Alfred Dunhill Championship

  • December 9 - 12, 2010
  • Leopard Creek GC
  • Par 72
    Yards 7,249
  • 2011 Champion Pablo Martin


1-Pablo MartinP. Martin-11-2F69706870277-
T2-Thorbjorn OlesenT. Olesen-9-6F71687466279-
T2-Charl SchwartzelC. Schwartzel-9-2F70706970279-
T2-Anthony MichaelA. Michael-9+1F66697173279-
5-Thomas AikenT. Aiken-7-2F72726770281-
T6-Robert DinwiddieR. Dinwiddie-6-2F69727170282-
T6-Alex HaindlA. Haindl-6+1F71667273282-
T8-Robert RockR. Rock-5-1F67707571283-
T8-David DrysdaleD. Drysdale-5-1F70707271283-
T10-James KingstonJ. Kingston-4-5F69717767284-
T10-Jbe' KrugerJ. Kruger-4EF72697172284-
T10-Dawie van der WaltD. van der Walt-4+5F67707077284-
T13-Tjaart van der WaltT. van der Walt-3-2F70707570285-
T13-David HowellD. Howell-3-1F72687471285-
T15-Rafael Cabrera BelloR. Cabrera Bello-2-3F68737669286-
T15-Hennie OttoH. Otto-2-2F73727170286-
T15-Keith HorneK. Horne-2EF68717572286-
T15-Grant MullerG. Muller-2EF70747072286-
T15-Phillip PriceP. Price-2+1F70756873286-
T15-Tc CharambaT. Charamba-2+2F70727074286-
T21-Alan McLeanA. McLean-1-4F70747568287-
T21-Trevor Fisher JrT. Fisher Jr-1-3F71727569287-
T21-Klas ErikssonK. Eriksson-1-3F68787269287-
T21-Martin WiegeleM. Wiegele-1-2F72707570287-
T21-Marius ThorpM. Thorp-1EF67717772287-
T21-Julien QuesneJ. Quesne-1EF73707272287-
T27-Floris De VriesF. De Vries+1-2F73727470289-
T27-Matt FordM. Ford+1-1F76687471289-
T27-Sebastian BuhlS. Buhl+1+1F67747573289-
T30-Rikard KarlbergR. Karlberg+2-3F77687669290-
T30-Gregory MolteniG. Molteni+2-3F71757569290-
T30-Tyrone van AswegenT. van Aswegen+2-1F74717471290-
T30-Merrick BremnerM. Bremner+2EF72747272290-
T30-Michael HoeyM. Hoey+2EF74727272290-
T30-Richard SterneR. Sterne+2+1F73727273290-
T30-Scott JamiesonS. Jamieson+2+5F71687477290-
T37-Doug McGuiganD. McGuigan+3-3F74727669291-
T37-Darren FichardtD. Fichardt+3+1F74727273291-
T37-Lee SlatteryL. Slattery+3+2F71737374291-
T37-Kyron SullivanK. Sullivan+3+3F72727275291-
T41-Neil CheethamN. Cheetham+4+4F71687776292-
T41-Alvaro VelascoA. Velasco+4+4F68727676292-
T43-Jean-Nicolas BillotJ. Billot+5EF71727872293-
T43-Colin NelC. Nel+5EF70747772293-
T43-Divan Van Den HeeverD. Van Den Heever+5EF71737772293-
T43-Bradford VaughanB. Vaughan+5EF72737672293-
T43-Kenneth FerrieK. Ferrie+5EF74727572293-
T43-Christiaan BassonC. Basson+5+2F75707474293-
T43-Damien McGraneD. McGrane+5+3F72737375293-
T43-Julio ZapataJ. Zapata+5+4F70717676293-
T51-Garry HoustonG. Houston+6-2F76707870294-
T51-Alex CejkaA. Cejka+6EF75697872294-
T51-Oskar HenningssonO. Henningsson+6+2F69708174294-
T51-Seve BensonS. Benson+6+6F72727278294-
T51-Jean HugoJ. Hugo+6+6F74727078294-
T51-Bernd WiesbergerB. Wiesberger+6+7F71737179294-
T51-Dale WhitnellD. Whitnell+6+8F74707080294-
T58-Mark LaskeyM. Laskey+7+1F73698073295-
T58-Marcus PalmM. Palm+7+1F74707873295-
T58-Desvonde BotesD. Botes+7+2F73737574295-
T61-Justin HardingJ. Harding+8-1F74718071296-
T61-Mark BrownM. Brown+8+1F69748073296-
T63-Johan Du buissonJ. Du buisson+9-2F71758170297-
T63-Steven JeppesenS. Jeppesen+9+2F71728074297-
T63-Jeremy KavanaghJ. Kavanagh+9+4F69777576297-
66-Anders SjostrandA. Sjostrand+13+8F70747780301-
67-Grant JacksonG. Jackson+16+8F78687880304-
68-David DixonD. Dixon+17+6F74728178305-
--Anthony WallA. WallCUT-CUT7473----147-
--Marcel SiemM. SiemCUT-CUT7473----147-
--Deane PappasD. PappasCUT-CUT7473----147-
--Ulrich Van Den BergU. Van Den BergCUT-CUT7572----147-
--Gary MurphyG. MurphyCUT-CUT7473----147-
--John BickertonJ. BickertonCUT-CUT7176----147-
--Louis OosthuizenL. OosthuizenCUT-CUT7671----147-
--Josh CunliffeJ. CunliffeCUT-CUT7374----147-
--Andrew GeorgiouA. GeorgiouCUT-CUT6879----147-
--Richard BlandR. BlandCUT-CUT7473----147-
--Daniel GauntD. GauntCUT-CUT7176----147-
--Lindani NdwandweL. NdwandweCUT-CUT7671----147-
--Tommy FleetwoodT. FleetwoodCUT-CUT7275----147-
--Dion FourieD. FourieCUT-CUT7572----147-
--Matthew ZionsM. ZionsCUT-CUT7473----147-
--Louis CalitzL. CalitzCUT-CUT7671----147-
--Bjorn AkessonB. AkessonCUT-CUT7374----147-
--John ParryJ. ParryCUT-CUT7672----148-
--Warren AberyW. AberyCUT-CUT7474----148-
--Garth MulroyG. MulroyCUT-CUT7573----148-
--Louis de JagerL. de JagerCUT-CUT7573----148-
--Charl CoetzeeC. CoetzeeCUT-CUT7375----148-
--Jaco AhlersJ. AhlersCUT-CUT7474----148-
--Chris Swanepoel Jr.C. Swanepoel Jr.CUT-CUT7177----148-
--Andre BossertA. BossertCUT-CUT7375----148-
--Joel SjoholmJ. SjoholmCUT-CUT7276----148-
--Andrew ButterfieldA. ButterfieldCUT-CUT7474----148-
--Kevin StoneK. StoneCUT-CUT7673----149-
--Martin MaritzM. MaritzCUT-CUT7376----149-
--Gary EvansG. EvansCUT-CUT7277----149-
--Ian KeenanI. KeenanCUT-CUT7376----149-
--Alan MichellA. MichellCUT-CUT7178----149-
--Desmond TerblancheD. TerblancheCUT-CUT7574----149-
--Andre CruseA. CruseCUT-CUT7871----149-
--Oliver BekkerO. BekkerCUT-CUT7476----150-
--Gary ClarkG. ClarkCUT-CUT7575----150-
--Michiel BothmaM. BothmaCUT-CUT7179----150-
--Jacques BlaauwJ. BlaauwCUT-CUT7278----150-
--Clinton WhitelawC. WhitelawCUT-CUT7476----150-
--Mark MurlessM. MurlessCUT-CUT7674----150-
--Teboho SefatsaT. SefatsaCUT-CUT7773----150-
--Ryan TippingR. TippingCUT-CUT7575----150-
--Louis MoolmanL. MoolmanCUT-CUT7872----150-
--Morne BuysM. BuysCUT-CUT7575----150-
--Jake RoosJ. RoosCUT-CUT7773----150-
--Robert ColesR. ColesCUT-CUT7872----150-
--Matt HainesM. HainesCUT-CUT7971----150-
--Steven FerreiraS. FerreiraCUT-CUT7872----150-
--Andrew JohnstonA. JohnstonCUT-CUT7377----150-
--Darryn LloydD. LloydCUT-CUT7476----150-
--Wallie CoetseeW. CoetseeCUT-CUT7576----151-
--James HeathJ. HeathCUT-CUT7675----151-
--Ben MannixB. MannixCUT-CUT7576----151-
--Peter KarmisP. KarmisCUT-CUT7972----151-
--Omar SandysO. SandysCUT-CUT6982----151-
--Jeppe HuldahlJ. HuldahlCUT-CUT7774----151-
--Florian PraegantF. PraegantCUT-CUT7973----152-
--Guillaume WatremezG. WatremezCUT-CUT7874----152-
--Brett LiddleB. LiddleCUT-CUT7775----152-
--Richard McEvoyR. McEvoyCUT-CUT7676----152-
--Derik FerreiraD. FerreiraCUT-CUT7677----153-
--Peter WhitefordP. WhitefordCUT-CUT7776----153-
--Titch MooreT. MooreCUT-CUT7479----153-
--Tyrone FerreiraT. FerreiraCUT-CUT7875----153-
--Willie Van Der MerweW. Van Der MerweCUT-CUT7875----153-
--Neil SchietekatN. SchietekatCUT-CUT7777----154-
--Daniel GreeneD. GreeneCUT-CUT7282----154-
--Jamie MoulJ. MoulCUT-CUT7678----154-
--Prinavin NelsonP. NelsonCUT-CUT7876----154-
--Reggie AdamsR. AdamsCUT-CUT7579----154-
--Henk AlbertsH. AlbertsCUT-CUT7679----155-
--David HewanD. HewanCUT-CUT8273----155-
--Matthew BaldwinM. BaldwinCUT-CUT7779----156-
--James KamteJ. KamteCUT-CUT7383----156-
--Adilson da SilvaA. da SilvaCUT-CUT8175----156-
--Tota Thimba jnrT. Thimba jnrCUT-CUT8175----156-
--Jonathan CaldwellJ. CaldwellCUT-CUT7977----156-
--George MurrayG. MurrayCUT-CUT7978----157-
--Ryan ThompsonR. ThompsonCUT-CUT7780----157-
--Warrick DruianW. DruianCUT-CUT8176----157-
--Nick MccarthyN. MccarthyCUT-CUT7682----158-
--Magnus CarlssonM. CarlssonCUT-CUT8078----158-
--Matt EvansM. EvansCUT-CUT7880----158-
--Dean BurmesterD. BurmesterCUT-CUT7782----159-
--Thabang SimonT. SimonCUT-CUT7585----160-
--Steve BassonS. BassonCUT-CUT7981----160-
--Oliver FisherO. FisherWD-WD-----------
--Steve SurryS. SurryWD-WD81------81-


Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Jason Day on the advice he'd give Dustin Johnson for being No. 1: "Whatever he's doing, he just needs to keep doing it."

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Bogey for Dustin Johnson, who now only leads by eight with nine holes to play. You can cut the tension with a feather.

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Dustin Johnson and Fred Couples both lead on a Sunday afternoon. Apparently, being cool is the in thing this year.

Kevin Maguire Golf 

Prior to Round 3 of the Genesis Open, Jordan Spieth had played every PGA Tour round in 2017 under par. That streak came to an end in Round 3 when he shot a 1-over-par 72. Last week's winner at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am had posted 18 consecutive rounds below par.

ESPN Stats and Information  

Dustin Johnson (-17) leads by six shots after his 3rd round. He will climb to No. 1 in the Official World Golf Rankings with a win.

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Dustin Johnson is 18 holes away from becoming the 20th different No. 1-ranked player in 31-year history of the Official World Golf Ranking.

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

With tournament title and the No. 1 ranking on the line, Dustin Johnson just posted a bogey-free 7-under 64. Looked pretty nervous about it.

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Wesley Bryan is also known, in part, for being a trick-shot artist. Chasing down DJ on a Sunday afternoon would be his greatest trick yet.

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

No re-pairing for final round at Riv. Which means second-place Wesley Bryan will tee off seven groups and 1:10 before leader Dustin Johnson.

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Wesley Bryan moves up 18 places on the leaderboard, thanks to a 63. Still a few shy of course record posted by – you guessed it – Ted Tryba.

Jason Sobel ESPN Senior Writer 

It's going to be a long day for Dustin Johnson and everyone chasing him at the Genesis Open. Due to weather delays earlier in the event, Johnson will play 36 holes today in hopes of winning a PGA Tour event for the 10th consecutive season. If he does -- and if Jason Day finishes worse than a two-way tie for third -- Johnson will become the world's No. 1-ranked player for the first time, and the 20th different No. 1 since the ranking was introduced in 1986.