Trophee Hassan II

  • March 31 - April 3, 2011
  • Golf de L Ocean
    Par 71
    Yards 6,799
  • Golf du Palais
    Par 72
    Yards 6,844
  • Golf de Ocean
    Par 71
    Yards 6,799
  • 2011 Champion David Horsey


1-David HorseyD. Horsey-13-3F67716769274-
T2-Jaco Van ZylJ. Van Zyl-13-4F68736568274-
T2-Rhys DaviesR. Davies-13-3F67706869274-
4-George CoetzeeG. Coetzee-11-3F67716969276-
T5-Jean Baptiste GonnetJ. Baptiste Gonnet-10-5F71687167277-
T5-Oscar FlorenO. Floren-10-4F67746868277-
T7-Richie RamsayR. Ramsay-9-4F70746668278-
T7-Mikko IlonenM. Ilonen-9-1F74646971278-
T9-David LynnD. Lynn-8-4F75696768279-
T9-Tetsuji HiratsukaT. Hiratsuka-8-2F71687070279-
T11-Danny WillettD. Willett-7-4F72716968280-
T11-Florian FritschF. Fritsch-7-1F70697071280-
T11-Joost LuitenJ. Luiten-7EF68697172280-
T11-Lloyd SaltmanL. Saltman-7EF67726972280-
T15-Thomas BjornT. Bjorn-6-10F72737462281-
T15-Thorbjorn OlesenT. Olesen-6-4F70727168281-
T15-David DixonD. Dixon-6-2F69736970281-
T15-Mark TulloM. Tullo-6EF68726972281-
T19-Richard BlandR. Bland-5-4F71727168282-
T19-Jason KnutzonJ. Knutzon-5-4F70747068282-
T19-Michael HoeyM. Hoey-5-3F71727069282-
T19-George MurrayG. Murray-5-3F71746869282-
T19-Robert RockR. Rock-5-2F70687470282-
T19-Peter LawrieP. Lawrie-5-2F64767270282-
T19-Gregory BourdyG. Bourdy-5-2F69727170282-
T19-Michael CampbellM. Campbell-5-1F69717171282-
T19-Graeme StormG. Storm-5-1F71726871282-
T19-Jeev Milkha SinghJ. Milkha Singh-5EF70687272282-
T29-Maarten LafeberM. Lafeber-4-7F72737365283-
T29-Simon DysonS. Dyson-4-5F71737267283-
T29-Peter WhitefordP. Whiteford-4-3F69727369283-
T29-Raphael JacquelinR. Jacquelin-4-3F68776969283-
T29-Stephen DoddS. Dodd-4-1F70727071283-
T29-Shiv KapurS. Kapur-4+1F67717273283-
T29-Liam BondL. Bond-4+2F69707074283-
T29-Alvaro VelascoA. Velasco-4+2F70697074283-
T37-Ross BainR. Bain-3-5F75697367284-
T37-Santiago LunaS. Luna-3-4F75697268284-
T37-Robert ColesR. Coles-3-3F71747069284-
T37-Keith HorneK. Horne-3-2F69747170284-
T37-Ignacio GarridoI. Garrido-3-1F72726971284-
T37-Joel SjoholmJ. Sjoholm-3+1F68727173284-
T37-Simon WakefieldS. Wakefield-3+1F70726973284-
T44-Matthew NixonM. Nixon-2-4F71727468285-
T44-Fredrik Andersson HedF. Andersson Hed-2-4F75707268285-
T44-Romain WattelR. Wattel-2-3F71727369285-
T44-Robert-Jan DerksenR. Derksen-2-1F70737171285-
T44-Pablo LarrazabalP. Larrazabal-2+2F69717174285-
T44-Rafael Cabrera BelloR. Cabrera Bello-2+3F70726875285-
T44-Peter HedblomP. Hedblom-2+4F68707176285-
T51-Robert DinwiddieR. Dinwiddie-1-1F70717471286-
T51-Alejandro CanizaresA. Canizares-1+2F72707074286-
T53-Christian CevaerC. CevaerE-2F73717370287-
T53-Kenneth FerrieK. FerrieE-2F70737470287-
T53-Bernd WiesbergerB. WiesbergerE+2F74697074287-
T53-Oliver WilsonO. WilsonE+2F71736974287-
T53-Steve WebsterS. WebsterE+2F73726874287-
T58-Michael JonzonM. Jonzon+1EF70747272288-
T58-Barry LaneB. Lane+1+3F72717075288-
T60-Damien McGraneD. McGrane+2-2F70757470289-
T60-Oskar HenningssonO. Henningsson+2-1F69767371289-
T60-Christopher ryan BakerC. ryan Baker+2EF73717372289-
T60-Julio ZapataJ. Zapata+2+2F71677774289-
T60-Gary BoydG. Boyd+2+2F74717074289-
T65-Joakim HaeggmanJ. Haeggman+3-1F75707471290-
T65-John BickertonJ. Bickerton+3EF66767672290-
T65-Steven O'HaraS. O'Hara+3EF71747372290-
T65-Paul McGinleyP. McGinley+3+2F71717474290-
T65-Chris WoodC. Wood+3+3F70727375290-
T70-Stuart ManleyS. Manley+4+1F72727473291-
T70-James MorrisonJ. Morrison+4+2F69747474291-
T72-Soren KjeldsenS. Kjeldsen+5-1F71727871292-
T72-Tim SluiterT. Sluiter+5+4F69737476292-
T74-Matthew ZionsM. Zions+6+1F73727573293-
T74-Christian NilssonC. Nilsson+6+1F74717573293-
T74-Daniel GauntD. Gaunt+6+5F71747177293-
77-Darren ClarkeD. Clarke+7+3F69698175294-
78-Shaun NorrisS. Norris+19+8F70748280306-
--Tano GoyaT. GoyaCUT-CUT7274----146-
--Niclas FasthN. FasthCUT-CUT7274----146-
--Jean-Francois LucquinJ. LucquinCUT-CUT7571----146-
--Anthony KangA. KangCUT-CUT7373----146-
--Thomas LevetT. LevetCUT-CUT7571----146-
--Hennie OttoH. OttoCUT-CUT7274----146-
--David HowellD. HowellCUT-CUT7671----147-
--Mark BrownM. BrownCUT-CUT7473----147-
--Jose Manuel LaraJ. Manuel LaraCUT-CUT7671----147-
--Seve BensonS. BensonCUT-CUT7869----147-
--Lee SlatteryL. SlatteryCUT-CUT7374----147-
--Bradley DredgeB. DredgeCUT-CUT7474----148-
--Pablo MartinP. MartinCUT-CUT7078----148-
--Drew WeaverD. WeaverCUT-CUT7672----148-
--Marcel SiemM. SiemCUT-CUT7375----148-
--Mark FosterM. FosterCUT-CUT7375----148-
--Phillip PriceP. PriceCUT-CUT7474----148-
--Nicolas ColsaertsN. ColsaertsCUT-CUT7078----148-
--Simon KhanS. KhanCUT-CUT7573----148-
--Richard McEvoyR. McEvoyCUT-CUT7375----148-
--Thomas NorretT. NorretCUT-CUT7376----149-
--Alexandre KalekaA. KalekaCUT-CUT7376----149-
--Martin WiegeleM. WiegeleCUT-CUT7178----149-
--Nick DoughertyN. DoughertyCUT-CUT7674----150-
--Steve LewtonS. LewtonCUT-CUT7773----150-
--Carlos Del MoralC. Del MoralCUT-CUT7377----150-
--John ParryJ. ParryCUT-CUT7278----150-
--Mikko KorhonenM. KorhonenCUT-CUT7476----150-
--Paul WaringP. WaringCUT-CUT7675----151-
--Shane LowryS. LowryCUT-CUT8170----151-
--Scott JamiesonS. JamiesonCUT-CUT7676----152-
--Phillip MollicaP. MollicaCUT-CUT7874----152-
--Jeppe HuldahlJ. HuldahlCUT-CUT7379----152-
--Rafael EcheniqueR. EcheniqueCUT-CUT7479----153-
--Azuma YanoA. YanoCUT-CUT7678----154-
--Chris McCartinC. McCartinCUT-CUT8074----154-
--Andreas HartA. HartCUT-CUT7381----154-
--Matt HainesM. HainesCUT-CUT7778----155-
--Faycal SerghiniF. SerghiniCUT-CUT7580----155-
--Younes El HassaniY. El HassaniCUT-CUT7882----160-
--Jared HackJ. HackCUT-CUT8382----165-
--Richard FinchR. FinchWD-WD73------73-


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Source: following Greg Olsen's injury, the Panthers worked out TE's Gavin Escobar, Jace Amaro & Kellen Davis. Ed Dickson is now the starter.

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Can Justin Thomas learn from what Jordan Spieth went thru in 2016 after a great year on the course? More importantly, Justin gave himself FGP on Monday... Fat Guy Problems!!


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"It's like having a $7 million bet on a fight that you're not in." -- Jordan Spieth on the possibility of winning FedEx Cup after finishing.

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The 2017-18 PGA Tour season will have 49 events! Before you jump up and scream, "I thought the season was gonna be shorter!" Let PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan give you a little history lesson.


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PGA Tour releases full 2017-18 schedule. Total of 49 events, including former Quicken Loans listed as "The National" at host course TBD.

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The full 2017-18 PGA Tour schedule has just been released!

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LeBron's annual gross pay is over $33M, but he only takes home about half. How much NBA players actually make: