707174283-
T40-David DixonD. Dixon-5+4F63737176283-
T46-Benn BarhamB. Barham-4-4F69737468284-
T46-Jeppe HuldahlJ. Huldahl-4-3F68747369284-
T46-Fabien MartyF. Marty-4-2F67727570284-
T46-Robert RockR. Rock-4-2F70697570284-
T46-Sion BebbS. Bebb-4-1F71707271284-
T46-Gonzalo Fdez-CastanoG. Fdez-Castano-4EF73697072284-
T46-Chris WoodC. Wood-4EF74687072284-
T46-Clodomiro CarranzaC. Carranza-4+1F69717173284-
T46-Christian CevaerC. Cevaer-4+2F70726874284-
T46-Callum MacaulayC. Macaulay-4+3F70726775284-
T56-Martin WiegeleM. Wiegele-3+1F68717373285-
T56-Rafael EcheniqueR. Echenique-3+1F73677273285-
T56-Steven O'HaraS. O'Hara-3+1F70717173285-
T56-Robert ColesR. Coles-3+5F71706777285-
T60-Scott StrangeS. Strange-2+1F67707673286-
T60-Francois CalmelsF. Calmels-2EF70727272286-
T60-Marco RuizM. Ruiz-2+1F70707373286-
T60-Steven JeppesenS. Jeppesen-2+1F72707173286-
T60-Liam BondL. Bond-2+5F72696877286-
T65-Jean Baptiste GonnetJ. Baptiste Gonnet-1-1F67698071287-
T65-Todd HamiltonT. Hamilton-1+3F65727575287-
T65-Peter BakerP. Baker-1+3F69727175287-
T65-Julien QuesneJ. Quesne-1+4F73677176287-
T65-Jose Filipe LimaJ. Filipe Lima-1+8F71676980287-
T70-Christian NilssonC. NilssonE-3F73697769288-
T70-Marco SoffiettiM. SoffiettiEEF75677472288-
T72-Gary MurphyG. Murphy+2+3F69727475290-
T72-David HowellD. Howell+2+6F70687478290-
74-Adrien BernadetA. Bernadet+3+5F71717277291-
--Andrew TampionA. TampionCUT-CUT7073----143-
--Thomas BjornT. BjornCUT-CUT7073----143-
--Phillip PriceP. PriceCUT-CUT6974----143-
--Henrik NystromH. NystromCUT-CUT7370----143-
--Sam LittleS. LittleCUT-CUT7469----143-
--Marc WarrenM. WarrenCUT-CUT7370----143-
--Carl SunesonC. SunesonCUT-CUT7370----143-
--Christophe BrazillierC. BrazillierCUT-CUT7271----143-
--Andrew MarshallA. MarshallCUT-CUT7074----144-
--Peter LawrieP. LawrieCUT-CUT7470----144-
--Ake NilssonA. NilssonCUT-CUT7371----144-
--Jamie McLearyJ. McLearyCUT-CUT7173----144-
--Steve WebsterS. WebsterCUT-CUT7074----144-
--David VanegasD. VanegasCUT-CUT7273----145-
--Michael Lorenzo-VeraM. Lorenzo-VeraCUT-CUT6976----145-
--Gary BoydG. BoydCUT-CUT7273----145-
--Simon ThorntonS. ThorntonCUT-CUT7669----145-
--Adam GeeA. GeeCUT-CUT7174----145-
--Michiel BothmaM. BothmaCUT-CUT6778----145-
--Charles-edouard RussoC. RussoCUT-CUT7472----146-
--Martin ErlandssonM. ErlandssonCUT-CUT6878----146-
--Carlos RodilesC. RodilesCUT-CUT7175----146-
--Jean-Francois LucquinJ. LucquinCUT-CUT6878----146-
--Mark BrownM. BrownCUT-CUT7175----146-
--Niclas FasthN. FasthCUT-CUT7670----146-
--Victor RiuV. RiuCUT-CUT7769----146-
--Jean-Nicolas BillotJ. BillotCUT-CUT7473----147-
--Andrea MaestroniA. MaestroniCUT-CUT7374----147-
--Rudy ThuillierR. ThuillierCUT-CUT7374----147-
--Patrik SjolandP. SjolandCUT-CUT7374----147-
--Andrew ColtartA. ColtartCUT-CUT7275----147-
--Victor DubuissonV. DubuissonCUT-CUT7275----147-
--Kenny le SagerK. le SagerCUT-CUT7275----147-
--Luis ClaverieL. ClaverieCUT-CUT7177----148-
--Miles TunnicliffM. TunnicliffCUT-CUT7474----148-
--Mads Vibe-HastrupM. Vibe-HastrupCUT-CUT7969----148-
--Oliver FisherO. FisherCUT-CUT8070----150-
--Stephan Gross JnrS. Gross JnrCUT-CUT7575----150-
--Benoit TeilleriaB. TeilleriaCUT-CUT7674----150-
--Damien PerrierD. PerrierCUT-CUT7477----151-
--Nick DoughertyN. DoughertyCUT-CUT7576----151-
--James RuthJ. RuthCUT-CUT7576----151-
--Fredrik OhlssonF. OhlssonCUT-CUT7578----153-
--Scott DrummondS. DrummondCUT-CUT7678----154-
--Matthieu Van HauweM. Van HauweCUT-CUT7878----156-
--Ghislain RosierG. RosierCUT-CUT7780----157-


Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Rickie Fowler will take a four-stroke lead into Sunday's final round. Seeking his seventh career professional victory at the age of 28.

ESPN Stats and Information  

Rickie Fowler has a four-stroke lead heading to the final round of The Honda Classic, but he's 0-for-4 in his PGA Tour career when holding the lead (tied or outright) entering the final round of an event, never breaking par in the final round.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Martin Kaymer didn't follow his own mantra and it costs him at the Honda Classic. Kaymer, who's last PGA Tour victory was the 2014 U.S. Open said earlier during his Players Championship victory run that he was committed to "No Weichei" (sounds like Vice-eye when he says it). In German, Weichei literally means "soft egg" but is used as a soft insult meaning wimp or coward. On the par five 18th hole Saturday, Kaymer only had 257 yards to the hole but chose to layup instead of going for the green. He laid up in the rough and ended up making bogey on the second easiest hole on the golf course. Sunday Kaymer should go back to "No Weichei".

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Early Saturday at the Honda Classic, Brandon Hagy shot a bogey-free 64 catapulting him up the leaderboard after making the cut on the number Friday. Hagy is in the field on a sponsors invitation left open by Thomas Pieters who jokingly told me Tuesday, "He should send me flowers!" Pieters didn't use/need the sponsor's invite because his top ten finish (T-2) at the Genesis Open automatically qualified him for this week's Honda Classic. Brandon Hagy might wanna go ahead and send those flowers since Pieters missed the cut and is not around for the weekend!